Harare to patch up potholes

via Harare to patch up potholes – DailyNews Live by Helen Kadirire  9 JANUARY 2014 

Harare City Council (HCC) will in the next four weeks embark on major road maintenance as the rains have caused major damage to the roads.

“The rains, which are pounding a road network starved of periodic intervention measures over the years due to underfunding of the roads sector, are causing the roads to literally open-up,” Phillip Pfukwa, director of engineering services  said.

“Most are no longer trafficable, thus creating hazardous situations for both motorists and pedestrians. While in the medium term, the city is working out modalities of raising a $400 million funding for upgrading the road network, management has come up with a short-term strategy to deal with the pothole menace.”

Roads that are first to be restored are the main feeder roads and VIP routes used by the president and diplomatic dignitaries.

Smaller roads will be dealt with during the course of the year.

“Besides pothole patching the road crews will be clearing storm-water drains at all problematic areas,” he said.


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    Why are VIP routes given priority over the roads used most by the population? This is the same mentality whereby the heads of the parastatals are paid oulanish saleries and perks, but those who actually do the work are not paid. Mugabe and his cabinet ministers should have to navigate the same potholes as the rest of the citizenry; the better that they understand what the povo have to endure daily.

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    Ruramai 8 years ago

    DL, those are my exact sentiments. Mugabe and his cronies caused the mess we are in. They made things worse by wiping out city council debts. Yet they are treated like royalty. That’s just foolish. They should experience the pain of navigating through potholes like the rest of us.

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    I agree absolutely. It infuriates me. What VIP’s. What exactly do they do for the nation??? Get your priorities right!

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    We need new council management these town clerks and Directors must Go.Gvtmnt is arresting Combis becoz they are nt road worthy bcoz the roads are poor bt whn it cmes to few resources found they go and maintain roads for Vip’s wth 4*4 they mus go pls Zimbabweans lets Wake Up frm the Slumber and chase these idiots

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    jobolinko 8 years ago

    They dont care,they have never cared, and they will never care.

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    Stingray 8 years ago

    I remember an old war movie titled ” all is quiet on the western front” by attending to roads used by vips they will be seen to be doing something. This will keep chombo off their backs