Is ZANU outsmarting the opposition politics in Zimbabwe again?

via Is ZANU outsmarting the opposition politics in Zimbabwe again? February 9, 2014 By Andrew Manyevere

In an apparent smart move to outsmart opposition politics in Zimbabwe and restore people confidence to Zanu this guy known as George Charamba, always behind the scenes but this time openly fighting, has made a proposition to either break or make the Zanu party for ever. Whereas opposition has given very flimsy doses of political punch to what has been massive haemorrhage the economy has endured over the last thirty years-corruption in high places and everywhere in the country-this is an opportunity to send to speak strongly to the world that Zimbabwe is led by a gangster of thieves and crooks who deserve indictment at the International Criminal Court for criminally leading a country into bankruptcy.

Indisputably in every institutions where government has a stake there is strong smell and presence of corruption driven, if not engineered from the highest office in the land, through third and fifth parties who help survive Zanu as an awkward political association. On grounds of humanitarian considerations and since Zimbabweans are under siege, internally, from an army who is ideologically bankruptcy and driven by personal interests, it is sincere that Zimbabwe has gone and is going to the dogs for the world warlords criminals to make a pick of the remains of the country’s wealth through the sustenance of so-called Zanu resuscitated.

Nowhere in history of human kind can, the educated dwelling in democratic societies in the world, watch this poor governance go by without expressing an opinion and causing the world opinion to take a verdict through the United Nation voice. There is too much impunity going on among Zanu government officials, particularly now that they have been been encouraged through the 31 July 2013 robbed elections to keep going and ignore the voice of the silent majority in and outside Zimbabwe.

Is it any wonder that in the corridors of “mother” Africa there is dead silence as they busy themselves with asking the EU to allow the presence of Robert Mugabe at the EU session, as though to their attitude of ‘the don’t worry about the African common people, they have to endure under our solid control as a as “African’ leaders and do not deserve the world sympathy?’ I refuse to be part of this scenario and ask that record be made that the world has once again ignored a dictator ruin the lives of millions under their watch in the name of sovereignty of an individual nation polemics.

My word to the opposition is that this is the time to call on Zanu to resign from power and call new elections and not wait for it to patch her mistakes as though they are minor by any chance. This is the time to galvanize the world opinion irrespective of what Zanu may cry foul that we are unpatriotic, or puppets of the west. It is time declarations must be openly made to be better a puppet of the west and give back freedom to the people under the banner of democracy in the making, than be a puppet to the east and abuse people by running down their economic, life and freedoms through open theft, lack of transparency or accountability and human abuse.

Never before has our politics opened itself to inspection at world forums as is now. As for my fellow Zimbabweans whether you are a convict of Zanu or not, it is time we open our eyes to the fact that those running Zanu have no love or interest for anything apart from building their family empires at the expense of making Zimbabwe a ghost country. While I would never advocate violence I would never be against standing strong in opposing of what is not right, be it through demonstrations or petitioning[A1] [A2]  of both the tyrants and the world showing disgust and revulsion at Zanu policies, Zanu leadership and Zanu ruin to our economy which is flagrantly against human rights and freedoms of the people of Zimbabwe.

Our civil rights have been denigrated to the trash cans of history and the country stands at the cross roads. We either keep being deceived by the same people who are taking turns as though to prove a point that we do not care provided we individually make money, even if it is at the detriment of the country.

Look at how quick some people make millions while others remain perpetually in poverty despite that they are educated and work endlessly. Look at the carnage on citizens from the police and soldiers when it comes to policing law and order. People die in the hands of officials who are meant to protect them from abuse by the same officials. Decisions on these cases are done discriminately and real power behind crimes are left free while the poor attracted into crime with a view to make a living pay the price.

Calling for judiciary Inquiry without a world component to it is a worst of time because Zanu is schooled in turning table round, grand them that merit if it is worth mentioning for purposes of putting matters in perspective.  If per George Charamba’s suggestion, if supposedly the failures resign where to they go and to do what if not to continue the rot under different guise but even potentially more dangerous than before.

There is a word in democracy called “Vote of no Confidence”.  The country the diaspora joined by the world need just do that and institutionalized action will follow on Zimbabwe tyrants I am convinced. The courts have begun taking sides with politics of decay in Zimbabwe on cases where corruption is growing rampant as though to give chance for final on slaughter on government controlled organs by the criminals appointed in high offices of government and semi government organizations. Democracy demands that we should point out mistakes and lobby strongly against these by any means democratically available worldwide, for lives of innocent people is being put at stake by an irresponsible government.

Zanu has long been proven irresponsible except for those who want to use it as a vehicle for making personal wealth at the expense of other’s freedom and rights. This can and has to be corrected. Only will this happen from our concerted efforts, putting pressure to bear both on the regime and the world. We have to or Zimbabwe will be a grave of traumatized walking and dead bodies. Walking both inside and outside the country. Corruption and the plummeting rich will belong to the school of indigenous power hungry maggots.

As you very well know maggots in themselves until they are a fly or butterfly they eat and get fat. That is all. God have mercy.


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    Mlimo 9 years ago

    The days of democracy are long gone way back in 1980. There is one hope left remove the head of the snake or tramp on it by mass action .

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    outsmart who? it is the economy that is outsmarting the zanu crooks. the country will virtual be on its knees sooner than latter. this rouge party will disappear from the political arena like a mirage… no Mugabe, no zanu!

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago

    Thieves are usually smarter!

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    Wait and see if Charamba is going to resign then you can start talking of zanu outsmarting the opposition. If Chombo can reinstate Mahachi after being suspended by the mayor of Harare for taking such a huge salary at the expense of service delivery then it is a waste of time to talk about zanu changing its colours. The looting continues.

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago

    Loot Aleta continua!

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    Mprang 9 years ago

    We are all seeing the courage of Dr Simba Makoni to denounce this Zanu corruption

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    Druzhba 9 years ago

    The title of the article discouraged me from reading further. “Is ZANU outsmarting the opposition politics in Zimbabwe again?”

    Mai Mujuru vachiromotoka kutaura, hanzi mbavha dzema’parastatals’ hapana zvadzakakanganisa. Zvinosiririsa, zvigotsamwiswa nekupedza mafuta.

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    thembani 9 years ago

    Nothing will happen to these thieves,MDC killed the spirit of democracy in Zimbabwe.The weak opposition has legitimised graft in Zimbabwe.what a pity Simba makone’s lone voice will be the only whimper, a voice in the wilderness.Tsvangirai will lie dormant until the next elections, when campaign money starts to flow

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    Nimrod Mupanesengende 9 years ago

    Nonsence! We need to look at MDC’s treasonous action of urging the EU to renew sanctions. Now is the time to hit the MDC below the belt. We should enact a law that bans all political parties that advance foreign interests at the expense of the nation, parties that call for sanctions to ruin the country, parties that cause suffering to the masses, parties that thrive on the suffering of the people We need to fill our jails with the Bitis, Tsvangirais and even send the majority of these traitors into exile. If we cannot do all the above, then our spooks should start to liquidate them one by one until the remainder of these traitors realise that selling the country to the highest bidder is dangerous.

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    ngwalongwalo 9 years ago

    The opposition is busy with their inhouse fights, and not obvious of the fact that this was an opportune time to use and hammer hard on the failures of Zanu Pf government to stamp out corruption. Once again the opposition comments on the current revelations of salaries are lame and do not convince anyone that they have the zeal to also protect the citizens. One would have thought that this was the time to be united and rally Zimbabweans together and call for the resignation of the ministers and even the government this time around, but once again they have left Zanu Pf to outsmart them once again

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    There could be an apple, but if the centre is rotten, it begins with destruction, as what happens from the centre between Limpopo, Shashi and Zambezi.There needs a war, but no killing, just strikes.The ill wind blasts and Zuma will eventually smell the bad, as it will have to resign.

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    Nyoni 9 years ago

    So Zanu have been shouting utter lies to all the peoples for 34 years and now want sympathy from all and sundry. The world must now please realise that all that has been döne to all taking the farms etc was a scam of the biggest scale. The ICC MUST PROCEED TO PROSECUTE THESE CRIMINALS.

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    Mthwakazi 9 years ago

    A person who already has an upper hand in a competition than his competitor cannot be described as outsmarting the other.

    Gukurahundis already have security and military tentacles all over Zimbabwe’s social and political life which they built up over the last 34 years – their opponents dont have this.

    So, there is no outsamrting here!!!

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    zanupf are going to rule zimbabweans for the next 34 years and beyond and zimbabweans will still be moaning.

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      Nimrod Mupanesengende you are unbelievably stupid. What has sanctions got to do with looting? Connect it up for us oh educated one…

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        And whilst you at it there is no one going into exile except some Zanu thieves.If you one of them start researching which part of China you will be living in.

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      Havanyani 9 years ago

      Amen to that Zim Reeper.