IMF Management Approves a Six-Month Extension of the SMP for Zimbabwe

via Press Release: IMF Management Approves a Six-Month Extension of the Staff-Monitored Program for Zimbabwe Press Release No. 14/09 January 10, 2014

At the authorities’ request, IMF Management has approved a six-month extension of Zimbabwe’s Staff Monitored Program (SMP) to allow time for the national authorities to strengthen their policies and deliver on outstanding commitments under the program.

The SMP was approved by IMF Management in June 2013 for the period April–December 2013 (see Press Release 13/174). During the October 2013 Annual Meetings of the IMF and the World Bank, the new authorities reiterated their commitment to the SMP and to the process of reengagement with the IMF and with other multilateral institutions.

Under the extension, an IMF staff team will visit Harare in March 2014 to assess performance, combining the first and second reviews under the SMP. During the March 2014 visit, the targets for a third review with an assessment date end-June 2014 will be set.



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    mucha 8 years ago

    Madofo ashaya comment because they don’t understand SMP, IMF??????? It’s a pity when so-called educated guys waste their energy only on politics and very little time on economics.

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    bingo wajakata 8 years ago

    Educate us. Handisi dofo but its not my field. I am a genetic engineer, hausi dofo if you do not know what that entails, its not your field. Chances are most physicians do not understand SMP either but calling them madofo would be inaccurate in the sense of the word.

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      The Zimbabwean Government needs to engage the international community. The only way they can do that so that you guys can do what you do is to engage all stakeholders and say we are proposing a Government of National unity. We will let this Government co operate with each other and get rid of 1 Corruption 2 Nepotism 3 Tribalism 4 Racism and 4 reverse racism.We will guarantee 1 freedom of expression 2 freedom of association 3 freedom of speech. After 5 years we will guarantee freedom of choice.