If we don’t unite NOW … Vince Musewe

via If we don’t unite NOW … | The Zimbabwean 05.02.14 by Vince Musewe

If at all there is a time to unite, it is now because if we do not do that, we all stand to lose. We must now all work hard towards finding a solution – despite our recent past.

It is time for President Robert Mugabe to call it quits and retire. I think we all agree on that. The questions we must ask are: what is the best solution to avoid Zanu (PF)’s implosion (as this will not be in our best interest) and how can the MDC become part of the solution?

I sense that most Zimbabweans have now accepted the fact that, despite the questionable elections last year, Zanu (PF) is here to stay at least until 2018. Our aim should therefore be to make the period between now and then as painless as possible – especially for the millions of ordinary people who are toiling hard each day with no hope in sight.

The solution we must promote is one that will attract new resources into the country. Going to Europe to plead for the removal of so-called actually non-existent sanctions is the lazy and wasteful route. Rather, we must act to change the political landscape of our country and make it an attractive investment destination.

A government led by a Zanu (PF) moderate would not be a bad idea, with the proviso that the MDC is invited back into some sort of coalition arrangement – the caveat being that their participation must be premised on a commitment to level the political playing fields by 2018 elections.

Civil society should play a decisive role in ensuring that this happens, rather than leaving that decision to Zanu (PF) alone. We know the nature of the beast we are dealing with.

This would allow us to attend to our economic problems as a united nation and not as a divided one. I think the hard decision around agriculture revival and the removal of any impediments to foreign investment, especially indigenisation, would be easier with this scenario.

Critical to this would the removal of Zanu (PF) ministers from finance, energy agriculture, mining and industry and their replacement by competent outsiders with the technical ability to get the economy going. The aim here would be to properly account for and maximise all current revenue inflows, nd attract new investors into energy and agriculture and mining as these are the key drivers of economic recovery.

In the meantime, we could then have national road map to 2018 where all stakeholders, Zanu (PF) included, would come up with a home-grown solution that ensures that our constitution becomes live and that our institutions, which are currently barriers to political change, are transformed.

If we do not do the above the likely scenarios are:

1. A messy and destabilising fight for power in Zanu (PF) where winner takes all. This would lead to a polarised environment that will not attract investment and delay our economic recovery. A Zanu (PF) strong man supported by the army would take over and we would see more repression and economic decline. More Zimbabweans would vote with their feet and we would see a huge brain drain and capital outflow.

2. The seizure of power within Zanu (PF) by a third force keen on imposing a Mugabe dynasty. In such a case, again our economic recovery would be postponed or unlikely and we would see the continued outflow of capital and people. This would put paid to democratic reforms and we would have a de facto monarchy supported by the army.

I think the choice for all is us is clear.

Although it may be painful for us who want to see the back of Zanu (PF), the détente scenario would certainly a better route for us to take once more – we need to cook up some sort of coalition arrangement for the sake of our people and our country. Sometimes we need to go backwards in order to go forward.

It’s time to fix Zimbabwe or we shall see a massive unprecedented economic decline where everyone loses. I therefore urge Zanu (PF) and MDC to, for once, put Zimbabwe first.

– Vince Musewe is an economist and author based in Harare. You can contact him at vtmusewe@gmail.com



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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Almost all Zimbabwean politicians are primarily interested in feathering their own nests. Almost none will put the national interest first. This seems to be a problem that cannot be resolved. There is no figure of sufficient stature to unite around.

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    Mlimo 8 years ago

    Does moderation work? It hasn’t in the past. It’s likely it won’t in the future. Zimbabweans need to look internally- are we honest workers? Going by the recent corruption we can say No. Are we strong enough to stand by our convictions? Going by the past polls the answer is No. Mugabe the general and the Mujuru are not going to let up. We have to divide to conquer. Split the police from the army. When the call is to stay away from work we all need to stay away. When the call is to go to the streets we all go. We need to remind the police and the army that their families live amongst us they too are vulnerable. When they fear for their families they won’t rise against the masses.but we are weak so that won’t happen.

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    Rwendo 8 years ago

    This country had a silent coup in 2008 which was then legalised in 2013 by rigging. Their next phase will re establishing full international recognition using SADC and the AU and going through the motions of “cleaning up” their act. After all the looting and murder, there is no chance of what you propose Vince. They cannot afford to allow it. Unfortunately, the nation’s only chance is if the beast devours itself and/or the economy unravels again.

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    Rukweza 8 years ago

    Zimbabweans are cowards leave them to suffer,they think of themselves as special to be hurt.always they think of skipping borders

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    Rwendo 8 years ago

    Well spoken Rukweza. But by the use of “they” not “we” you presumably are either non Zimbabwean or else writing from jail.

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    Charles Chamunorwa 8 years ago

    Don’t ever go into a coalition with Zanu. It won’t work. Zanu is not sencire

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    Vince, it’s time to get real.

    You are over analysing something that is not complex. If you understand the meaning of “power at all costs”, then you will understand where Zanupf is coming from.

    What Zimbabwe needs is clear thinking strong leaders who have the capacity and the passion to ignite the masses to such a level that they can taste the full meaning of freedom and true liberation. To ignite the fires of liberty is only possible decent leaders who are prepared to take the necessary risks.

    At this time, Zanupf can comfortably carry on doing what they do best and unless they are stopped, Zimbabwe will become the North Korea of Africa.

    All the instruments to enable Zanupf to achieve this are in Zanupf’s hands.

    So this is not the time for analysis if your intention is to see freedom, justice and a truly democratic state in our beloved homeland.

    It is a time for new UNCORRUPTED sons and daughters of the soil to rise up, step forward to carry the fires of liberty in the race against time and make those fires of liberty and set them alight so they burn across the savannas, mountains and valleys of our country and make freedom a reality.

    We have all tasted the consequences of what a North Korea will be like. We started tasting that deterioration from 2000 onwards when we told Zanupf to go.

    Today, at least 30% of our compatriots have fled to foreign lands. It is so disgraceful to see that these people have being ignored, rejected and deliberately disinfranchised by those who call themselves leaders.

    Zanupf want us to return to 2008 but they want to take it further and turn us all into a nation of serfs and drongos to serve them as they continue to impoverish, loot and abuse our beautiful country.

    This is a call to action, not an academic exercise.

    This is a call for a new dispensation to rise up out of the ashes of that GNU that is driven solely on putting the people first.


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    Zombi 8 years ago

    What Zimbabwe needs is for it’s people to wake up and stop hoping they can wish away a monster. To stop day dreaming about the day Zanu PF will go away. For the youth of Zanu PF to stop being used by party leaders who are amassing massive wealth whilst they go hungry. For the people to stop tolerating bad rubbish. This Zanu PF party is a mafia. Nothing short of revolution will get rid of them. They are benefiting a lot from illicit mining deals and corruption. They will fight to the teeth to keep power. They will fight tooth and nail to maintain the status quo.

    Mugabe had failed. He is a failure. The army is the biggest threat to Zimbabwe prosperity. They are not there to serve and protect the general populace. They are a equal to a private security force of the ruling elite. The Zimbabwe they fought for… A long forgotten ideal. Curse them! Curse their children and grand-children! Curse them all!

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    Saddened 8 years ago

    A well written article but regrettably I must agree with many of the other contributors that we are dealing with incompetent thugs who will do whatever it takes to maintain their hold on Zimbabwe & thus their outrageous lifestyles. The old adage that ‘You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear’ perfectly applies to them.

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    word writer 8 years ago

    sorry vince, but MDC is now a has been. an also ran. an always in second place, never first place. We put our faith in MDC but it failed us. Like a nation drowning we were forcved to beleive in MDC but MDC was intoxicated by cio propaganda that it was going to win, so it compromised on the elections, allowing things like no voters roll, intimidation, no arrest of christpower murderers etc.

    you are pathetic. We do not agree with a MDC coalition. We are now looking for another party.

    WE dont want your ‘ moral freedoms’ which are a destructive force in a nation. We want a nation of people of integrity with leaders who are examples to the nation.

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    The people have spoken. They want a new crop of leaders, clean leaders untainted by corrupt practices we have seen in ZPF and MDC. They want a new party that will bring real fires of hope freedom and dignity to the people of Zimbabwe. We have heard of ZUNDE. Maybe there is hope in these young leaders after all.

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    Mthwakazi 8 years ago

    Vince Musewe, genuine unity in Zimbawe is impossible my brother because, Shona tribalism is so engrained and widespread in that country. Much of it is not intended of course – its just due to one’s upbringing in an environment that is dominated by the ZANU PF narrative – a way of doing things, that has never been nationally inclusive.

    You just need to check Zim websites, blogs, public media platforms where Shona speaking people simply dominate discussions with contributions in Shona – most of them simply assume each and every Zimbabwean can and should be able to read Shona.

    This obsession with vernecular, in public platforms in the name of sovereignity, brought about by Mugabe’s rule is the main reason why many now battle to write proper English, unike the those school graduates of the 1960s and 1970s.

    They just tell themselves its their right to speak and write in their beloved language Shona; even in public fora; and as far as they are conecerned its bugger those Zimbabweans who claim they dont understand the language – thats their funeral.

    Again, as far as they are concerned; to hell with coloureds, to hell with Asians, to hell with Mthwakazi. But when you take a stand and insist on your Ndebele, they are the first to shout ANDINZWI!!

    All these useless cries for one nation, unite to remove ZANU PF (as if its us who voted them to power in 1980), econimc progress blah! blah! blah, by the likes of Tanonoka Whande and you Vince Musewe are just that, useless. Mere crocodile tears.

    As far as I am concerned; its just a case of you people now crying out for unity just because you as Shonas are now also suffering under Mugabe. When it was only us uMthwakazi suffering in the 1980s – you never cared for unity, instead you did everything to divide the nation. This is why most of you find nothing wrong and praise Mugabe’s rule in the 1980s!

    Its a typical gukurahundi Mugabe attitude of refusing to accommodate diversity or those who could be different; just because you claim “we are the majority”; “tinotonga”.

    During the renaming exercise in the 1980s – ZANU PF with Shona support simply bulldozed with their names with no consultation. In Whange, they imposed the Shona spelling HWANGE on the town – yet the Chief of the region from which the name is derived is traditionally known as Chief Whange – the way the word is spelt in Mthwakazi.

    Here there is simply no difference in attitudes from those of the white colonialists. Kwekwe was thus renamed from the name Que Que.

    This name Kwekwe spelt as it is, is meaningless – even in Shona. Its correct spelling is the Ndebele version of Qwe Qwe; which refers to that top layer you find in milk or traditional beer. In the same Kwe Kwe town – Imbizo Township is also Shonalised to Mbizvo – which is also incorrect.

    I can go on and on however, this should suffice to drive the point home.

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      Chess player 8 years ago

      Mthwakazi, I am Shona myself and I do agree with the points you raise with regards tribalism, some of which is practised without realising that they are being tribalistic. We however need to work together to rid our country of this cancer.

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        Mthwakazi 8 years ago

        Chess Player
        Agreed. As I said above:

        “…….Much of it is not intended of course – its just due to one’s upbringing in an environment that is dominated by the ZANU PF narrative – a way of doing things, that has never been nationally inclusive.”

        We do have to work together yes – but lets address the tribalism FIRST!!

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      timba 8 years ago

      And before all those names you just mentioned??? Same old stuff daily, don’t you never get tired or bored or you are just looking for a reaction. You sound like an imposter trying to push some tribal friction on this platform. That worked once (1980’s)but never again!! We too educated for that….

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        Mthwakazi 8 years ago

        As long as you all pretend everything is normal. As long as you cry day in and day out about unity, yet at the same time sweeping things under the carpet, I will never tire. That much you can rest assured!t

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    chirasha 8 years ago

    Mthwakazi you really have a problem who changed the town`s name the shona people or the government.in this arean where we know we were united by the cross i do not except such hatred from people like you you have stong hatred towards the shona people.are the shona people not suffering as the ndebeles in zimbabwe you comment as if the shonas are not affected ,the problem is with zanu pf not shonas please be constructive

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      Mthwakazi 8 years ago

      Re-read my contribution, very, very carefully. You will inderstand where I am coming from.

      In an environment dominated by the ZANU PF narrative of excluding others – one as a Shona is obviously thus influenced. This is why you use your Shona indiscriminately without due regard as to whether others speak that language or not. You do that even in rural Matebeleland – go to NKAYI and prove this for yourself!

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    Zvakwana 8 years ago

    Rwendo your comments are correct Munangagwa, will, when the time is right, commandeer the protection of the Army and organize the removal either by car crash or house fire or the like of his opposition and run the country for a further 5 years either after 2018 or when Mugabe is no longer around.

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    Vince there is no way Zanu pf are going to bring on anybody that might out perform them. The senarios you speak about could happen but I stil beleive Zanu pf will drag itself deeper into the mud. That people will suffer there is no doubt. Zanu have totally refused to join hands with anyone. MDC is now looking like they were trying to get thier jobs back. Zunde is trying to do remote control politics. Simba is shouting from the galleries instead of talking to the people. Sometimes you have to let a problem sort itself out if you have no solotion. This one is fast sorting itself out as Zanu continues one blunder after another.

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    Mprang 8 years ago

    SOLUTION: is to put Dr Simba Makoni on board as a Technocrat, as a servant Leader, as a neatral man. He doesnt have dirty hands and he is an economist. He is a man who can work with any man from any party. ITS TIME MUGABE AND TSVANGIRAI TO SIT DOWN AND PUT MAKONI ON EXECUTIVE POWERS

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      taona 8 years ago

      Point of correction.Simba Makoni is not an economist. He is a chemist!

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        Correction: Makoni exhibits all the signs and symptoms of total arrogance that any zanoid chef could ever possess.

        If he is a chemist, he needs to learn about humility in his personal chemistry.

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      John Thomas 8 years ago

      He is a light weight and a known incompetent.

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    CHIMUKOKO 8 years ago

    no Vincent even the MDC has no clue on what to do. we need a care taker government made up technocrats who can rebuild the economy after which we can then have a political governement

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    Mthwakazi 8 years ago

    Matebeleland and parts of Midlands voted overwhelmingly against Mugabe and his ZANU PF in 1980 for very good reasons.

    We had already seen the type of politics they pursued and knew that it would never serve the country well. Mugabe believed in confrontation; no negotiations; Nkomo’s country (Matebeleland)and my country (Mashonaland); he was always very tribally and racially divisive;he constantly fought and insulted Nkomo for engaging Ian Smith in negotiations and yet in the end, this is exactly what he did – engaging Ian Smith at Lancaster House, leading to independence in 1980.

    In Mozambique unlike ZAPU, ZANU never used any other Zimbabwean languages in its meeetings; correspondence; struggle songs etc. They considered only Shona and English. All other Zimbabweans were irrelevant, as far as they were concerned. To this day, they have never wavered. They have pursued this policy of excluding other Zimbabweans to date – in the process they have largely influenced the majoritarian tribal thinking of most Shonas, especially those born and brought up after 1980 independence.

    National unity in Zimbabwe Vince, will surely be a hard slog my brother.Its not a matter of people coming together in some marriage of convenience, as happened in the MDC 1999.

    What happened to the MDC later – we soon heard about MANDEVERE AWANDISA in positions of power, didnt we?

    Consequently the MDC split, and till this day – we have ZANU PF well esconced in power still ruining our lives and our country.

    Change for national unity’s sake has to come from the Shona. It is them who need a paradigm shift, because they still find it hard to support anyone who is not Shona for leadership positions in Zimbabwe. They indeed need psychological reconditioning; psycholigical re-orientation!

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      masvukupete 8 years ago

      @Mthwkazi. Since the Gwanda was won by ZPF, does it mean all the people voted for ZPF. Does it mean the Gwandans are also Gukurahundis.

      Mthwakazi you have put it very well yet you also do not see it.

      In Zipra there were Shona people just as much as in Zanla. My cousin, a Shona is a war vet from the Zipra side but also learnt to speak Ndebele when he was in the trenches.

      Language usage is dictated by necessity. In most cases Ndebeles and Shonas end up talking more English than anything else in formal and informal settings.

      The big answer is this is not a Shona or Ndebele thing but its fighting a monster that is stealing our lives from us.

      We have Ndebeles, Obert Mpofu, Simon Khaya, Jonathan and many others in the present government do you castigate them as gukurahundi. They are all part of a system that we both Shona and Ndebeles are trying to remove.

      Yes some may have realized sooner than others that Bob’s system will haunt us for long. The answer is right there for you to see we are all fighting for the same thing.

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        Mthwakazi 8 years ago

        My analysis of the current socio-political and economic problems that confront Zimbabwe is not solely based on the post 1999 developments (the formation of the MDC)as most of you people do.

        I believe this where most of you people are going wrong. My analysis is based on the inherent character of the then ZANU in Mozambique and its metamophosis into ZANU PF post 1980. This is what I believe informs contemporary politics in Zimbabwe today.

        For this reason, I am not bothered by the fact that we have today some people in Mthwakazi/Matebeleland voting for ZANU PF. There are many reasons that inform this; the major one being self preservation, having seen that over the last 34 years, their anti-ZANU PF votes have counted for nothing, apart from registering their principled stance with regard to their democratic rights to vote for a party of their choice.

        In the 1980s, most people in Matebeleland/Mthwakazi and parts of the Midlands voted enmasse against ZANU PF, but because they were outnumbered by far, by the Shona majority this brought them nothing but suffering and loss of opportunities; hence they were the first Zimbabweans to trek down to South Africa and Botswana (amid the mocking and general Shona insults against them about being uneducated)before the Shona considered doing the same.

        Well, as you know; they say, if you cant beat them, join them. So really its not their fault.

        Yes you are right, there were Shona speaking people in PF ZAPU. Its also true that there still are Shona speaking people in the current ZAPU and MDC led by Welshman Ncube. This is why I have stated quiet clearly that not every Shona is a gukurahundi and not every Mthwakazi is a gukurahundi. There have been and there still are progressive people from both sides of the divide.

        This however, does not mean there are no retrogressive elements/gukurahundis from both sides – it just happens that, unfortunately the Shona retrogressives are by far in the majority. Its a question of democgraphics!!

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    Johnny k 8 years ago

    The only way to bring about a roadmap to move towards democracy is for ZANU-PF to recognise that there is a problem. At the moment they are sailing along as they have done for the last 33 years.They still think that they have the solutions and that the entire world is going to be prepared to change instead of them. They are holding out the begging bowl and there is nobody throwing their hard earned pennies into it. They are best left alone to cook their own goose.

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      Mthwakazi 8 years ago

      @Johnny k
      Please be honest. Gukurahundi ZANU PF are not the only problem in Zimbabwe. Many of you people are being deliberately dishonest and narrow minded.

      Apart from ZANU PF and Shona tribalism, even the MDC-T itself is a very big problem. There is violence in the MDC-T because of intolerance.

      They dont allow any other opposition views other than their own. They virtually carbon copy everything that is characteristic of ZANU PF, including labelling and insults.

      Zimbabwe is in a very, very deep, deep shiiit hole, if I may say. Be honest. Dont just say only those things that please you, or what you all want to hear!!

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      We have already experienced road maps during the GNU which Zanupf agreed to but never honoured.

      ANY agreement with Zanupf is not worth the wasted ink used to sign their names.
      They have no honour and can never be trusted to honour any agreement they sign.

      So only naives and fools would be stupid enough to go into an agreement with them.

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    stobbs 8 years ago

    you shonas are now paying for your ignorant and arrogant behaviour,,i wish you suffer the way you bmade other minorities suffer,,,the wages of sin is death,,,and its good yourv own peoplec are the ones making you melt away in a myriad of disease ,hunger ,,total poverty,,its more painful than the ndebele,s who gored and shot by your dogs in 83,,,whats left is for you to be raped by your own

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      Mthwakazi 8 years ago

      I think you should make a distinction between the generality of the innocent Shonas (many who were naive and merely usable through ignorance), and the Shona gukurahundis (many who knew/know exactly what they are doing and were/are on a mission) who are the problem.

      The later are no different from the Mthwakazi gukurahundis such as Enos Nkala and Mark Dube who caused untold suffering to Zimbabweans!!

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        Tafadzwa 8 years ago

        You are wasting your time blaming Shona people for speaking their language. Do you really think one day, someone is going to apologise to you for being Shona ? These people have right to speak their language wherever and whenever they want. It is your problem that you feel insulted when they do not speak Ndebele. Your biggest problem is your unfounded inferiority complex. That Shona is the majority language pains you so much,the sooner you accept this reality the better. Why should anyone apologise to you for speaking their Shona language ?

        You gave lame examples on why some people will make comments online in Shona. Why not ? Who said Hwange is incorrect spelling ? Nambya language of Hwange is not Ndebele, and has never been Ndebele. Clearyl you find the very existence of Shona infuriating .In simple you are saying those Shona people become tribalist by virtue of speaking their language ! Your life is gonna been a wasted one.

        For your own information, Zimbabweans do not owe you an apology for having supported ZANU(PF) in 1980, if that is what you think. Such an apology you will never get. Just because you were ZAPU, does not mean ZAPU leaders wee angels. What proof is there that ZAPU would have better managed Zimbabwe ?

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          Mthwakazi 8 years ago

          Clearly you are either insane or intellectually bankrupt. You are responding to ideas or thoughts that are in your intellectually bankrupt mind, not to those that I raised.

          1. Who in the first place is blaming EVERY shona? tribalistic ZANU PF minded gukurahundi Shonas are NOT every Shona – do you get that? Leave the innocent Shonas alone – stop tryin to seek comnfort in numbers by including the innocent Shonas

          Furthermore if you cannot read and understand the English language, please say so and go back to primary school;

          2. Who is seeking apologies from the generality of the Shona? I for one, my friend I dont need your apology and will never ask for one.

          I am one of those people who does not believe in apologies. I believe in an eye for an eye, not useless apologies. So don’t ever mislead yourself into that false sense of self- importance;

          3. Nothing shows one’s inferiority complex more than the desire to impose yourself on those who are different in one way or another.

          Quite clearly, its you gukurahundis and your Shona who suffer from this inferiority complex after imposing your Shona on innocent Mthwakazi villagers at gunpoint in the 1980s.

          You clearly feel rejected and inferior if we refuse to speak your language; hence you feel you have to impose it one way or the other;

          4. I repeat for your Shona gukurahundi dull mind; in Nambya the town is spelt Whange. The Chief of that region is CHIEF WHANGE; NOY YOU SHONA VERSION OF CHIEF HWANGE. Go and verufy the facts before shiiiting your gukurahundi nonsense all over the place.

          Besides, who spoke about the Ndebele version of the word? Who is speaking about Ndebele here;

          5. You have this mentally engrained Shona gukurahundi belief that anyone who criticises Shona gukurahundism and tribalism is Ndebele, where do you get that?


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          Mthwakazi 8 years ago

          Att: Mr Editor/Moderator

          So by deleting my response to this gukurahundi Tafadzwa, are you saying I am not supposed to respond to all the falsehoods he has stated above, because he is Shona? Does being Shona give one a licence to mislead the public, despite evidence to the contrary?

          Cant you see that what he is saying above is totally contrary to what my contributions above are stating?

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    elliot 8 years ago

    What you are saying is quite true.It requires ZANU Pf agreeing to it and I dont see that happein

  • comment-avatar
    oliver 8 years ago

    Nothing will change as long Mugabe is still in the State-house. The police, army, cio and other gvt-officials are using his NAME to loot the resources of our country. We Zimbabweans sould blame ourselves. We are cowards to demonstrate and remove Zanu PF from the political map. We can only hope HIS natural death is imminent.

    • comment-avatar
      Mthwakazi 8 years ago

      Also, nothing will change as long Shona tribalism subsists!!

  • comment-avatar
    farai 8 years ago

    We need unity behind the flag and national anthem. In politics, we need strong opposing centers of competing power. This illusion that we can all unite and be happy ever after is naive.

    • comment-avatar
      Mthwakazi 8 years ago

      Farai, yes maybe we can unite behind the National Anthem; but as for that gukurahundi flag, forget it. I for one will never respect that rag-tag gukurahundi ZANU PF flag.

      We still need a proper national flag that is not ZANU PF, but NATIONAL and represents everyone.

      That flag is a ZANU PF flag, which at independence was merely imposed on everyone after the gukurahundis won elections. All they did was to get their own ZANU flag and on one side, added the Zimbabwe bird, superimposed on a red star.

      Again, there will never be unity until Shona tribalism is addressed!

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    One wonders when some will learn to stop hating your fellow countrymen.Tribalism and racism are just the same. This afternoon I heard some really good communication from some of the people that have been spewing hate. What has changed? has the moon come out? I will say it again I don’t care who you are. To me you are all Zimbabweans. Stop this hate lest it destroys you.

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    Mthwakazi 8 years ago

    The anti-Mthwakazi brigade can twist history as much as they like, but the truth that remains is that gukurahundi ZANU PF has not changed. They are still the same old ZANU of old; the ZANU of Mozambique.

    The only advice I can give to the Shona speaking erstwhile ZANU PF supporters of the 1980s and early 1990s is that; ZANU PF and Mugabe are only nice as long as you support them. Once you shift your support to their opponents, you will see what a typical gukurahundi looks like.

    In Mthwakazi, we know this from experience. You can also ask white Zimbabweans – they will advise you likewise!!

  • comment-avatar

    I think Mthwakazi has a big prblm. If u read his contributions u can c clearly that he is trying hard to divert attention. I suggest we ignore his future contributions like I dd w his last ones or else he will lead us astray