Indians to invest US$10bn in Zim | The Herald

via Indians to invest US$10bn in Zim | The Herald January 30, 2014 by Peter Matambanadzo

Indian businesses want to invest US$10 billion in Zimbabwe in the coming months in various projects, mainly in mining and construction, to create more than 6 000 jobs.If it comes to fruition, it will be the largest foreign investment deal in the country’s history.

In an interview at a reception to mark India’s 65th anniversary yesterday, New Delhi’s ambassador to Harare, Mr Jeitendra Tripathi, said the projects should commence within the next few weeks.

“India had plans to invest US$4 billion, but it has increased the investment to US$10 billion, which is the biggest ever foreign investment in Zimbabwe,” Mr Triphati said.

He said the investment would focus on exploration of new mines, construction of a power plant, construction and renovation of existing power plants, and construction of a modern dual carriage railway line from Gweru to Mozambique border.

Ambassador Triphati said the project would see the revival of New Zim Steel, formerly Ziscosteel.
“They will re-employ all 4 000 ex–employees at Zisco and create 6 000 more jobs increasing the jobs to 10 000. This means this will give assistance to about 30 000 people if you take say three people per family,” he said.

India is now a major foreign direct investor in the world, recording US$80 billion outbound FDI last year against inward FDI of US$198 billion.



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    hahahahaha , this is comedy gold.

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    Is the “herald” not printed by zanupf.Educated people must believe this?????

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    gorongoza 9 years ago

    We have heard this since 2004. First it was the Chinese, but they never came to invest but to mop up the few money that was left. Then there was a story about Libya and all came to nothing…then Equatorial Guinea…Now its the Indians. The list grows long but there continue to be nothing on the ground. No sane person deals with these old greedy basterds and expect a return. The Chinese are very firm and they want payment tems and quick rewards on their loans. There is no carity. Only expect charity from the westerners…maChina namaIndians have more poverty than us and have no mercy to waste on silly pple. They want returns. But our policies want charity at sharehlding…hanzi tipei 51% mahara. muChina agotenda izvozvo?

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    If zanupf did not regularly print any sort of bullsh!!t there would be nothing for the desperate to hold on to.They have been doing this since 1980 giving the majority false hope and clearly getting away with it.

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    Mthwakazi 9 years ago

    We have heard all this before; especially from the Chinese – nothing has ever come out of these wild claims!!

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    Matanda Masairirwa 9 years ago

    If its the Indians that I know then they will invest $10bn and take out $100bn from Zim. Any rocket scientists to calculate the loss?

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      chikhangalapfula moses shoko. 9 years ago

      us$10 billion, invested.
      first of all, its high risk investment to inverst i zimbabwe as you know that.matambanadzo, when i suggested its a good deal, for us most as zimbabwean, but its allso a return ticket, from harare to delhi,india.
      zimbabwe’s economy is growning fast, but we need investors such as coming from india and some where else.
      hundred fold investers receive in return, i meant every promise on every deal, or investment, shall not fail to profit, matambanadzo. its not rocket science, ok.
      its not (us$10 billion for us$100 billion.).its hundred fold, 100% of each promise, it mean fruitfull deal, ok, matambanadzo.

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    Nkiwane (M'kiwa) 9 years ago

    Hahahahahahahaha. The Indians are not that crazy! Lol