Kwekwe Mayor bucks trend on official perks

via Kwekwe Mayor bucks trend on official perks | SW Radio Africa by Nomalanga Moyo on Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Kwekwe City Mayor Matenda Madzoke, who was in the news last month after he was seen cycling around the city on official business, has explained why he has refused to accept a mayoral vehicle.

Madzoke is entitled to a luxury vehicle as part of his package as mayor. However, after he assumed office last year, the mayor asked that the previous council’s resolution to purchase a $68,000 luxury vehicle be reversed.

The council had already paid $38,000 for the vehicle, a Toyota four-wheel drive, but the mayor asked that the money be used to purchase a refuse truck instead.

The mayor argued then that he could not be seen driving a brand new expensive vehicle on potholed city roads littered with uncollected refuse.

Speaking to SW Radio Africa, the mayor said he reached that decision after going through the council’s budget, the state of service delivery, and the mandate he received from Kwekwe residents.

“When I first saw the budget for the mayoral vehicle I said to myself ‘I have just assumed office and my mandate from the people is that I should deliver services first and foremost,” Madzoke, who is also a clergyman, said on Tuesday.

The mayor says driving a luxury vehicle after only two months in office, and before delivering any service, would have been to defy the people’s wishes.

“I am happy that following negotiations the car dealer we had paid the deposit to has reimbursed us the $38,000 and last month council gave the go-ahead for the purchase of a refuse truck.”

In a previous interview, Mbizo Ward 3 councillor Weston Masiye said Kwekwe has one garbage truck, bought in 1986, which was no longer fit for purpose.

Masiye said although the municipality has two tractors which it uses for the same purpose, these were not convenient as they have no tipping trailers.

Another challenge that the city faces is revenue collection and this continues to affect and limit the local authority’s capacity to meet the needs of residents, Mayor Madzoke said.

“We are doing our best despite the challenges. Last month at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair we emerged second best for using our own resources to cover potholes around the city – without aid from the State or donors.”

The mayor also said the city had one of the most effective water treatment regimes in the country, and as a result was supplying its residents with clean and safe water.

The city has also reduced its debt to the country’s water authority to $880,000.

In January, the state-owned Zimbabwe National Water Authority disconnected the city over a $1.2 million debt, leaving 100,000 residents without water for 3days.

The crisis arose after ZANU PF Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo ordered all local authorities to write off ratepayers’ debts, just days before last year’s crucial polls.

Kwekwe lost $10 million as a result of the electioneering gimmick and like all other local authorities, has been struggling to pay its creditors.

The city also supplies water to the neighbouring Redcliffe town which has however failed to pay for the service, amassing a debt of almost $13 million.

“Had Redcliffe been paying us even $5,000 a month, we wouldn’t be in such a difficult financial position where we even struggle to pay our workers,” the Kwekwe mayor added.

Madzoke is the second known senior public official to decline a vehicle, and joins MDC ex-Education Minister David Coltart who turned down a Mercedes in 2009.

Madzoke has also refused to move into the mayoral mansion, preferring to remain at his family home.

Zimbabweans will agree that Madzoke is a different breed of public official, an office which members of his ZANU PF party have used to loot, plunder and acquire riches at the expense of the suffering masses.



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    Zeezee 9 years ago

    Matenda Madzoke for president!

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    Fallenz 9 years ago

    Rare breed, indeed. Worth noting.

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    Manikidzo Nyoni 9 years ago

    This guy has heard about servant leadership! We need more of these people in our institutions. Kwete vana ndazviwanira pano kana kuti dzawira muswando!!!

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    n c murahwa 9 years ago

    An honest and realistic leader. Rare breed !!!

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    Justice 9 years ago

    More power to Kwekwe! What a nice story compared to the normal sad state of affairs.Just watch the positive impact on Kwekwe’s local economy.

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    Lest we forget, we have true and real leaders in our midst. But no matter how good we should always keep their feet on fire.

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    dennis chikuve 9 years ago

    True servant leadership and humility is what Zimbabwe lacks. Thank you Matenda Madzore!

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    Mugabe forever 9 years ago

    Mashura chaiwo…… If the whole government was like this….

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    Please stand for President Mr Madzore, I guarantee you my vote.

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    Roving Ambassador 9 years ago


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    The problem he belongs to ZANU

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    simbi 9 years ago

    Well done mr Madzore

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    Madzoke for president, zanu or not we need more of him. Its high time we revise this perks, there are unsustainable and not necessary for people to carry out they duties as shown by Mr Madzoke. My hero.

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    machakachaka 9 years ago

    Madzoke for State House

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    mwana wevhu 9 years ago

    My wild idea fellow zimbabweans, ” Lets all join ZANU’PF’,rally behind MADZOKE & some like him and reform this organisation!!!

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    Senzachena 9 years ago

    Well done, Sir. It is good to see that at least one member of ZANU is not Trash.

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    Saddened 9 years ago

    Well done Mayor Madzoke! ZPF or not we are proud of you! You have followed the wonderful example set by David Coltart which I hope many others in office will emulate. Your actions have no doubt given many Zimbabweans a faint glimmer of hope that we so desperately need in these dark days.

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    True servant of the people!!!

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    Ben Paradza in New Zealand 9 years ago

    Thst is true leadership and genuine service to the people of Kwekwe.I am so honoured to tell everyone here in New Zealand that I have known you personally in my life and that Kwekwe will alwsys be my home. Till we meet again God bless you and reward you abundantly with s long and fruitful life . Power belongs to your people.

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    Charlie Cochrane 9 years ago

    An honorable and thoroughly decent man!
    1000 more like him and regardless of their party affiliation this once great nation Zimbabwe would rise again.

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    Mukanya 9 years ago

    If indeed he is ZanuPF he needs re-orientation.The Commissariat where are you?This guy is tarnishing our image.Is he aware of the ideology of looting,plunder and trashing the will of the down- trodden POVO.

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    munzwa 9 years ago

    Great respect, however how are management doing with their sacrifices??

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    Well done,thank you for the servant leadership.We need more of such selfless leaders.

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    主席 9 years ago

    If I ride a donkey to work, would you vote me into office for Mayor ?
    If Mayor Madzoke needs to attend meetings to address our problems at six different locations how long will it take him to get to a meeting ?
    Is our Mayor being pragmatic or populist ?

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    Masendekufa 9 years ago

    Wow a great man he is!!!

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    mujibha 9 years ago

    mugabe should apoint u to be minister of local government, not that corrupt idiot ( chombo ) despite being zanu pf u have showed them that in that position u r not chef u r a servent of the people. Even mugabe should take a leaf from u. We just need 20 ministers like u for Zimbabwe to be back to its originality. keep it that way, don’t let chombo drag u into corruption

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    If ZANU want to stay in power its so easy. Do as Madzoke does. Simple. Need to hear more of these radical stories. More radical acts of outstanding unselfish behavior. Fantastic !!

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    Unbiased 9 years ago

    So surprised he is Zanu as that is atypical of them. Keep up the good work. The country would go forward if we have a heart and attitude like yours. Well done.

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    Professor Marriote Ngwaru 9 years ago

    This is a refreshing story coming from Zimbabwe and more so from one who sought office on a ZANU PF ticket. For all to see, here is just a leader guided by up-rightness and genuine desire to provide leadership. At least this also from Zimbabwe a nation of looters.

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    Thank you Mayor Madzoke. You are a good example to all of us.

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    1. Presidential bicyclecade.
    2. They earn a lot why the pecks?
    3. Me a teacher with my 200$, i pay all my rates and fees, them with huge pay checks they dont why?
    Madzoke woye

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    ownzim 9 years ago

    Some ministers have been in government for over 30 years now. Surely they now have their own cars. If they surrender government vehicles and we auction them then they use theirs, how much can we save? Houses? They must surerly afford school fees and the rest of their benefits now like fuel and the likes. How much is there? Thannk you Madzoke for starting the winds of change. Vamwe vako havanyare.

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    Truth and Justice 9 years ago

    Mr Madzoke we know you will read these messages we urge you to keep the good work, may you do us favour pliz, stand as a Presidential candidate 2018 we will vote for you plis Sir pliz pliz honourable Mayor Kwekwe you are lucky, congratulations Kwekwe for a good choice