Is Zimbabwe coming up for debate at the Commonwealth again?

via Is Zimbabwe coming up for debate at the Commonwealth again?  01 November 2013  by Charles Rukuni  InsiderZim

Zimbabwe has been a thorn in the flesh of the Commonwealth from the time it was Rhodesia under Ian Smith when he refused to grant majority rule but President Robert Mugabe did the unthinkable 10 years ago.

He withdrew the country from the organisation after it refused to lift a one year suspension on Zimbabwe for ironically breaching the Harare Declaration, a set of guidelines for theorganisation signed in the Zimbabwean capital in 1991.

The Commonwealth suspended Zimbabwe after the 2002 presidential elections which it said were flawed. Observers from the organisation issued an adverse report on the elections won by President Robert Mugabe.

Opposition Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai said Mugabe had stolen the elections and challenged the results.

But despite its suspension, Zimbabwe has come up for debate at every Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM) meeting.

At its last meeting in Australia in 2011, CHOGM agreed to look forward to the conditions being created for the return of Zimbabwe to the Commonwealth.

Britain Minister of State for Faith and Communities and Senior Minister of State Baroness Warsi told the House of Lords last month that CHOGM had also agreed to continue to encourage the parties to the inclusive government to implement the global political agreement faithfully and effectively.

“Any application from Zimbabwe to reapply for membership of the Commonwealth would be a matter for all 53 countries to decide. It would be reviewed in the light of the Government of Zimbabwe addressing the issues of concern and the breaches of Commonwealth fundamental values which led to Zimbabwe’s suspension and withdrawal, including the removal of repressive legislation and guarantees on the freedom of the press,” Baroness Warsi said.

The subject of Zimbabwe and the Commonwealth was raised by Lord St John of Blesto who expressed hope that Zimbabwe would rejoin the Commonwealth.

Commonwealth leaders are due to meet in Sri Lanka in two weeks, from 15-17 November.

Former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said that his government would try to get Zimbabwe readmitted into the organisation if it won the elections.

Mugabe, who pulled the country out, has said Zimbabwe will never rejoin the Commonwealth an even called it an evil organisation.

Mugabe won the elections in July marking the end of the inclusive government.

Britain and other European countries have refused to recognise the elections but the EU has since lifted most of the sanctions it had imposed on the country and some of its leaders leaving only Mugabe, his wife Grace, Didymus Mutasa and the service chiefs.

Though it won more than two-thirds majority, ZANU-PF is anxious to get back into the international community and the new constitution might provide answers to some of the previous repressive laws.

The constitutional court has for example scrapped the offence of undermining the authority of the President and “communicating falsehoods” because they are not in line with the new constitution.



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    maisokwazo 10 years ago

    Well the Commonwealth is wise enough and democratic enough to be lured by a bogus, corrupt, thieving and murderous regime an embodiment of the dictator Robert Gabriel Mhondi Mugabe. No Zimbabwe is still a fiasco ruled by an indigent and a ruthless dictator who has nothing to offer except brutality intransigiance cruelty and abject hostility toward reason.It would be foolhardy if the Commonwealth would be duped to believe that something good will come from the devil. A devil is a devil even if the devil might appear as an angel of light. It is the same incompetent and corrupt Con-court which ruled weirdly on genuine concerns of rigging and voters roll manipulation and fraudulent elections . Now its cosmetic ruling to insignificant cases brought before it does not warrant the recognition it seeks. The only good that the Commonwealth can do for Zimbabwe’s Mugabe is to keep him isolated. He is feeling it and it irks him as he knows his days are numbered and will die as a rejected scum. Zimbabweans are okay. They don’t need Mugabe. He has failed them and there is nothing to look for from his condemned rulership.Hang on Commonwealth. Hang on to principles. Hang on the progressive world. You have nothing to lose by shunning dictatorship. Zimbabweans are okay. Millions have been accommodated in friendly countries and millions are just making doing. They are okay. It these misdirected miscreants and misfits corrupt and ruthless who are losing sleep because no one respect them except their thieving cohorts. So Commonwealth and all progressive worlds if you are considering letting Mugabe off the hook then yours is a futile mission.

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    Zimbabwe will be invited to rejoin the commonwealth.
    the devil refered to is maisokwazo above.
    Zimbabwe had no choice but to resign due to sdouble standards and the lack of democracy within the commonwealth.
    At an election commonwealth observers found the ekection free and fair. Britain AND Australia disagreed with observers and Nigeria and South Afica was subject to financial pressure to see things the same way.
    As quoted in the Commons.
    Complaints have been made to the Palace of the situation and I believe accepted. These complaints were made by relatives of her majesty.

    It is to be hoped that Zimbabwe will accept the invitation and that such a display of double standards never occurs again

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    Press Freedom
    There has also been representation to the palace on the need for press in Zimbabwe, perhaps the most irresponsible in the world to be monitored if necessary internationally and subject to the same laws as an individual.
    Thus it is hoped the local media will become responsible in a hurry or in the event it doesn’t measures supported by the Commonwealth brought to bear on same.
    It is clear the only persons who regard the local press as acceptable and responsible as other journalist locally – there is a serious need for responsible nationals unconnected to the media to sit on media committees when there would be daily complaint at the total and absolute disregard for media ethics.
    It is accepted that the decay in standards occurred resultant of propaganda funding and it is understood this act is regretted by the Palace. Who, were grateful for the correspondence and annexures sent to them, clearly illustrating the problems

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      Jrr56 10 years ago

      What kind of idiot wants a regulated press like you seem to suggest? You make Moyo’s time of journalistic repression seem mild. A world wide suppression of the news so that it conforms to your way of thinking? The seeking of treatment by a psychiatrist is more your remit John

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        Jrr56 Only a Zimbabwe reporter would make a comment such as yours, illustrating lack of responsibility single mindness and an attitude that are abover the law and should be given more consideration than any one else and allowed to be stupid and irresponsible.
        I did not say so that the press should conform to my way of thinking that statement is all of your making and is the problem, as your way of thinking is like the idiot you portray.
        A responsible educated person buys a news paper for news not stories and fiction – a book store has fiction. We the public expect media ethics , truth and responsibility not the stupid type comments we read, with exaggerated facts and false accusations devoid and bereft of facts.

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    Why on earth would anyone want the odour of festering mugabe and sewage stinking entourage around them?

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      Revenger-avenger seek treatment by a psychiatrist.
      Maybe they can do something for you.
      The rest of society sees the need to move forward to improve the nation for our children.

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    maisokwazo 10 years ago

    It is only the misguided and gullible miscreants like John who can not even spell the word election and who cannot balch the truth, stone hedged and dogmatic.Oh bythe way an psychiatrist does not treat for your information. All they need the likes of John is to go leak Mugabe butt because what they say is devoid of sense and their belief that Mugabe will bulldoze his way into the Commonwealth is day-dreaming. The Commonwealth is not as stupid as is SADCC that faggot filled dung full of cowards nor is it AU garbage. Leaders in both organizations are notorious and zombies.COWARDS ABJECT COWARDICE

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      What an idiot, please read before you comment and try and understand what you have read.
      It is nothing to do with President Mugabe, the Commonwealth will have a vote to invite Zimbabwe back into the commonwealth.
      I think it will be successful,certainly a majority for Zimbabwe.
      This is what the discussion is about.
      Tsvangerai said sanctions would be lifted with an inclusive government and generally all accept it didn’t work – the FCO’s, choice didnt succeed in the election but the palace now knows the facts so this conference will be different, the foreign office with its propaganda are in an embarrassing position.

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    Nyoni 10 years ago

    Let the Commonwealth decide what to do with Zimbabwe. Our tiny nation is really just one unimportant blot on this planet. Importance in the mind of one person appears to be the crux of our woes.If this arrogance can be stemmed , I believe we can move forward.

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    Yes Sir Boss My ass 10 years ago

    A country is a region legally identified as a distinct entity in political geography. A country may be an independent sovereign state or one that is occupied by another state, as a non-sovereign or formerly sovereign political division, or a geographic region associated with sets of previously independent or differently associated peoples with distinct political characteristics. A resident of a country is subject to the independent exercise of legal jurisdiction. A republic is literally a form of government in which affairs of state are a “public matter” (Latin: res publica), not the private concern of the rulers, in which public offices are subsequently appointed or elected rather than privately accommodated (i.e., through inheritance or divine mandate). In modern times, the common definition of a republic is a government which excludes a monarch. Today the term republic still most commonly means a system of government which derives its power from the people rather than from another basis, such as heredity or divine right. This remains the primary definition of republic in most contexts.

    Political freedom (also known as political autonomy or political agency) is a central concept in history and political thought and one of the most important (real or ideal) features of democratic societies. It has been described as a relationship free of oppression or coercion; the absence of disabling conditions for an individual and the fulfilment of enabling conditions; or the absence of lived conditions of compulsion, e.g. economic compulsion, in a society. Respect is a positive feeling of esteem or deference for a person or other entity (such as a nation or a religion), and also specific actions and conduct representative of that esteem. Respect can be a specific feeling of regard for the actual qualities of the one respected. It can also be conduct in accord with a specific ethic of respect. Rude conduct is usually considered to indicate a lack of respect, disrespect, where as actions that honour somebody or something indicates respect. Specific ethics of respect are of fundamental importance to various cultures. Respect for tradition and legitimate authority is one of five fundamental moral values shared to a greater or lesser degree by different societies and individuals. Respect can be both given and/or received. Depending on an individual’s cultural reference frame, respect can be something that is earned. Civilisation – the social process whereby societies achieve an advanced stage of development and organization. A society in an advanced state of social development (e.g., with complex legal and political and religious organizations); “the people slowly progressed from barbarism to civilization”. The quality of excellence in thought and manners and taste; “a man of intellectual refinement”;

    Zimbabwe is guilty of perpetuating this dictatorship. The middle class, who join the Central Intelligence Organisation, for example, in droves to buttress the oppression of Zimbabweans, are guilty. The greedy businesspersons, small traders and economic chancers we hear about every day who continue to seek political favour to gain an unfair advantage are also guilty of perpetuating a system that oppresses them. We have also seen how those that are in opposition politics and claim to represent the interests of those who want an outside have become persuaded and are now complicit in strengthening this tyranny. Most of us have, therefore, played a decisive role and in part created the very conditions that we continue to complain against and blame. Can a dictatorship such as this be dislodged through free and fair elections? Can our society destroy this pervasive and evil foundation from within? No, unless the international community aggressively intervenes because change can only be fuelled from outside our society.

    In Zimbabwe, it has created a persuasive and repetitive myth that only one man can be President for life; that only Zanu PF members can have access to new opportunities and lead a better life than most; that only those who are politically connected through birth, association or sheer audacity must have an advantage and be entitled unbridled access to the wealth of Zimbabwe. That only our “freedom” fighters can be heroes.
    It will not be easy to change our circumstances or move our country into a modern democracy because we have been psychologically complicit in creating a social system that does not respect our own needs and aspirations. Our tyranny is manufactured by the people of Zimbabwe, for the people of Zimbabwe — that is the hardest fact to accept. You see, dictatorships can only arise and flourish where very specific conditions are met. Critical to an effective dictatorship are people with a low self-esteem and who have a victim mentality. People who believe it is outside them that change can emanate. In such instances, the political leadership must also meet these same conditions; they must have a destructive and incessant low self-esteem and must, therefore, put to good use all tools and forms of oppression to shield their egos and vulnerability.They must continually claim all that is good in society, and blame all that is bad on others. This works in arresting potential, stifling growth, spreading poverty and hopelessness so that citizens may remain complainants to a system that they abhor. Dictators mirror their low self-esteem on the society which they seek to oppress and in that society, must be those individuals who are willing to support that low self-esteem with theirs. A dictator must surround himself with praise singers and charlatans whose only interest is to see how they can benefit from the dictator. The dictator will then reward those who praise and fear him and incarcerate or injure those who refuse to do so.

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      Who on earth allowed you on this site -there are psychologists you can talk to who can get you off drugs or counsel you.
      If you are trying to look intelligent you got a 0 for knowledge and content.

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        Yes Sir Boss My ass 10 years ago

        In general, an opinion is a judgment, viewpoint, or statement about matters commonly considered to be subjective.What distinguishes fact from opinion is that facts are verifiable.An opinion may be supported by facts, in which case it becomes an argument, although people may draw opposing opinions from the same set of facts. Opinions rarely change without new arguments being presented. It can be reasoned that one opinion is better supported by the facts than another by analyzing the supporting arguments. DOES IT RING A BELL ?

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          Yes Sir Boss My ass, I should know better than to try and explain to any one who picks a name like that by choice- impossible to educate.
          If an opinion is supported by facts or evidence then there is no argument.
          I take it to are trying to relate that you don’t understand fact and that there journalists should be excused because they don’t understand the difference between fact and fiction.
          An average education is necessary to solve your problem.
          The only way you will ever get a degree is if you buy it.
          It really needs a psychiatrist to work out what you are trying to say.

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            BossMyass 10 years ago

            When a culture believes that all things must be either true or false it creates many unfortunate situations. We argue rather than discuss. After all, those with differing views must be wrong! We look with contempt at those who see things differently. We label them, and judge them according to those labels. “Oh, so you are a ‘conservative.’ ” Even those who call themselves open-minded will speak condescending blanket statements about members of groups with differing views.

            As a culture, we seek to determine who is right, and who is wrong. We punish the one we judge as wrong, reward the one we see as right. This is the mentality that drives our excessive lawsuits. We teach our children the five paragraph essay, where we tell them you must pick a side. We tell them they failed if their essay validates more than one side. To pass they must chose only one side as right, and the other as wrong. We pass laws and regulations, and go to war against those we have determined to be wrong, or “evil” as George W. calls them. We frequently look at those who are down and out and say, “He must deserve it,” or “God is punishing him for what he has done wrong.” We look at those who have amassed great wealth and say, “he must be great/ be talented/ have good business sense, have produced the best product, ….”What we are not doing is solving problems. We are not teaching our young to resolve conflicts. We are not acting to respect everybody involved. We are not tolerant.

            In other cultures, such as Asian, and American Indian (“native American”) the goal is to resolve the conflict, either by respecting the tribe as a whole, or by respecting the differing values and needs of the individuals involved. Who’s right and who’s wrong need never be asked, it doesn’t help the process. We can ask, “what does each person really need?” We can ask, “what are the costs, benefits, and risks of each choice?”

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      Chivulamapoti 10 years ago

      That was some comment, you should write a column it’s sooooo long!

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        Chivulamapoti you can see it was no effort his brain has already shut down and he has no sense of reason.

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          William Doctor 10 years ago

          @ John – you say a lot, and nothing at all. Please refute what ‘yes sir boss my arse’ says using logic and reason. Do you know what that is comrade? Nope.

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            Hard to refute anything as person who chooses a name like Yes Sir Boss My ass

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            There is no logic from William Doctor or Yes Sir Boss My ass, serious counseling is the beat reason can offer. Logic doesn’t work with someone in that condition.

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          essexfarmer 10 years ago


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          BossMyass 10 years ago

          No food, no money, no education, no water, no electricity, no roads, no lights, no freedom, no human rights, no dignity, no future, no respect, no self-esteem, no civilization, no beliefs, no ethics, no common sense, no moral values, no principles. I am proud black racist, living with fear, xenophobia, corruption, surrounded by beggars, wise guys, savages, simpletons. I have no history, I expect nothing, I am nothing, and I am the global disgrace. All I care is the colour of the skin of others and my God the almighty U.S dollar. Live and let die. I am good for nothing. “God save his Excellency the KING Robert Mugabe” who saved us from the big bad wolf the bustard whites and took absolutely everything from us for his self and his gang. I am the most selfish and stupid person in Africa, I am free and proud to be Zimbabwean.

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    machakachaka 10 years ago

    Hatidi nezve Commonwealth

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    anonymous 8 years ago

    John you need to be educated!

    Pathetic!! you cant see the wood for the trees. What hog wash you utter!