Gweru mayor defies party directive

via Gweru mayor defies party directive January 1, 2014 by Stephen Chadenga NewsDay

GWERU mayor Hamutendi Kombayi, who was recently ordered by his MDC-T party to resign the mayoral seat and revert to being an ordinary councillor, had not tendered his resignation by yesterday’s set deadline.

The MDC-T national council reached a decision to expel Kombayi after he and four other councillors defied a directive to second the party’s preferred candidate for the mayoral post, Charles Chikozho, a Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions official.

However, Kombayi was given some relief from expulsion on condition that he relinquished the mayoral post by yesterday.

The letter, signed by MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti, ordered Kombayi to tender a resignation letter to the Gweru town clerk by December 31.

“That being the case, I hereby give you notice that you must forthwith resign as mayor of the City of Gweru and remain an ordinary councillor, which resignation must take place before December 31 . . . You should write a resignation letter to the town clerk by December 31,” part of the letter dated December 12 2013 read.

Town clerk Daniel Matawu said he had not received any letter from Kombayi.

“There is no letter I received from the mayor,” Matawu said.

Kombayi refused to comment on the matter.

“I have no comment,” he said.

A source said Kombayi attended a council meeting on Monday and added that he showed no signs of someone leaving office.

“It appeared to be business as usual,” the source said.

Close sources said there were deep divisions within the party on the decision to expel Kombayi with those opposing the move saying unlike other councils where MDC-T councillors backed Zanu PF candidates, Gweru made a decision within the party.

Kombayi and four other Gweru councillors were suspended for alleged misconduct in October pending disciplinary hearings on the matter.


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    chilimanzi 8 years ago

    Liniecy has caused more harm than good in mdc if the party has proved beyond doubt about mr kombayi s behaviour they should waste no time to tell him its allover with mdc because these are the people who are working with Ignatias chombo the sooner the better we fed up with these chameleons.

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    Collin Mackenzie 8 years ago

    Please please can that fat school boy leave office

    His has a criminal record for stealing copper wire and smuggling drugs.

    That boy cannot be mayor of Gweru, he should be in jail, it is people like him Gweru does not have street lights

    He has failed to run a once globe icon hotel the Midlands Hotel and he thinks he can run the city of progress.

    If remains in office Gweru will become the city of disgrace,for once I totally agree with MDC and commend them for ridding corrupt individual members.

    Well done Mdc I salute you.

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    Collin Mackenzie 8 years ago

    To hell with Kombyi his a crock and his has no quality of a mayor, mdc is so right on this one and and surprisingly I support them fully.

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    As MDC, I think we should go back to the basics of city business requirements.Running the city needs someone with strong civil engeneering knowledge.Not that I am discriminating on the basis of qualifications.But this will avoid cases of ill advice to the Mayor.A civil engeneer would know water, electricity, roads, basic constructions logistics and their costs.This will improve service delivery of which the mayor ‘s key result area is based on. Kombayi, a 36 year old with knowledge of running hotels and night clubs is a big joke.His father might have been influential but as for him, he has to wait and learn the requirements of city business.I don’t think Kombayi has clue to the water woes of Gweru since Gwenhoro dam was decommissioned.
    If Kombayi loves MDC, he has to step down, he is too young nto be called the city father.He is a city youth, jumping the line to be called father when grey haired men are there.The young man has dug himself a political grave and he will never be trusted with a civilian job ever .Do the honourable Hamutendi, and resign.Even those at Gokomere in 1993 would tell its a recipe for disaster.Even those at Chplin in1995 would say so.Money brings fame but it is the mental organisation and maturity that makes achievements for the greater good.Kombayi must be off the register
    As MDC, one rebels makes a thousand.

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    mucha 8 years ago

    What better future does MDC promise this man? To leave power, money and luxury life only for the sake of showing solidarity with a dying and bankrupt party? Even me, I bet you, I won’t do that.