Latest: President Mugabe calls for transparency in conservancies | The Herald

via Latest: President Mugabe calls for transparency in conservancies | The Herald November 7, 2013 by Herald Reporter

President Mugabe has called for transparency and accountability in the allocation of hunting licences in the country’s conservancies.

Speaking before the start of the Zanu PF Politburo meeting today, President Mugabe said the allocation seems to be shrouded in mystery.

“We can’t have a country run like that when we have forests and our people are excluded. We don’t know what is happening, we don’t know what the activities are. Less still we don’t know how much they are getting from these conservancies. We don’t know how they account for the money,” said President Mugabe.

The Politburo meeting, currently underway, is expected to discuss the new economic blueprint Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (Zim Asset), preparations for the 14th People’s Conference with the theme likely to be finalised as well as the provincial elections.

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    Our community in Gokwe used to benefit from Chirisa game reserve now I hear it belongs to Webster Shamu, Mr President may u investigate this one.let th truth out.

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    Chivulamapoti 10 years ago

    Mugarbage is such a hypocrite! Transparency and Mugarbage are like Charity and Dis-Grace – worlds apart!
    The fool says, “We don’t even know how they account for the money”, ha! ha! like that’s new to the office of ‘Commander in Chief of all Theft’! When is the Nuisance in Chief going to just keel over and die already!

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    Mafuta 10 years ago

    No transparency at ZEC says this kind leadership is spelled with a ‘t’

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    Tjingababili 10 years ago


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    munzwa 10 years ago

    Give us a break bob..

  • comment-avatar 10 years ago

    This is ironic. How can someone call for transparency. He has the capacity to stop it! This might be seen as a PR gimmick unless concrete action is taken bey the powers that be. This mayhem is not conducive even to citizen investments as there is no rule of law in the nihilistic state. We want sanity first. Which investor can bring his money in a country with no rule of law and no policy or ideological consistency. Today all is well….tomorrow it’s hell on earth where personal whims become the law unto themselves.Being a citizen of Zimbabwe is our real curse. I wish God could do something about this oppression of the poor. Guys lets be sane. Chombo was the Minister of Local Govt during the time the ‘illegal structures’ which ars being demolished now were constructed….why destroy them now! What’s in the timing. Obviously the beneficiaries are mostly from his own grabbing party.Those supporters should know better from now on. All of us know the decisions which can save the nation as laymen….why does the ‘ruling party’ not see what we see?

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    Angel 10 years ago

    A pot is calling the kettle black.Oh yes Im the great pretender,Pretending Im doing well,My need is such I pretend too much,Im lonely but no one can tell.