Is this the best?

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After more than a month of waiting, President Robert Mugabe yesterday announced his cabinet, and as expected, the 89-year-old leader recycled deadwood at a time Zimbabweans expected a development cabinet judging by the economic challenges facing the nation.

Zimbabwe is at a crossroads, the economy has taken a nosedive since the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) announced that President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF had won the July 31 harmonised elections.

The public was on tenterhooks, itching to know what type of leadership Mugabe was going to appoint to oversee national matters. It is obvious though that this has been a complex task with the public not expecting a musical-chairs affair.

Zimbabweans have had sufficient time to let the poll outcome sink in after another bout of a highly contested plebiscite and were waiting in anticipation for a development orientated cabinet where Mugabe would name new faces to bring in the much needed confidence for investors to flood in.

But the nation was shocked yesterday when Mugabe appointed a total of 63 ministers, deputy ministers and ministers of state for provinces. What a bloated team for a small country suffering from acute economic challenges. We don’t need all these ministers, do we?

While the bloated government will surely raise concerns among progressive thinking Zimbabweans, we are shocked by some strange appointments Mugabe made.

How on earth does Dzikamai Mavhaire become minister of Energy at a time the nation is in a crisis over electricity shortages?

What is Mavhaire’s background with regards the energy sector, is this not factional balancing?

It is clear from Mugabe’s cabinet that he is trying to please everybody.

But one lesson he should have long grasped in his political career is that he cannot please all people all the same time.

For example, the strange appointment of Josiah Hungwe as the minister of State for Liaising on Psychomotor Activities in Education (whatever this means) is ridiculous to say the least.

Mugabe was clearly balancing the long held faction fight between the so-called Edison Zvobgo faction and the Hungwe faction in Masvingo.

However, there are certain appointments which make sense like the bringing in of Fred Moyo as deputy minister of Mines and Supa Mandiwanzira as deputy minister of Information.

But we still wonder what the old guard and those who were recycled by Mugabe will hope to achieve given the problems we are facing as a country. Time will tell.Is this the best?



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    mambo 11 years ago

    So Supa is now Deputy Minister of Information and ZiFM becomes the platform for Jono the Mouth………….

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    gukurahundi 11 years ago

    from bad to worse…….

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    Mr Writer i am not happy about you when you say ‘we’ all the time , be by your own opions don’t talk for us .The failing all along was not about ministers and don’t forget that they are given rules ,even if they are deadwood but should they be mandated appropriately by those on top ,then they will deliever the services to the people . iam positive ZANU will correct all the mistakes they had been doing ,please stop misjudging the cabinet , where is your contribution to the running of the country apart from critising , be positive and stop your ‘we’ story as if you are representing the whole nation .Iam an MDC T member , and it is too early for me to undermine the cabinet before even doing the job , give them a chance and start shouting later

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    Sad Zimbo 11 years ago


    “even if they are deadwood but should they be mandated appropriately by those on top ,then they will deliever the services to the people”

    Riiiiight. When have these deadwood braindead idiots ever done what they are mandated to do? Please, let’s not be naive, rules are irrelevant if they are not followed.

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    Zimbo ,look here ZANU PF had been facing huge pressure from MDC T for the past five years , i don’t think they will continue ignoring the fact that their opposition will definately capitalise on their mistakes, iam positive this time around they will deliver wait and see. But bear in mind ZANU PF will be over soon because of the succession battle. My solely point here Mr Zimbo is that ZANU PF will never relaxe but they will try all the best they could to restore order because of the pressure they are facing from the opposition .For them to secure votes five years to come they must prove a point as from now. Be positive and analyse my point.

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    Pachokwadi 11 years ago

    @Khabo. Mr writer used the word we as a motivational remark. We is standing for people who are Zimbabweans who share the same views as him.

    I too can say We don’t need people who have failed us many a time, to take charge. Yes I said “We” (that is me, the writer and some others who feel like we do.)

    If you don’t feel like we do then you are not part of us, or rather you are in a different bracket hence you not included when we say,”WE”. If you read news often I am sure you have read many of our dis pleasures in articles and comments in many platforms.

    We have our reasons why we don’t trust these appointees. Some of them are family and close friends to us. We don’t hate them. We just know them, don’t trust them better, and don’t expect much good from most of them who have let us down too many times already.

    Well, we all have our opinions, you voice yours and I mine.’WE’ does not always include you or me. When ever there is more than one person “WE” is applicable.

    I guess you are now happy to know that you are excluded from us when we say “WE”

    One more thing, you don’t have to be zanu pf, MDC-T or the other or of any political party to see we are headed for disaster