I’m a Grade Two drop-out: Zanu PF MP

via I’m a Grade Two drop-out: Zanu PF MP 06/01/2014 NewZimbabwe

MEMBERS of Parliament forget their constituencies because of prostitutes and the high quality hotel life they get exposed to during parliamentary sessions, Kwekwe legislator Masango Matambanadzo has said.

Addressing hundreds of flea market and vegetable vendors on Saturday, Matambanadzo, who won his first term of office in the July 31 elections, said he had come across very beautiful prostitutes accosting MP’s at their hotels.

“The life up there is tempting with very beautiful ladies of the night, some of whom pretend they can’t even speak Shona coming to hotel rooms with your MPs this is why they forget you,” he said.

“They only come back after five years so that you can renew their life in the hotels and the good and beautiful ladies in their rooms.”

Matambanadzo, however, said he would not forget his constituency and would continue to empower the poor.

“I am a Grade Two dropout who needs a lot of time to go through papers given in Parliament and my interests are to ensure we uplift the lives of the poor, so I will not be swayed by ladies of the night or high hotel life like the others before me,” said Matambanadzo.

The MP launched a co-operative which will see flea market and vegetable vendors contribute a dollar everyday towards a common fund which will be managed by the MP’s wife.

Matambanadzo said the money will be used to assist the vendors with capital and to fund other projects like housing.

“I will send you to China to buy stuff for resale and even talk to council so that we get stands to build houses for all the members in the association. We need at least 5,000 members who pay a dollar everyday towards this fund,” he said.

In the face of massive collapse of industry in Kwekwe most people have been reduced to flea market vendors, illegal gold panners and commercial sex workers.

Matambanadzo said he hoped the project would see him change the lives of the people who voted for him in the past elections.

“I might be a Grade Two dropout, but my brains are big and I am going to change the lives of the people in Kwekwe,” he said.


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    Phibion 8 years ago

    And then there is Chinoz?? hmmm tirikutongwa nemadofo

    • comment-avatar
      Kubota Binga 8 years ago

      You are not necessarily a dofo if you drop out at grade 2. Seeing that he is an MP now shows he is actually jacked up!
      Drop outs are sometimes quite clever up there.

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    Samaita Dube 8 years ago

    Upenyu imhindupindu. Honourable MP, dark as is, known in Kwekwe as ‘Blackman’. Working as a cameraman achitora mipikicha pamichato. Oh remember that baggy trousers raisungirwa padumbu nemashades akabayirwa pabhibho. Then there was the ‘gold buying’, then Blackman milling and the small shops kuAmaveni. Then MP, wabuda Blackman. Asiwozve all these years wakatadza kuenda kuchikoro, just to stech those brains. Zvaunodada nazvo, zvinosvodesa for someone who has made a reasonable bunch. Unless you admit that there’s nothing much under the bhibho. Of which we then question, how dare you claim to lead us ‘the most literate people in Africa’.

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    tsuro magena 8 years ago

    This is the problem in Zim….the whole system is now littered with incapable, militant people just because vanogona slogan and they are loyal to the party.

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    Rukweza 8 years ago

    Thats what zim is full of people with forged certificates,this guy is fine at list it is known

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    I despise zanupf but respect this guy for his honest frankness. He might show up his useless degreed mentors for the uneducated fools they were. I hope he will refresh a geriatric moribund pathetic parliament. Good luck

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    munzwa 8 years ago

    Mmmmm $5000.00 per day x 7 x 4.3 x 12 is a lot of money, will it be adequately audited? Educational qualifications have nothing to do with basic honesty…

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    mindo 8 years ago

    I wish all parliamentarians were like you in terms of caring for their constituences, and may we see the fruits of this project. Do not channel the donations into personal use,$1 825 000 a year is a lot of money and can help revive the economy though on a small scale and can be a good lesson to the sleeping parlies. The future of Zimbabwe is in our hands, wake them up and let them see the light. We really do need parliamentarians like you irrespective of your education. I salute you.

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    wasu wemanyika 8 years ago

    kkkkkkkk .mavaona matsotsi eZanu Pf .He wants to rip off the vendors of their hard earned money. Why selecting his wife to manage the funds and not one of the vendors ? Kwekwe vendors dont be fooled by this idiot. Imbavha idzi . 5000 US per day , a week 35000 US DOLLARS , pagore 1890000 US DOLLARS.

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    Kkkkkkkkkkkkk nice comments

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    Such schemes are meant to fleece the people as we have seen beforelike in illegal land sales, market stalls etc. Vanhu havadzidze. regai vabigwe.Once bitten twice must shine.

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    Rwendo 8 years ago

    His honesty is laudable, hopefully it will last. All the same,”You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” Hanzi; “I will send you to China to buy stuff for resale…” One of the roots of our economic malaise.

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    Jrr56 8 years ago

    Sweet words, Lets see the actions and results in a few years time. That is what a responsible journo should be doing.

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    Ko kuzoti akakwira ndege, kunofiwa, kurarara muhotera mune mahure kwaka munakidza.

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    mujibha 8 years ago

    It sounds to be a good idea but the problem is his wife, why should she manage the money if she is not a member of the scheme. vendors think twice before u contribute your hard earned money into this. my advise is without the mp and his wife you as members you can still do this what u need to do is go to the bank with your contribution open an account put your daily contribution into that account for a year, and ask/apply for a loan to start a better business, that businees has to be managed by the bank until that loan is payed up not by the mp or his wife. musakanganwe razuro nehope vanhu imbavha. kana mp achida kupedza hurombo mudunhu make adi kukumiririrai kuti mupihwe chikwereti kubank muvambe mabhisimusi enyu. makapusa mari yenyu inopedzisira yakuendesa vana mp kuzvikoro zviri mhiri kwemakungwa

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    Jenandebvu 8 years ago

    How literate is yo wife to account 4 money raised? Why your wife and not a commmittee comprising of the vendors and perhaps including yo wife? How much does you wife earn for tha? Its fishy! Chete kufunga kwe Grade 2D dropout

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    Zbweano 8 years ago

    This guy is a cheat!! “The money would be managed by his wife” ??????

    Mari yadyiwa iyi. He is not the first steward mhani. That is why good governance is a big subject in progressive societies mhani

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    Mukarat 8 years ago

    Drop out does’t mean anything. What matters is what you are up for. Brilliant Matambanadzo keep the ball rolling. Job welldone

  • comment-avatar
    alberto moyo 8 years ago

    at least this guy is honest i like one thing about him he seems to care for the pple who voted him into power.keep it up mr mp

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    Bonginkosi 8 years ago

    You’re cheating the vendors out of their money sir.A dollar per day will be 30 dollars after a month multiplied by 5000 investors thus 15000. That is a lot of money sir,why don’t you and your government lend these people this amount and they can then pay back on installments.