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via Latest: President Mugabe returns | The Herald November 5, 2013 by Itayi Musengeyi

The joint Sadc-international conference on the great lakes region has noted with concern the activities of Renamo in Mozambique and called on the group to stop its rebellion activities.

Foreign affairs minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi told Zimbabwean journalists early today that the message to Renamo was very clear that it should cease its banditry activities.

“The summit took note of the developments in mozambique and the activities of renamo and insisted that renamo should forwith stop rebellious activities,” said Min Mumbengegwi.

On the DRC issue, he said the two regions, Sadc and the Great Lakes were on full support of Kinshasa’s position on the M23 rebels. The DRC government and the rebels have agreed to stop the fighting in the eastern part of the country but Kinshasa has insisted that before the pact could be signed M23 should denounce its violence against people publicly.

“The most important point is that all the two regions are in full support of the DRC. Even those countries which have in the past taken positions (against the DRC) have now joined to support stability and the territorial integrity of the DRC,” he said.

The minister said although the dialogue between the DRC  and M23 has taken place for long without progress, the defeat of the rebels by the DRC government, Sadc and UN forces should cow them to peace. In the past the M23 has breached ceasefire agreements but Minister Mumbengegwi said the heavy casaulties it has suffered meant chances of regrouping were unlikely.

President Mugabe was among close to a dozen leaders from Sadc and the Great Lakes region who attended the meeting which ended early today. Cde mugabe and his delegation returned home early today and was welcomed by VP Mujuru, cabinet ministers, service chiefs and senior government officials



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    Wish he and his soccius criminal entourage of excess garbage had sought asylum with Zuma. The odius stench on their return was overpowering!!!!!

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    Chivulamapoti 10 years ago

    South Africa signed the Rome Statute on 17 July 1998 and ratified it on 27 November 2000. South Africa has not signed the Agreement on Privileges and Immunities. It publicly rejected a Bilateral Immunity Agreement. So why not arrest Mugarbage and fly him to the Hague, as reqired by this 23rd Member State. Zuma’s a chicken-sh–t!

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    This clearly shows that Renamo is breathing brine and fire in Mozambic contrary to sifted information we are furnished with that Renamo is a spent force . Its making sense now that the romours going around that a bus full of Zim soldiers met the full wrath of Renamo arttillery and some green bombers cum soldiers lost their lives.
    Zim soldiers cant match the seasoned tried and tested Renamo. You can call them bandits but they have the full support of the poor majority in Moza.