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via ZimbabweSituation Facebook Joice Mujuru scores own goal while Zim Embassy bungles February 11, 2014 at 8:24am

by Information and Publicity – ZUNDE

Joice Mujuru must have religiously mastered the old adage “Those who live in glass houses must not throw stones”. In view of her recent outburst following disclosure of what is now known as obscene salaries at struggling parastatals and other State institutions; one is left with the impression that the Vice President has something to hide and is concerned that the exposures might soon be at her doorstep.

Calling the SalaryGate expose’ “the work of subversive elements trying to destroy Zanu PF and its government from within” is shocking, especially coming from a person aspiring to be Zimbabwe’s first female president. Addressing the Zanu-PF Mashonaland West provincial women’s conference in Chinhoyi on Saturday, Mujuru is reported to have said that graft cases should not be discussed in the media. Elsewhere, the Anti-Corruption Commission or the police would have moved swiftly to investigate or reprimand the Vice President.

Ephraim Chawanda was undoubtedly one of the best defenders to ever grace the national team. However, some would also remember, vividly and with pain, Evans Mambara’s discerning scream“Oh, my God, an own goal by Ephraim Chawanda”. At a very crucial time, this is precisely what Joice Mujuru has just done.

Those who regarded her as an upright person who should be given a chance have been left wondering. Yes, she is an ordinary African woman of a very simple mind but not many people thought she could be this feeble.

In her unsophisticated mind, Joice Mujuru’s deep conviction is that targeting corruption is synonymous with targeting ZANU PF and the government. This is an open admission that the two are as good as Siamese twins, oh, boy!

After this shocking revelation, it has become quite apparent that neither Mujuru nor Mnangagwa has the right credentials nor qualities to be first tenant at State House. While both are inexorably tainted with corruption, Mujuru lacks the mental capacity to lead while Mnagwgwa, despite his sophistication and intelligence, is too cruel to be our president. Zimbabwe needs a fresh pair of transformative leadership. In business strategy, there is something called “positive disruption”. If Joice Mujuru believed in this (assuming she has heard about it), she would have seen SalaryGate as a perfect opportunity. Instead, she chooses “see no evil, hear no evil”

A question some of us are beginning to ask is “Over the years how much tax has Joice Mujuru’s business empire paid to the government?” Zimbabweans must now demand that financial statements for all state enterprises be made public. We need to know how those entities are operating, how they are managed, what profit and loss they are making and above all, what the bosses are earning. Madam Joice, the cat is out of the bag. Seeing everything in terms of factionalism is being too myopic. Aren’t you ashamed when your government approaches European capitals with a begging bowl for school fees for disadvantaged children when Cuthbert Dube’s undeserved one month salary can pay fees for several children? Some of us know that a $500K mortgage takes an average of 25 years to pay off in a very stable economy. In Harare, a CEO for a loss-making parastatal can pay off a lifetime mortgage in less than two months, how bizarre!!!

Lastly, an official notice (NOTE NO: 5/14/ZCBR/PROT9 dated 31 Jan 2014) from the Zimbabwe Embassy in Canberra caught my attention “….to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and to all Diplomatic Missions and International Organisations in Canberra and has the honour to advise that the following Zimbabwean diplomatic passport has been cancelled and its validity declared null and void”. The letter goes on to give Jacqueline Zwambia’s passport details. One wonders what has happened to diplomatic etiquette. Why does anybody think this is a matter for the international community? Isn’t a diplomatic passport supposed to be withdrawn through proper channels at the end of diplomatic posting? How many ZANU PF zealots are criss-crossing the world using diplomatic passports well after their tour of duty comes to an end? The Zimbabwe embassy in Canberra needs a serious mop-up. Some of the clowns masquerading as diplomats in that office behave as if they didn’t go beyond primary school. Maybe this is what happens when people have overstayed their posting.  This is disgusting, shameful and undiplomatic!

Moses Chamboko is the Interim Secretary General for Zimbabweans United for Democracy (ZUNDE). Visit us at or email:  


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    Mduna 9 years ago

    The guilty are afraid. Investigate the importation of heifers from Namibia. Senior people are using whites as fronts and importing these heifers and keeping them at a gov ranch behind cement side, Byo. Investigate deeper you will know who is abusing loss making parastatals. Find out how permits are issued as well.

  • comment-avatar
    Scott 9 years ago

    Pull ya self together man Joice!

  • comment-avatar
    MikeH 9 years ago

    This Mujuru woman needs locking up !!!

  • comment-avatar
    CHINDUNDUMA 9 years ago

    Joyce Mujuru has lost the moral high ground of succeeding Robert Mugabe. She has proved to a very foolish person who cannot even be a District Chairperson of Zanu PF. Given her utterances on obscene salaries paid to the likes of Muchechetere and Dube this idiot should resign immediately . IRI NDIRO BENZI CHAIRO RAKAITWA VICE PRESIDENT

  • comment-avatar
    Gwanyamwanya We Mahobo 9 years ago

    These correspondence degrees lack some depth. Both Mugabe and deputy Joice corresponded. BEWARE.

  • comment-avatar

    Good article ZUNDE. Scoring an own goal is the most disgraceful thing to do especially when there does not appear to be any pressure. Why did this woman even dare open her mouth. It was totally unnecessary. At least we now know she is not a fit and proper person to start to consider as a leader. She is worried more about her own party than the country. How unpatriotic. She is saying dont expose corruption if it it will destroy ZANU PF. How amazing, Zvinoshamisa.

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    Ko vakomana MR DIZIRI paruware vari kuti kudiniko? Imbotibatiraiwozve vakuru av tinakigwe. Chegore rino tichaonerera.

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    Dr Mzee 9 years ago

    Sisssy Joice vazotaridza pavamire chaipo. Pfungwa dzavo ishoma zvakanyanya. Haisiyo type ingatonga nyika iyi. Good quality for Vice President only going by past experiences!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    chessplayer 9 years ago

    Mr Chamboko let me remind you that Mai Mujuru, Mnangagwa and Mugabe have never at any point been credible leaders as your article seems to imply. Maybe its because you were part of this rotten lot in the first place. We are still waiting for Zunde’s policies…im not yet convinced your organization can be a credible alternative.

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    easily fooled 9 years ago

    I said kuita leader hakudi chikoro. Look at Former VP mzenda, Jacob Zuma of RSA, and now Joisi Mujuru. Saka Chematama chinoita mhani imi. Chave kutoziwa diplomacy, chakadzidziswa na
    Mickel pachakazora zora kuGermany chiri PM paye…..obviously he learned from hix mistakes.

    Kana joice wacho, haachapamhizve kuve reckless with language zvakado. I blame it on Charamba, ndiye akamunyorera speech iyi. He will come forward and apologise as you might be aware kuti he is very apologetic, kuti aregererwe

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    Saddened 9 years ago

    Just wondering if, with all the conjecture about the “other faction” being behind the expose, that she had to find a scapegoat & who better to blame than the media. Interestingly of course that includes the pro government HERALD who are part of what she said was “the work of subversive elements trying to destroy Zanu PF and its government from within” Really Joyce you have lost it. Long may the games continue.

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    Nyoni 9 years ago

    Mujuru majuru crawl back with the ishwas and stay there until the rainy season.

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    tichaguma rinhiko kudya nhoko dzezvironda vanamujuru nanakasukuwere vachiita zvekuhupfachura hupfumi whenyika yedu,vanhuvamwari tikasashinga ava vanhu they will turn zimbabwe to be a banana repulic.vanoendesa vana vao kuzvikoro zvemhando kunze kwenyika isu tichitambura vachidya mari dzedu dzetax,chisingaperi chinoshura but i pray that on that day ropa ngarisadeuka asi mwari ngavaite mashiripiti avakaita munyika yeijipita.AMEN