‘Kneel before your banks’ – Made tells farmers

via ‘Kneel before your banks’ – Made tells farmers | The Source  February 18, 2014 

Agriculture minister, Joseph Made said government will not fund this season’s winter crop and has urged farmers who benefitted from land redistribution to approach banks for funding instead.

“The financial resources are limited. There will be no support for A2 farmers. Go and kneel down in front of your banks,” Made said responding to a question in the Senate recently on what government was doing to assist farmers.

He said A2 farmers, the beneficiaries of land seizures from whites, should not look up to government for inputs this season, a departure from government’s tradition of dishing out free inputs and equipment over the last decade.

“You will have to go to the banks because whatever we do as government we are accumulating debt and we have to make good of what we owe companies,” he said.

Made said the government was repaying the companies that it owed for inputs, particularly fertilizer manufacturers which are owed millions of dollars.


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    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    Bob still gets free inputs, and his farm manager ,Made, benefits. Corruption.

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    Doris 8 years ago

    Er, no Title Deeds sir? Sorry for that.

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    Dumb ass Made! You need collateral to borrow from banks!

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    Doctor Do more 8 years ago

    You want to say the collateral should be that land? And lecture on relationship between absence of title deeds and borrowing? Silly! Made is right. These farmers have been on this land long enough to have farmed and acquired tractors, cattle, machinery, flashy vehicles e.t.c. Tobacco is paying well over US2000 per bale these days. Made is saying go and pledge that tractor, combine harvestor or herd of stolen cattle as colateral. Even Rhodesians used to do this. Whats wrong with that? Made is right this time.These farmers are lazy land barons doing nothing but barter trading gvt inputs from year one to year Z. Is that farming? And they want some more? What kind of irresponsibility is that?

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      Ruramai 8 years ago

      Dr. Do More, while you are correct to say the farmers should have been weaned from government ages ago, farm equipment would never provide adequate collateral. As long as land is not a bankable resource in this country it will be impossible to fully utilize it.

      Here is the simple point you are missing; how can a vank land money to someone who can be moved from a farm anytime to make way for some army chief or more senior party official? Remember people who get moved off farms on the basis of offer letters are not allowed to take their equipment with them.

      To put it simply, it would be suicidal for banks to lend money in the absence of security of tenure. The rest of the world is aware of it, except Zimbabwe.

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    Tawanda 8 years ago

    What is this moron on about now?

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    This website is too slow in releasing new because this article has been out for more than 24 hrs on the other website.What is happening here?
    @Doctor do little- you are correct but they can ask their bosses the war vets to go and seize banks for finance since they are champions in taking things for free.Alternatively,they can just sell their expensive vehicles and then use the money to by their farm inputs.

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    A good business plan with cash flow forecasting showing an ability to repay and track record of living up to your commitments will help a lot more than any amount of kneeling

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    @Doctor do little-I realised now after your comment because what @Doctor Do more is what I expected from you.Maybe you guys have something in common.Sorry for the mistake.

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      No problem. It was an honest mistake. He does make his own points though. I as in my profile would not really blame these farmers as I believe they did not know what they were getting into, and they are ordinary Zimbabweans who saw a door open and walked through it. Little did they know that there was a solid wall right after the door.

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    yah, zvinhu zvaoma kwese! what type of farmers are these that expect support season in season out? madziyedzo huni dzechembere!!!

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    Senzachena 8 years ago

    Just remember that the majority of our banks are about to collapse due in the main to poor management and corruption. There are only about 4 banks which are properly liquid and they will not lend money without fixed collateral, which cannot be spirited away and sold when the financial crunch is looming. The Government is bankrupt and there are only a couple of months to go before they cannot pay salaries. The rest of the year is going to be very tough unless somebody can pull something out of the hat. Regretably the farmers have no chance and will suffer like the rest of us.

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    Zvarwadza 8 years ago

    Why worry about these happenings very soon The President Well-Wishers fund will provide free inputs, after all is been said and done these farmers are basically ZPF functionaries too lazy to work the land in the hope of scheming inputs for re-sale

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    Patriotic 8 years ago

    Sure how can these farmers expect handouts every year. Since when, year 2000? Ko hamukuriwo here? What we know is one is helped once and that is that.

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    Mukanya 8 years ago

    “Kneel before your banks” Made Mad advice.

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    Interesting advice. Mr made you should try kneeling before God first in repentance!

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    Nkiwane (M'kiwa) 8 years ago

    BOW YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!!