Leadership Renewal in Opposition Politics, the MDC-T

via Leadership Renewal in Opposition Politics, the MDC-T March 14, 2014 by Valentine Kamusasa

Since the advent of Opposition Politics in Zimbabwe, there’s no doubt that Morgan Tsvangirai has been the greatest threat to President Mugabe’s stay in Power.

The Near Miss for Zanu-pf in 2008 is testimony to that. For that reason, I personally pay tribute to the immense contribution that the Opposition has made in Zimbabwe with Mr Morgan Tsvangirayi at the Helm. For his remarkable bravery, resilience and refusal to be broken, there is no doubt that the immense contribution of Morgan Tsvangirai will be deeply etched in our history. It is unfair to blame Tsvangirai alone for failure to win the elections, in actual fact the disastrous performance of his party in the last elections. Indeed there were problems with the 31 July elections.

A number of those problems were highlighted in the final SADC observer mission report which did not hide its concerns in the manner in which the elections were conducted. However there were a number of things the opposition could have done better in their stay in the unity government and they have themselves to blame with little excuse, that is a fact. Having said that, with more than a full decade at the helm, in fact fifteen years now, Mr  Morgan Tsvangirai should step aside with his head high knowing that his contribution as a democrat far outweighs his faults. Leaders who have spent a day longer than due in Office have lived to regret it and have further botched their Legacies. Mr Morgan should display the very same character of democracy that he preaches and now focus on his Legacy. The Office of Founding President proposed by the party for him is one thing that he should embrace. With that in hand Morgan will continue to be involved in Opposition Politics including addressing fellow party supporters from time to time. Additionally Mr Morgan Tsvangirai will have a seat on the National Executive in his party and will always be a Face of his Party’s Cause. At this Juncture Mr Tsvangirayi should be engaged in activities and actions that unite and strengthen his party before he leaves as that will be one of the greats of his Legacy.

Of-course leadership renewal is not about Tsvangirai alone but the bucks start with him. The Actions of Mr Tsvangirai today at this juncture will inadvertently influence the next person who takes over from him. He has great responsibility on his shoulders than he knows as Founding President and whatever actions he takes now can advance or impede the culture of democracy for Generations to come.

President Nelson Mandela could have so easily gone for a second term in office if he wanted to but his decision to step aside voluntarily is one reason he is a rarity amongst African leaders. Today it is one of the reasons President Mandela’s legacy is celebrated not just in South Africa but the World over.


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    apolitical 8 years ago

    It is unfair to suggest that Mugabe should have handed over the reigns, he, unlike in South Africa has no one responsible in the opposition to handover to, why they didn’t succeeded in the election.
    Its easy to make comparisons but Tsvamgerai simply does not have the IQ to lead any country and he has demonstrated that to us all. I recall the US ambassador saying he’s not very bright.
    So to go to the trouble of writing an article of comparison with South Africa is worse than hypothetical.

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      Apolitical and so Mugabe is so right. But the nation is totally destroyed. No one is so important he can’t be replaced except G Himself and Mugabe is not and I repeat NOT God. Stop worshipping a man.

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    You Hell Idiots whyu dont you say Mgabe resign???? Why

    Yoou are ZPF idiopts there to destroy MDC,,, Manje muchamama we will vote fo Tsvangirai even aka fomer another part..

    And by the way he is no going to resign so you fools go to Hell

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    jobolinko 8 years ago

    I agree with you gogo pple just shout for tsvangirai this and that noone says mugabe must go Why because tsvangirai as long he is still leader of mdc he is threat to zanu and mugabe in particular this is the politics that was created by mugabe YOU CAN HATE ME OR LIKE ME BUT TSVANGIRAI IS NOT A DICTATOR,THE ONE TO TAKE FROM TSVANGIRAI FOR ANY REASON NOMINATED BY ALL PROVINCES TSVANGIRAI INCLUDED IS GOING TO BE A VIBRANT LEADER FORGET ABOUT PUSHING HIM OUT ZANU IS AGITATED THEY WANT TO SEE HIM PUSHED OUT.

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    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    Megabe has stayed in power using the same arguments as above. That’s and indication of how the MDC is more like zanu. The article does not merit the abusive language thrown at it. It needs a mature response. And if portrays the truth that Tsvangirai has failed and has just been a Mugabe tool to try and legitimatize the regime.
    And he still wants to get into bed with bob.
    Live zanu alone, as Gumbo pleads. They are pillaging the state ,they will eventually implode.

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    oliver chikumba 8 years ago

    Morgan igamba redu usingafuniyo kayekele

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    CHINDUNDUMA 8 years ago

    Valentine Kamusasa, there are some very interesting observations in your article most of which i cannot disagree with. However having said that i find it a bit rich that you propose that Tsvangirai ALONE should step down because he has failed to dislodge Mugabe from power after 15 years. It would be foolhardy to suggest/assume that there is no team of advisors around Tsvangarai and that he takes decisions single-handedly.In fact Biti and Mangoma should shoulder responsibility for the defeat as they were part of the team. Now the traitors are running around like headless chickens praising the Zanu Pf campaign strategy of offering farms to ordinary poor villagers. The people are not fools and we knew very well that there no farms for us. Further no one is attempting to pin-point exactly what Tsvangirai DID or DID NOT DO to lose the elections. Only a drowsy idiot will argue that the elections were not rigged.

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    Madlanduna 8 years ago

    Chindunduma let me give u another nail to humer in coz u are on the roof ,Mr Mandela spent 27 years in jail he was stil the leader of the ANC and went on to be President , truly speaking nobody can point what Tsvangirai did wrong, there are other Partys out there to joined if his does not work ,he said if there is any one who want him out they must go to the congress and there is date for that and he willing to leave if voted out, not like ZANU-M where he wont leave coz they are fighting that it why he just let them fight so that he can stay in power

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    Norman 8 years ago

    You don’t retire while you are still in the trenches! How long did Joshua Nkomo lead zapu or Mandela lead the Anc before they achieved what they were fighting for?

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    Jenandebvu 8 years ago

    And where were you when all these were happening? ONly to pitch up and impress on MDC leadership renewal! Its the people of Zimbabwe that failed. You failed to change you status quo unless you are benefitting of the crisis. I have read about a fighter called Beatrice Mutetwa, Violet Sagonda, etc bu your name is brand new to me. Fight for your liberation instead of playing judge

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    You know what guys: MT is not perfect but he is not the problem. Bob is so lets not take our eyes off the ball until the problem is gone and then we will hold MT to account for the MDC woes. we need to stand together now

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    I totally agree w e writer that its time MT leaves e MDC presidency. What I, however, don’t agree w is e manner he is being pushed out. The congress is only 2 years away so y can’t wait for that. The argument that it will be too late for e next elected pres to mobilize is nonsense. In fact those advancing this argument ar e same who are speaking abt building a cult leader or personalizing e movement. According to 1 such leader, Biti, we must believe in institutions not leaders so what tym they need to create and sell a new brand for e new leader if he believes its institution that’s important accordingly concentration shd be on strengthening e party. Another irony is e pple leading e MT must go chorus ar exactly e same ppl who shd go together w MT cos their role during e GPA and GNU talks more so if u take into account the remarks by Lindiwe Zulu blasting them for being too weak and allowing Chinamasa and Goche to dominate. So in a nutshell MT must go bt together w Biti and Mangoma bt at e next congress. Its even better to give e presidency even to Mudzuri pateam irikuimba renewal song bt its better to go by those who want to follow e constitution and wait for e congress whilst working to strengthen e party

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    I now realising that Morgan is more.

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    Tendai Sangi 8 years ago

    So here we are, March 2014, the so called opposition in total disarray, I bet Bob and Bona are laughing all the way to the Far East! We have no balls, no guts, and most who are “fit as a fiddle” have run away to S.A, Tanzania, UK villages outside London doing menial jobs that the residents of those countries won’t do. The writer is a coward, he will probably kiss Bob’s hand if he meets him. ZANU controls the state machine and all it’s economic pillars. How do we dislodge them? Please don’t tell me 2018 democratic elections – the Crocodile has already started rigging them with Nikuv. MT is easily fooled and will not outsmart the willy old man or the croc, his best hope is that another average intellect like him Amai also known as no.2 takes over after the eventual passing of the fox.

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    Isu-zvedu 8 years ago

    If MT leaves leadership, so must the whole lot-Biti, Chamisa, Mangoma, you name it. They “failed” and so we are told. I have yet to know what their failures are.

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    Vakuru 8 years ago

    I agree totally with the writer of this Article. For some who did not read carefully the Writer of the article said Leadership renewal is not about Tsvangirayi alone but it starts with him…Today we are not surprised there is no culture of leadership change in Zanu-pf when its leader announces publicly that there are No vacancies at the top. When leaders impede the culture of change then they are not democrats. Now our country is reeling economically under the stewardship of a 90 year old man. Tsvangirai has acted as a proponent of democracy when the people were taking aim at Zanupf. Now he should do the same even when under scrutiny. Our character as individuals are never tested in the best of times but in adversity…Tsvangirayi for 15 years has made great a contribution towards democracy and i respect that dearly. But its time he passed on the button, its not necessary for him to be voted out, pushed out or eventually leave behind a devided party. Not being party president will stop him from addressing party supporters or campaigning for the party. Just like Mandela to the ANC, Tsvangirai remains an icon of the struggle.

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    taipei 8 years ago

    The main problem here is about power not leadership everyone is seeking a powerful position about leading the mvnt for the emancipation of the people is a big lie. ok mt wil leave today who wil then takeover and wat if the next person feels he is not fit wil write another letter and coz its democracy he must leave too then comes the next. 2018 is not far its time to strategize and kana muchiita mastrategy aya chimbomira zvekumhanya kupress kana ungaudze chidembo kuti ndiri kuweza hook dzekurowera muswe wako nekuti wakurisa ne number dzehoko dzacho chenopeta muswe wacho iwe wosara wakabata hoko dzako