Kasukuwere faces arrest

via Kasukuwere faces arrest November 26, 2013 by Richard Muponde NewsDay

ENVIRONMENT, Water and Climate minister Saviour Kasukuwere faces arrest while three Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) officials face prolonged incarceration for disconnecting water to Gwanda Town Council in disregard of a High Court order barring them from doing so without court authority.

Zinwa disconnected water to the Gwanda local authority two weeks ago over an unpaid $5 million debt forcing residents to fetch water from unprotected sources such as the Mtshabezi River.

On August 26, 2011, Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Nicholas Ndou barred Zinwa from disconnecting water to the local authority.

The order was given by consent of Zinwa and Gwanda Town Council after the local authority had approached the court when Zinwa indicated that it wanted to indefinitely disconnect water to the town. It was then agreed that council would remit 70% of its collection of monthly water bills to Zinwa, but in the event of breach of the agreement, the parties would approach the High Court for recourse. However, it was not disputed that the local authority defaulted remitting money to Zinwa after the agreement, which prompted Zinwa to disconnect water on November 7, albeit without a court order as was ordered by Justice Ndou.

Gwanda Town Council went to court last Thursday seeking a contempt of court order against Kasukuwere as the minister responsible and Zinwa officials.

Zinwa and its chief executive officer (CEO), Umzingwane Catchment area manager Tonny Rosen, Umzingwane Water Supplies manager Stanley Nazombe and Kasukuwere are also cited as respondents. The order being sought reads: “The 2nd (Zinwa) and 5th (Kasukuwere) respondents are in contempt of (a) court order granted by (the) High Court issued undercover of case number HC2333/11 of the 26th of August 2011.

“First (Zinwa CEO), 3rd (Rosen) and 4th (Nazombe) respondents are in contempt of court for failing to reconnect applicant’s water supply.

“The 1st, 3rd and 4th respondents be kept in custody until such a time that 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th respondents comply with the court order issued under HC23331/11 by this honourable court. Second respondent be and hereby ordered to pay a fine of $1 000 for each day that they fail to reconnect water supply to the applicant from the date of granting this order to the day that 2nd respondent reconnects water supply to applicant.”

In his founding affidavit filed by lawyers, Phulu and Ncube Legal Practitioners, Gwanda town clerk Gilbert Mlilo said Zinwa disconnects water at 4pm until 8am the following day leaving the town with a shortfall of 7 600 cubic metres against daily consumption of 10 000 cubic metres.

The situation, Mlilo said, had left the whole of Gwanda virtually without water, with Gwanda Provincial Hospital being the worst affected. Normal water supplies were only restored to Gwanda last Friday after Transport minister Obert Mpofu paid $46 000 to Zinwa on behalf of council.

Zinwa had indicated that it would only restore supplies if council paid $46 000 towards servicing its $5 million debt.

Council then resolved to sell a commercial stand worth $90 000 to Mpofu and the $46 000 he directly paid into the Zinwa account is the deposit for the stand.



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    Why give Mpofu an opportunity to profit from the council’s misfortune. Why not give the stand to ZINWA directly for a $90,000 credit?

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    Chara 10 years ago

    Mpofu has money to buy the stand from the council but doesn’t have money to help the council of the Province he claim to like and the people he claim to like are drinking water from an unsafe source.Voters you must wise up.

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    Godfrey c 10 years ago

    Kutunguna kwe madhongi reagai muone. Can I ask, did the town farthers forsaked their big pay packets in order to try and meet their debt obligation, I doubt very much. Zanu sydrome, “take and refuse to pay”

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    Antonio Delgado 10 years ago

    He is a thief……

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    Antonio Delgado 10 years ago

    As they all are…

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    danisa tshawe 10 years ago

    Nxaaaaaaaaa, at times this web page is a sad story

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    If only his arrest were true!!!!!!!

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    Bruce 10 years ago

    If Kasukuwere can be arrested in Zimbabwe and be tried and stay in prison even for one month for any wrongful act in Zimbabwe, I donate my annual salary to charity. No justice in Zimbabwe.

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    Nyoni 10 years ago

    Hopefully justice prevails .

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    witness njo 10 years ago

    Why should a suspect thief bail out people using stolen money and forcing council to sell him land, time will come????