Happy days for Air Zimbabwe

via Happy days for Air Zimbabwe – Southern Eye by Richard Muponde

THE once-troubled national airliner, Air Zimbabwe (AirZim)’s star continues to shine after it was given a thumbs-up for promoting the growth of tourism in the country’s tourist destinations, especially Victoria Falls.

AirZim was once dogged by financial troubles which saw it grounding all its aeroplanes over debts of at least $140 million.

At one time creditors seized a plane at Gatwick Airport in London because AirZim had failed to pay $1,5 million owed to an American spare parts company. Hundreds were stranded for over a week at the airport.

The then Transport minister Nicholas Goche ordered that all its regional and international flights be suspended, fearing seizure of the remaining aircraft by creditors.

However, the troubles seem to have eased as the airliner resumed domestic and regional flights which have seen an influx of tourists in tourist areas with the resort town of Victoria Falls enjoying the most.

Hospitality Association of Zimbabwe former president Tich Hwingiri said AirZim played a major role in bringing tourists in the country during the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) general assembly, a move he said has seen the influx of tourists in the country.

“We must comment Airzim for a job well done. It played a big role in the movement of tourists in the just-ended UNWTO and it continues to do that,” Hwingiri said.

“We want to commend them for the part they are playing in the growth of tourism in the country”

In an interview in Victoria Falls on Friday, the airline’s spokesperson Shingi Taruvinga said 2013 has been a good year for them.

“The success that we have had, we accredit to the tourism players. Indeed the resumption of domestic flights has seen the resuscitation of the tourism industry,” Taruvinga said.

“We are a catalyst of the growth of the economy through tourism.

“If we don’t bring people into areas like Victoria Falls, there is no tourism. We do hope that we continue to receive the support so that we open more routes and bring more tourists.”

The airline has indicated that it will launch flights to London and China in the near future.



  • comment-avatar
    Onini 8 years ago

    Poor management and political appointments will ground air zim again. Watch the drama as it unfolds

  • comment-avatar
    Murimi wanhasi 8 years ago

    Good people,cant we just celebrate their success while it lasts?
    We cant take a dim view of everything

    • comment-avatar

      What success? Air Zimbabwe was one the best airlines in Africa such that even people in Europe used it. It had the best hospitality package you could ask for and really professional staff.If ever it regains that standard then we can talk about success.

  • comment-avatar
    jongwe power 8 years ago

    At least Air Zim’s flights to Joburg have reasonable fares and baggage restrictions.

  • comment-avatar
    Mhofela 8 years ago

    In a country where there is more bad news than good, I celebrate this success story with all my being!! well done Air Zimbabwe. Continue to fly high

  • comment-avatar

    Obert Mpofu and airzim board must learn from Ethopia and Kenyan airways on how to conduct business. Given th choice I will choose the two ahead of the political airzim

  • comment-avatar
    gorongoza 8 years ago

    why must we celebrate kuti vanhu vakauraya and now vari kuzama kugadzira zvavakauraya? Really, do we have that much time to celebrate mediocrity?

  • comment-avatar
    Joel Nyamamhini 8 years ago

    Success of an airline is measured by profits being made. A month or so ago the Herald reported that the airline had made losses of millions of dollars since it went back into the sky. So where is the success that we are supposed to celebrate here?

  • comment-avatar
    munzwa 8 years ago

    What happened to the $140 Million debt? Have all staff been paid up to date or has that all been hidden by creating another company for AirZim to operate under?

  • comment-avatar
    kiddnile 8 years ago

    I will not use Air Zimbabwe-period .You don’t know when it will be highjacted by Thief RGM

  • comment-avatar

    Publish e financial statements tione success yacho

  • comment-avatar

    There is no success