Illegal structures demolished in Seke – ZBC

via Illegal structures demolished in Seke Monday, 10 February 2014 ZBC

The Manyame Rural District Council has demolished houses built on undesignated land in the Seke communal areas in line with the audit report by the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing.

The villages whose houses were destroyed in the first phase of the demolition are in Dema Ward 1 and 3 and Chitsvatsva communal lands which borders Chitungwiza Unit O.

The Manyame Rural District Council Chief Executive Officer, Ms Farirai Guta said the demolitions were implemented in line with the audit report by the Ministry which cited rampant illegal settlements in grazing areas and cropping fields of Seke communal areas.

“People should stop construction work on all undesignated areas. Demolitions are being carried out on structures that were built and are being built after the audit report and not on houses which people are currently staying”, said Guta.

The people whose houses were demolished were given notices of relocation and enforcement orders to stop all construction work beginning of this month.

Most of the structures which were destroyed were still at foundation, window or roof level.

Villagers in Dema are said to have gone on a rampant spree subdividing their rural pieces of land in grazing areas and cropping fields selling them for between US$1 000 and US$3 000 depending on the size of the stand.



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    There are settlements between seke rd and Bolton rd in waterfalls they are an eyesoar

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    Nyoni 8 years ago

    How did this happen heh? Forgot the corrupt minister and chums made a chilling.