Zimbabwe’s Land Ministry officials implicated in allocation scam

via Land Ministry officials implicated in allocation scam | SW Radio Africa  by Alex Bell on Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Officials in the Ministry of Lands have become the latest government members to be implicated in widespread corruption, after it emerged they fleeced hundreds of people out of thousands of dollars.

A report in the Herald newspaper names former ZANU PF councillor for Mayo in Makoni District, James Munetsi, who allegedly promised to assist about 240 people acquire farms and plots. The report states that these people, mainly located in the Diaspora, were asked to pay a ‘fee’ of up to $2,000 to begin the land allocation process.

Munetsi reportedly said he could influence land allocation officials, and needed the fees to do so. He then stopped communications with the victims of the scam, after being paid.

A local church, Faith in God Ministries, allegedly fell victim to this scam which the Herald claims “might be a tip of the iceberg.” They are believed to be a handful of aspiring farmers duped by such scams involving Land Ministry officials and politicians.

Munetsi is the latest ZANU PF official meanwhile to be named in a series of exposés uncovering the extent of corruption in Zimbabwe.

The reports have surfaced predominantly in the state media, raising suspicions about the real purpose of the corruption claims. Some observers have questioned if the reports are more to do with the infighting rocking ZANU PF than a real commitment to eradicating corruption.

Alouis Munyaradzi Chaumba of the Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa (ACT-Southern Africa) told SW Radio Africa that more needs to be done to stamp out corruption.

“We need a total paradigm and cultural shift in governance and education, and we need a new breed of leaders in public office. I have never believed that the government has the political will to tackle corruption,” Chaumba said.

He added: “People who are highly connected politically are running the syndicates and the bodies tasked with tackling corruption are highly comprised too. So it is only small fish, if anyone, who are caught.”



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    nyoni 9 years ago

    I pray these officials get sacked. Give the jobs to those looking for work. Teach these mbavas a lesson or are they Zanu as well. THE UNTOUCHABLES.

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    munzwa 9 years ago

    And in the local authorities, where is the land audit?

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    We are dreaming if we think ZPF are going to audit anything. “For they have filled the land with violence; for the land is full of bloodshed and the city full of perversity for they say the Lord has forsaken the land and does not see.” Ezekiel. God’s judgment comes! Be warned!

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    You Zanu guys haven’t a hope in hell of running a successful country. By that I mean COUNTRY and I am not talking about your personal wealth you gluttons!

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    I have heard that resettlement land is sold for 400 to 500 dollars per a certain number of square metres just outside Bulawayo. Come on the police the government wings all of them know it. Its done from Mhlanhlandlela Building!

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    Saddened 9 years ago

    Those in diaspora who were duped by Munetsi only have themselves to blame. They obviously have more money than sense in hoping they would get ‘stolen’ land for a bargain. I don’t feel sorry for them! Nothing happens to any ZPF functionary guilty of corruption so don’t hold your breath as seen by the recent ‘salarygate’ scandal.

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      roving ambassador. 9 years ago

      You right, It takes 2 to tango. I know a zimboy who was asked $15000 for a piece of land by Chombo’s boys in Chegutu. The chap told them to go to hell.
      First ,its stollen land;2 there is no title deeds.;3 They can take it from you whenever.
      Only an idiot would fall for a scheme like this.
      Thats Zanu for you. Giving back to the blacks.
      My backside.
      Zimbabwe gone to the dogs.
      Pasi neZanu

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        Roving you have the knack of hitting the nail right on the head. Well done. a bit of truth is desperately needed.

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    roving ambassador. 9 years ago

    And people keep wondering why things are so expensive in Zimbabwe, An investor comes in ,first he has to pay Zanu kickback before he even puts up the manufacturing plant. Then he has to keep oiling the Zanu mafia for protection from Zanu.
    The final product to the consumer has to include all these extra costs.
    The ordinary person in the street pays the price.
    Talk about inflation .
    And guess who is causing all this,, you get it ,Zanu , the mafia you voted into power is screwing you big time.
    Do you really expect them to improve the economy when they are the problem .

    A BIG nooooo.
    Treasonous malcontents.
    Pasi neZanu

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    I was also duped by a ‘fat’ official in Mashonaland Central / Mazowe called Tamayi, an Arex Officer