ICC Pull-Out: Unravelling Mugabe’s Appalling Duplicity

via RadioVop Zimbabwe – ICC Pull-Out: Unravelling Mugabe’s Appalling Duplicity By Nkosana Dlamini 

 President Robert Mugabe is not (yet) an International Criminal Court (ICC) candidate despite fertile grounds for such warrant.

But he has joined Kenyan and Sudanese leaders in calls for an all-African ICC pull-out citing anti-African tendencies by The Hague based tribunal.

What is interesting though is his intensity and sheer duplicity when he plunges headlong into what had initially been an argument by the two countries to make it, by association or otherwise, his own.

Through analysing Mugabe’s personal circumstances, it is easy to tell whether he is talking from a position of principle or he is simply considering his personal circumstances.

Infact, Mugabe and his government failed to domesticate the Rome Statute which operationalised the ICC way before the “racist” character of the court became apparent. Against such a background, the principle card is remote.

Panting and swearing, Zimbabwe’s octogenarian but eloquent leader took to the African stage availed by a weekend African Union (AU) extraordinary summit in Addis Ababa to pour his frustrations on the ICC for its perceived bias.

He was bargaining for nothing less than a complete pull-out.

As expected, he forgot to prescribe solutions on how millions of rape, abduction, torture and summary killing victims in the hands of crude African despots could also get the same justice.

In their sorry case, they do not have the immunity of sitting presidents Mugabe so desires, least of all the dignity of a court appearance African leaders would choose to shy away from.

If they had a choice, the estimated 20 000 villagers in Kezi and Tsholotsho in Matabeleland provinces would have even opted for the authority of kangaroo courts to state their case if it meant saving their bellies from being slit open by the North Korean trained Filth Brigade in the early 1980s.

Indeed if they had a choice, victims of the 2008 state sponsored violence among them Jestina Mukoko and Nigel Mutemagawu dubbed the “world’s youngest terrorist” would have preferred the same ICC as opposed to being petrol bombed by state sponsored gangs that still roam their villages.

By advocating an ICC pull out by his country, Mugabe can be reminded that this may not be the collective sentiment of the people he leads and certainly not those beyond our geographical borders.

It is frustrating to see how African history is so littered with crude dictators who never saw their day in the dock.

Instead, when the hour to face justice came, they ran into the arms of fellow dictators and later died of natural causes while comfortably ensconced in distant mansions.

Former Ugandan sadist Idi Amin died in 2003 in exile in Saudi Arabia, Mobutu Sese Seko of the former Zaire died in 1997 in Morocco while in exile.

By the way, these individuals were running away from the same justice systems that they themselves set up during their rule; certainly not the so-despised Hague.

Lest we forget, only recently, it took the collective effort of brave citizens in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya to free themselves from long serving despots.

I do not remember Mugabe praising the citizens for this decisive action although he would use any platform, even funerals, to eulogise those he worked with to free blacks from white colonial bondage.

Mugabe must remember that it is always difficult for leaders to get justice in the own countries as these would usually hand pick loyalists to the bench.

But while this is an argument that has been well articulated in different fora by world renowned luminaries such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu and former UN secretary-general Koffi Annan, l can only focus my energies on our own unique circumstances as Zimbabweans.

Granted Mugabe has a case that serving leaders must not be brought to court, what would he say about his government which is harbouring exiled and former Ethiopian President Mengistu Haile Mariam in a Harare mansion.

Mengistu might as well be surrendered, not to the Hague, but to Ethiopians. He is no longer serving and should definitely be called to account for his transgressions.

Infact, for one fleeting moment, l wished l was Ethiopian, just for this past weekend. I would have taken advantage of the Addis Ababa summit to ask Mugabe to walk his talk through surrendering Mengistu. At least this would not be a race issue.

Granted Mugabe has a case is advocating the sparing of serving leaders, what is his response to instances where some leaders would cling on to power for decades, putting paid to any hopes of an ICC appearance in their lives.

If this is not convincing enough to prove Mugabe is two-faced, perhaps claims by his opponents that his own government pursues selective justice against them should suffice.

Since the dark period of Gukurahundi, Mugabe’s regime has been accused of staging summary incarcerations, torture and extra judicial methods such as killings on perceived enemies.

Mugabe has hounded political opponents into exile and further appointed loyalists into the country’s domestic courts. He has gone further to force the closure of the SADC tribunal which provided an outside remedy to fellow Southern Africans seeking justice.

If this is not appalling duplicity by a President, then what is?



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    Richard Sauta 9 years ago

    The question is why the US won’t sign themselves, their Preisdents from Bush to Obama and UK’s Blair should for invading Iraq, Libya, Afganistan and supporting Syrian Rebels by way of arming them be taken to The Hague. if they wouldn’t sign maybe even for showing good hand, then every country would have signed.

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    Charlie nyikadzino 9 years ago

    This duplicity cannot be further from the truth. It is true that the most vocal of the Heads of States have something to fear from their evil deeds in office. We can not simply ignore a murderer sitting in state house just because he is Head of State, especially if their claim to that position is through cheating and manipulating the ballot box.

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    Sekuru Mapenga 9 years ago

    There is ample evidence to suggest that absolutely everything that Mugabe does is based solely on consideration of his personal circumstances. He is a thoroughly unprincipled character and the issue of principle never even arises in his decision making.

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    Mugabe once said that the Australians had asked him to harbour Mengistu. There is no dictator who survives without the support of the Western countries support. Even now he won because an Israeli organisation no doubt CIA administered worked for him. It is the West whose values so many of us cherish. Its them who create, sustain and then remove or brutally eliminate dictators. No matter what thew majority say or believe the West supported Mugabe during the Gukurahundi genocide.

    • comment-avatar
      Kevin Watson 9 years ago

      You are writing complete drivel. The Australians would ask that Mengistu be handed to the ICC if they cared. Nikuv are definitely administered by the CIA and Israel is a dulicitous nation with no regard for international law, and if the USA actually cared they would bring pressure to bear on Israel to see that Nikuv sabotaged Zanu PF’s election campaign. The truth is that the West does not care about impoverished African nations or their beleagured citizens.

    • comment-avatar
      adam jones 9 years ago

      Don’t lie. Zanu PF paid Nikov 14 million dollars to rig the elections – so we hear – not the west. Nikov are a rogue organisation based in Israel but that does not mean that the Israeli government were involved. Mugabe hates the Australians. How can he then take instruction from them? If the Australians tell Mugabe to turn left, he would turn right instead – just to spite them.May be they told him to hand Mengistu over and he turned right instead.

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    Precious 9 years ago

    Zimbabweans were colonised by the british such that they loose objectivity. The west do not love any of us they save they just serve their interests they are not our saviours. They support dictators all over africa even provide arms to rebels but we continue to lick them. Its a shame!!!

    • comment-avatar
      Rudadiso 9 years ago

      Precious, who ever said that the west loved us? We are talking about Africans like Mugabe, Al Bashir and Kenyatta who murder their own people then fight tooth and nail not to be brought to account. Where does the west come in?

    • comment-avatar
      bam bam 9 years ago

      Lets not forget that before the white man came and colonised the village chiefs were rounding up people for sale to the slavers from asia and other arab countries and there was widespread murder and canabilism throughout africa …its all to easy to blame the whites for everything that goes wrong in africa but chiefs are still cruel to the people even to this day and if you gave me a choice between canabilism and colonialism i know which one i would choose.

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    Rudadiso 9 years ago

    Excellent Analysis Nkosana. Mugabe’s rule is littered with excessive human rights violations – Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina, murder and torture of political opponents. As always, the guilt are afraid. Africa’s top murderer and thief has every reason to be afraid.

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    Johnny k 9 years ago

    We Zimbos all wish that Mugabe would be dragged before the ICC but in reality it will never come to be. The more likely scenario is that he will be dragged before a much more powerful adversary. His actions and barbarity will be judged by God Almighty and this is the one judgement he will never be able to escape from. He will be sent to join his fellow genocidal murderers Amin, Mobuto, Obote, Chauchescu and Mao in perpetual purgatory.

    • comment-avatar

      You have no idea how God will Judge. While you may feel so offended by Mugabe, there are some who fell so proud of him. You might be surprised to find yourself in hell while Mugabe is in heaven.

  • comment-avatar

    Precious you are so shallow minded and do not even understand anything beyoungd the hungry borders of Zim.All former French colonies are wishing they were colonised by the British.Remember the British had a philosophy of educating the blacks, to undo the peceived backwardness.Portuguese were interested in women thats why you get a lot of the coloured breed in Mozambique and Angola.The French’s philosophy was divide and rule.Thats why today almost 100% of coups occur in former French colonies.The British system was based on twinning development.Thats why in England there is Salisbury,Hartley ,Broomley etc.So please don not be brainwashed to such an extent.READ READ READ AND READ .Not showing ignorance in public

    • comment-avatar
      Tsuro Magen'a 9 years ago

      You are right…I enjoy more freedom and rights in the British UK than in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe…there(in Zim) I am “ruled”. Its another North Korea in the making I feel it each time I land at the Harare Airport, Even my wife will pinch me each time I try to ask or make a comment.

  • comment-avatar
    taona 9 years ago

    Well put Nkosana, lets expose these evil people and their double standards!!

  • comment-avatar
    Shumba Liverpool 9 years ago

    Tell them YOYO..why must we be perpetually engrossed in falsehood.
    WE have been under colonialism and racism some of us for years but
    that wont blind us from the TRUTH..

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    Juntos Siempre 9 years ago

    The writer of the article and people like him need to consider this. If you dont believe in democracy,what then? Mugabe has a point and that is “why should Africa bow to the ICC and western democracies? Arica is capable of finding solutions to its own problems. World history is littered with despots who are idolised by many of their people and the West such as Churchill, Thatcher,Bush, Blair to name but a few. The writer should simply earn hisbottom linking bread and leave Mugabe to what he does best which far more better for Zimbabwe than the writer could do in a million years.

  • comment-avatar
    mike mangena 9 years ago

    Lucky Bob he rigged and won, he would have been heading to HAGUE

  • comment-avatar
    Tjingababili 9 years ago

    who is next….

  • comment-avatar

    The ICC does not indite people who are not members of the organisation. Zimbabwe and USA are not members. Kenya is a member. Go and be tried Kenyatta. No place to hide.

  • comment-avatar

    Juntos u really believe Africa can solve its own problems? My foot. How can that be. We have an example of Mugabe saying no serving pres must face icc bt he is housing Mengistu. We had e sadc tribunal but when it gave a judgment unpalatable to zpf it was dissolved. SADC formulated its own elections guidelines bt when it was flouted bt zpf e same body looked side ways. Ask yoself y Bashir, Ruto, Gaddafi and Kenyatta were indicted and not Masire, Mogae, Nujoma, Guebuzza etc

  • comment-avatar
    Matanzima Nkomo 9 years ago

    The issue being addressed by the president was that of bias and racism. Now lets put it this way: I am Matanzima Nkomo and have never been involved in genocide or murder but I agree the ICC is biased. That that make all those who hate Mugabe any happier. Of course not. The ICC should take of all criminal leader including those that have been mentioned above. Then everybody might think they serve a good purpose.
    Another point for us especially Zimbabweans is to remember that institutions such the Electoral Commission are best place to say if elections are won by one or the other. Opposition parties were happy with the Electoral Commission until they declare Zanu PF the winner. If Tsvangirayi had been declared the winner would that have made the Commission more plausible? Let’s keep our duplicity in check. Zanu PF won because resident Zimbabweans were wont to lose their hard earned Zimbabwe to traitors/ puppets of the MDC – period!

  • comment-avatar
    Chivulamapoti 9 years ago

    So much nonsense! Believe me, I would like nothing more than Bush (jnr) and Blair to face the ICC. I wholly disagreed with the invasions and subsequent involvement in both Irag, Syria and Iran. I think we should have left them to slaughter one another and be done with it. However, that doesn’t relieve Mugarbage from his crimes, sitting or not. He isn’t a sitting President anyway,he is illegally occupying the seat.
    Mugarbage will meet his Maker, and CDE, – ask the people of Tsholotsho and Lupane as to whether Mugarbage should be in Fear!
    Incidentally, for all you anti-Colonists, the Chishona, Chizezulu, Swazi and Soto were and are all invaders and Colonists. The land was Lobengula’s, from Mt Darwin to Bulawayo, from Mutare to Hwange and in between, so get over it. Zimbabwe has always been over-run by outsiders, like the Malawian/Ghanaian Mugarbage.

  • comment-avatar
    MikeH 9 years ago

    mugabe is a prime candidate for the ICC.

  • comment-avatar
    DZIMBO 9 years ago

    So Richard Sauta makes a comment on Mugabe! Just GOOGLE Richard Sauta and you will see that he has been in the Zimbabwe Army. He
    was also involved in the slaughter of thousands in the Gukurahundi
    Massacres. Spent years in the DRC as a body guard to Kabila. He has
    been employed around the World, operating in conflicts, and paid for
    by the United Nations etc etc. How dare he make a comment on the
    West’s principles, when he makes money off them. He would naturally
    side with Mugabe,as he is also guilty of war crimes!

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    Zeezee 9 years ago

    Isn’t Zimbabwe also harbouring some of the Gaddafi family? Rumour has it that the Gaddafi’s were given huge Zimbabwean farms in return for oil……