Is this the end of the MDC-T?

via Is this the end of the MDC-T? | SW Radio Africa  by Tichaona Sibanda on Monday, April 28, 2014

The main opposition party in Zimbabwe, the MDC-T, has apparently split into at least two factions.

A faction, consisting of the secretary-general Tendai Biti, several MPs and provincial chairpersons, announced on Saturday that Morgan Tsvangirai was no longer president.

After a meeting in Harare they announced his suspension as party leader, claiming that he has become autocratic and unprincipled. Biti added that Tsvangirai and some other senior officials had ‘betrayed’ the MDC’s struggle.

However, party spokesman Douglas Mwonzora robustly defended Tsvangirai insisting that he remained the party’s legitimate leader.

The ongoing internal chaos in the MDC-T, which was predictable following the rate at which key members were ostracising each other since the party lost elections last year, is likely to deal a heavy blow to the opposition.

This weekend’s events are not only ill-timed but happening at a time when the opposition parties were allegedly mulling a merger, to form a strong coalition. Analysts said it is however evident that the MDC-T is again exhibiting its failure to coordinate its internal affairs, leaving many wondering if this is finally the end of the road for the MDC-T.

Former education minister David Coltart, who is a founding member of the original MDC, told the BBC over the weekend that Tsvangirai’s ‘suspension’, although not unexpected, was a bad thing for democracy in Zimbabwe.

‘I am concerned about this. What we need in the opposition is consolidation, not further splitting. Morgan Tsvangirai, for whatever can be leveled against him, remains a very popular figure and we really do need him as part of the overall democratic forces, Coltart said.

Many of the officials aligned with Tsvangirai said that while the party was drowning under the weight of disagreements, the move by Biti to suspend Tsvangirai and try to take over the party does not signal a split.

‘It is not a split. A split is when you have many people following you to form another party, but this is walk out by a few disgruntled members,’ said Obert Gutu, a Tsvangirai loyalist and spokesman for the Harare province.

Other analysts said the emergence of factions within the MDC-T is weakening the opposition party and threatens any chance of it winning the elections in 2018.

The complete disarray in the opposition comes at a time when the ruling ZANU PF is at its most vulnerable, due to the dying economy, the increasing corruption scandals and Robert Mugabe’s evident physical frailty.

But instead of focusing on this and using it to their advantage for the good of Zimbabwe, all the opposition leaders appear concerned with is battling each other.



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    moyokumusha 9 years ago

    Morgan signalled the end of MDC when he gave in to Mugabe for the third time in 2012 so in answer to the question it is an emphatic YES

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    The same Biti had a video showing how youthe were buzzed into Harare from rural areas to vote.Was the video a lie? The same Biti is representing Gono in court.Where does his loyalty stands? All opposition agree that Gono is responsible for printing money, an economic move which the opposition resisted.Money must be generated through industrial activities.Now where does Biti stand on this.If they had suspended Morgan alone, then eople could give then an ear.Now foolishlyn they included Khupe,Chamisa and Mwonzora.What guarantee is there that a perennial failure like Mafumw who lost a safe seat in Harare will be able to make an impact in Dande, UMP ,Mutoko? Drinking bottled water is not politics. Goodluck guys.The moment you try to to go to Guruve and the headman tells you” mangu muraini hamuitwi rally dzemahumbwe”, ndopamuchaona kuti Harare is not Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is not Harare.You are limiting your already limited brains.As for Mafume, he has pure jelousy towards Chamisa.In 2000, Mafume was Univerity of Zim secretary general.Chamisa was Poly Students leader.Mafume could not even mobilise even the already self mobilised cadres.It was Chamisa who could come to UZ and energise the students.Biti, former students leader also.They are still living and dreaming the ahoyi chanting.Wait for the real bruises from ZANU in the coming elections, by the way you will be history

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    Is this the end of the MDC-T? Funny that head line. Yesterday Do little said Zanu was work for the total destruction of the MDC??? Doc do you know something we don’t know?

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      Of course they are! the MDC need to wake up. ZPF plans are written all over their actions. What happened to Zapu. Why are we so thick? And come to think of it: why did Biti suddenly go silent after his video of people being bussed in. I used to have a lot of respect for Biti. I am not pointing fingers cos I do not know all the details but may the Lord expose everything. Even with MT. What are these guys doing? That GNU was the worst thing for these men but it has exposed true character. Remember Judas who was bought for a mere 30 pieces of silver and then hanged himself??? Cry the beloved country! We need God’s help.

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    mujibha 9 years ago

    Not mdc, but the end of biti and company. MDC is going to be much stronger without them idiots. Even zanu pf is afraid of MDC T. Not to worry Save we r with you until you become the president of free Zimbabwe, we have seen it all since during war time. Even during liberation strugle we had people like Chingaira who sold out during Smith regime. So as the same with these guys, they r going nowhere. They might be lawyers but they r daft, they didn’t give themselves time to think abt repercations. In terms of politics they have hanged themselves.

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    Mlimo 9 years ago

    MDC have failed twice -they had the country on a plate when the currency collapsed they stepped in too early and saved zanupf and then they allowed an election with no voters role to happen. All they had to do was say no to participating and give sdec. the headache. Both times failed. Time for a new party.

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      roving ambassador. 9 years ago

      Say it out Mlimo. I am with you.

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        Please lord, will You raise up a leader. A man after Your own heart. Please Lord. A cry from my heart, not because we deserve anything but out of Your mercy and grace.

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      Chaka 9 years ago

      Am also with u Mlimo. Time for a new party. Hats off to MT for his brave stand against Mugabe 2000, but we need new blood. Biti is far frm being replacement as he leaves us with unanswered questions

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    Rwendo 9 years ago

    Let ZANU PF worry about the economy. They “won” the elections after all. Let them not worry and focus on factionalism …or birthday parties, or weddings…if they prefer.

    Let the opposition parties use this pause in the struggle to sort out our vacuum of competent leadership. We have 4 years to find a silver lining to the dark cloud that has descended upon us.

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    Remember that Biti was said to the best Finance minister ever by Bob. He replied by saying Zanu had a better election manifesto than MDC. Wasn’t he in the top six of the MDC? Kareke said Gono stole from the reserve bank and who is representing Gono in that case?
    If Biti is clean he should be witness to this case because he was Gono s boss and we are talking of national treasury which he was running for five years.

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    wa Zimbabwe 9 years ago

    Thank you at Mlimo. But you failed to point out that Biti and Mangoma were the ones acting on behalf of Mdct. They literally draged the party into this. The question is when really did they start working for Zanupf. Degreed idiots

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      Folded Arms 9 years ago

      Yes were not Biti and Mangoma heavily involved in GNU negotiations, Constitution negotiations, Participation in July 31 elections. Were they not in the so called top 6 in MDC T. If Tsvangson has failed they are also failures. The issue here is about money and power only, not democracy. Folded arms will not be fooled.

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    Daniel 9 years ago

    Mlimo couldnt agree with you more.MT has messed up enough and I dont mind who leads but get someone new who is a fighter and not as gullible as MT.

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    munzwa 9 years ago

    oh my goodness, what can we expect now…. who is going to repair this economy???

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    oliver chikumba 9 years ago

    Tsvangirai has failed yes i agri. He has failed to stamp authority to these boys even at HH where projects & some welfare issues were not hurriedly dealt by the Shonhe’s of this World saying there is no money. President’s office was inferior to SG’s office coz any programme can be stopped coz there is no money.

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    Let’s leave everything to God coz we are nothing but pencils in the hand of a creator. All our ideas hv proved not to work.

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    Be ware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    Anyone clamoring for new leadership is in the same fold as these Bitis, who in fact were together with Morgan when all these decisions were taken.

    The Mlimos of this world don’t know what they are on about.
    They stayed behind and went to colleges(as good as whites’) whilst the unenlightened went for terrorist training(to use his own words).
    Yeah, liberators of our country are terrorists.

    I have to agree that the GNU, and participating in the flawed elections last year were crazy decisions and the buck has to stop with Morgan.
    But we have to stay focused on removing the enemy that’s destroying our country, then sort Moggiza out after.
    Allowing ourselves to be divided so easily will only prolong the agony for our people

    We can’t go outside Zim to set up a government in exile,realistically.
    Where? Bots?

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    Well said, Folded Arms!