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Letter to the EU on Zimbabwe – Vince Musewe

via Letter to the EU on Zimbabwe February 27, 2014 by Vince Musewe NewsDay

My name is Vincent Musewe, I am an African who happens to have been born in Zimbabwe.

For the last 34 years, I have watched my country, Zimbabwe, become what I never imagined it could be, because good men kept quiet and did nothing, while most sought profit from our pain as you do now.

In my country, I have seen President Robert Mugabe retain power and control for its own sake. The dictatorship I have seen has devastated the aspirations in millions of innocent souls whose only sin was to be born in Zimbabwe in these times. That is hugely unfair.

I have seen millions of my brothers and sisters being denied their inalienable right to self-determination. Most can never live up to their full potential and pursue their dreams without limitation because their “liberator” has become their oppressor.

I have met war veterans, despondent and hopeless because what they truly sacrificed their livelihoods for has been usurped, twisted and adulterated to secure the vested material interests of a few. Our leaders have claimed entitlement to political power through the sacrifice of the sweat and blood of our veterans. That can never be countenanced.

I have watched old men and women, now pensioners, reminisce about the past with a twinkle in their eyes, while they remain disillusioned about a future they once imagined. Their wishes of an old age characterised by their dignity and security have been demolished because of the greed and selfishness of the same people you now have exonerated from their responsibility in propping up a dictatorship. That is the truth.

I have seen little black children in the ghetto getting used to being poor and playing in the mud not out of choice, but because they happen to have been born in these times and are oblivious to the fact that they deserve better. We owe them much.

Poverty breeds poverty.

I have met many of my brothers and sisters who left their motherland and must brave the unfriendly, harsh conditions of life as refugees in Europe, the United States, Canada Australia and South Africa. I know they all wish that one day they could be back home where they belong; that one day a man or woman who understands that all of us are born equal and entitled to equal opportunity, freedom and the right to pursue happiness in their own country will rule in Zimbabwe.

My country Zimbabwe will never live to its full potential and we all know why this is so. The wealth of our country has been usurped by those who claim to have liberated us. The values of our society are shameful.

My country Zimbabwe has all its needs; it has the resources which you desperately want, even at the expense of us achieving our dreams. It has all the human capital and capacity to surpass many African countries and yet today, we must import what we eat and survive on a dollar a day.

Today, our graduates sell airtime at street corners, drive kombis or choose to stay drunk with cheap alcohol to while away their time and soothe the pain of unmet expectations. Their dreams have been deferred.

At times, I sit and wonder what Zimbabwe could have become. I know that we are much more than what those in Zanu PF can dare to imagine. We still hold fast on that dream that we saw in 1980 at our independence. It has been delayed not because it was unrealistic, but because those we gave the responsibility to create that dream have cheated us.

I expected more from you, European Union, a union founded on the basis of opportunity, freedom and justice for all. I imagined that you would want for us what you want for your citizens. I was wrong.

The choice made by you to ease the sanctions on Zimbabwe and those responsible for our nightmare cannot be justified or supported by those of us who know that this government of Zimbabwe neither cares for its people nor is it accountable to them and feels responsible for their development.

Of course, we cannot blame you Europeans for the circumstances that we have been complicit in creating. We have created our own dictatorship through inaction and fear. However, we expected unwavering commitment by yourselves to the principles that hold your European nations together: Equity, liberty, justice and freedom. We were wrong.

Africa is weak and its business as usual for them. This is while they quietly compete with us and seek to gain advantage from our economic decline, while they quietly encourage our current political leadership to stay on the course which they have chosen.

A course only informed by their vested interests which continue to limit our opportunities; a course that disrespects our aspirations and limits our potential as ordinary citizens of Zimbabwe; a path that has cost lives and has resulted in hopelessness, poverty and regression; a path which you Europeans continue to justify in your minds, as long as you get your diamonds and gold from us.

That is wrong.

Your removal of sanctions does not contribute to our freedom and the achievement of our hopes. Your humanitarian aid is much appreciated and I know that you continue to have concern for the poor and sick and the hopeless and the helpless. For that I am grateful. However, we need you to support democratic forces in our country than to give us handouts. We need your moral support of uprooting this dictatorship more so now than ever. We need you to strengthen our people so that they may fight for what is right. That is the right thing to do.

Let this letter force these truths into your minds: Zimbabweans will never be free as long as Zanu PF is in power; my country will never be free until we have a leadership that respects and is accountable to its people; it will never be free until it has leadership that puts Zimbabwe and its people first. No removal of sanctions or millions in humanitarian aid will change these facts.

The people come first!

Vincent Musewe is an economist and author based in Harare. He writes in his own capacity. You may contact him on vtmusewe@gmail.com


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    Gomogranny 5 years ago

    Vince your voice is music in an otherwise silent world.
    We Zimbabweans have to look only into our own hearts. The European Union have done what they can. This is our battle, ours alone. We are not ready to shed this government. We remain silent and fearful. We are not deserving of Democracy….democracy is something EARNED, not given.

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      Nkiwane (M'kiwa) 5 years ago

      Not exactly. No logistical, training or military support has yet been offered to us. Why could training and arms not be provided in the U.S. for example. Enable us to liberate ourselves.

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    dennis chikuve 5 years ago

    Get real Vince. You are a lone voice in the wilderness as it takes more than a display of emotion and stating over and over again the obvious for the global community to listen. As far the EU and other powers are concerned, Zimbabwe is a lost cause in all respects except for the economic benefits that can be mutually reaped. It is all about the bottom line in the form of diamonds etc. We are our own liberators and as long as Zanu PF thugs are the “legitimate government” all bi-lateral and multi-lateral negotiations are unfortunately negotiated with Mugabe and his cronies.

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    Proudly South African 5 years ago

    I fail to understand what is it that you expect the EU to do because MUGABE has a big following. I’ve seen some of the rallies he held just before the elections and wondered why would anyone want Mugabe to go if the majority are happy with him. I think Zim people are happy with the old man because if it was not the case he would have been voted out.

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      ZimJim 5 years ago

      And pigs can fly….

    • comment-avatar
      Parangeta 5 years ago

      He was voted out, fool, NIKUV voted him back in. Still no voter’s roll after 6 months.

      Remember the holiday the Mugabe’s were going top take to Dubai or Hong Kong, on a family vote –

      Disgrace – 1 vote
      Bona – 1 vote
      Robert Jnr 1 vote
      RGB 11 votes

      You see, he is not Zimbabwe’s president or anything else.

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    Reverend 5 years ago

    Vince, I hope and pray that your letter gets the ears to hear what you have said and I believe this letter should be for all governments and organizations like the United Nations, the USA,and not so Great Britain. I will be sending your letter out to hundreds of people I know throughout the world and hope it will get to people who can be proactive in bringing about change in our beloved country.I hope others will persue this too. Thank you.

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    Roving Ambassador 5 years ago

    Keep on keeping on Vince .We need to be reminded all the time how evil this regime is . some of us have very short memories. You can see the hand of Chinese masters in all this. They built the AU offices In AdisAbaba. They call the shorts,their mujiba Mugabe had to be Vice Chair. We are going in for a very long fight .Zanu has sold us big time . The junta answerable to the Chinese masters control Bob. Hold on to your bootstraps, its going to be a bumpy ride.

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    Nyoni 5 years ago

    Vince is not alone in our new struggle my great Zimbabweans. The struggle is on and your comments on this forum and elsewhere is being heard. The gun can bring change but this will be the last resort. Let us stay united and on target. CHANGE IS COMING FOR US ALL. Pamberi ne Zimbabwe. PASI NE ZANU PASI.

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    Chaka 5 years ago

    EU, AU, SADC have taken a similar position, they will carry with their businnes and let Zimbabweans sort out their mess. Let’s plan of action fellows.

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    Phillip 5 years ago

    Your word realy touches me.sometimes i wonder what our children will do i f we die.maybe God have put sanction to all Zimbabwe beside those in Zanu Pf.these is the death of Zimbabwe.lets hold hands and pray just maybe ,i mean maybe God will hear our voices as we have nowhere to cry to.i wonder even what the 1 who claim to be the president was saying when he said some Zanus have overstayed on power ,,,,what of him…..God God God .is Zimbabwe on your sanction list.

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    zanupf holds to count strength to hold the country together.

    Internally, we are pulling apart.

    hold zanupf and get rid of the veteran , firewood.

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    mucha 5 years ago



    YOU BEG LIKE THIS…. Zimbabweans will never be free as long as Zanu PF is in power.


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    Danza wa Masunungure 5 years ago

    Lets keep up the good fight. Also the CALLS against massive Corruption and mismanagememt of public funds not to die down but louder and louder by the day. Guys, where are opposition party voices on all these?

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    senzachena 5 years ago

    Keep telling it like it is Vince. I respect and salute a brave man

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    Mthwakazi 5 years ago

    Vince, I agree with everything that you said in the EU letter; but what about Shona tribalism and the gukurahundi question?

    We want answers to these outstanding issues.

  • comment-avatar
    machakachaka 5 years ago

    Vince Museve seeks relevance and money from foreign lands. How do sanctions help you or any other Zimbabwean?

    Zimbabweans can certainly do better without sanctions, lies and this plastic imitation of a journalist (Vince Museve).

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    VINCE did not understand about Africa in particular Zimbabwe which is the leader of African heroes; now can you discuss or write Europeans like this letter or you fear; why are turning blind of the brutal action that EU and its followers like you doing over Africa; why don’t Africans invade EU lands to colonize, i think you a sender from EU, i will mail you right now, to make you understand where Africans are originated and how EU lost in era if you are unaware of, Thanks

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    Charles Chamunorwa 5 years ago

    Let’s mobilise for mass demonstrations across the country

  • comment-avatar
    Mthwakazi 5 years ago

    Vince, answer me, what about Shona tribalism and gukurahundi? Its not over until its over!!

  • comment-avatar
    Rwendo 5 years ago

    Good points Vince. Bottom-line, EU, the Commonwealth, the USA, SADC (as far as the ANC allowed)…all these organizations have stood by us for more than 10 years. But really.. Apart from voting, we have become silent bystanders, and even participants in our own demise. Like God, people prefer to help those who make an effort to help themselves. Vava kuneta nesu.

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    Fallenz 5 years ago

    Much truth…. and all the ZANUPF apologists can respond with is circular arguments and name-calling. They are the sell-outs in Zim.

    So, to those sell-outs, tell us who is better since “independence”… are there more jobs… are goods more available… are wages increased… is the infrastructure better or worse… are more kids being educated… have the exports and trade balance improved…

    I just have to muse a bit, and wonder if, given an honest opportunity, how many true Zimbabweans would chose to return to the days before rebels took up arms. How many think their lives, and the lives of their children, and the dreams of their grand children, have improved. Perhaps, just maybe, there was a better path to the future for the people of Zim.

    Fact is, the war was never about freedom… it was a bank robbery to benefit a few.

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    Just saying 5 years ago

    ‘Proudly South African’ you are one of the many of South Africans who are ignorant of the true situation in Zimbabwe. That’s why many of you cheered Mugabe at Nelson Mandela’s funeral service. What were they cheering I wondered. Do yourself a favour come & see for yourself the dreadful conditions ordinary Zimbabweans live under – then make comments. Ask yourself why he celebrated his 90th birthday in a little town attended largely by bused-in school children. Even if 5% of the population do support him that translates into 650,000 people which doesn’t mean he has a big following. Also ask yourself why 6,5 million people registered to vote in March 2013 only for 3,5 million to vote FOUR months later!!!!

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    Only Fools 5 years ago

    Quote ” I have met many of my brothers and sisters that have left their motherland to brave the unfriendly harsh conditions of life as refugees in Europe !!! What a load of absolute rubbish. If it was that harsh why leave??? How much money is sent home from those refugees slumming it in Europe? Come on Vince get real for god sake!

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    Only Fools 5 years ago

    Quote ” I have met many of my brothers and sisters that have left their motherland to brave the unfriendly harsh conditions of life as refugees in Europe !!! What a load of absolute rubbish. If it was that harsh why leave??? How much money is sent home from those refugees slumming it in Europe? Come on Vince get real for god sake!
    Shame for all those living outside Africa on the European continent that works!!

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    Fallenz 5 years ago

    @Only Fools is right. No doubt many left Zim with uncertainty in their hearts. They left not because they wanted to, but because the situation in Zim had become untenable. Their desire is to be home, but because of Mugabe and ZANUPF there is no place for them. But, they have found livelihood and life in EU, UK, US, and other places… not the harsh conditions of Zim. Instead of the harsh conditions Vince thinks they endure, they have discovered comfort, convenience, freedom, and wages that allows them to not only live well, but to send to their loved ones back in Zim.

    Vince has surely slipped up on that one. Maybe He should spend some time amongst those of the diaspora, eh. It’s not “harsh unfriendly conditions” in those places where they have found refuge which they wish to escape, it’s simply understandable homesickness for the land of their youth now under siege by sell-out crooks.

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    Onlyfool, as Africans we need where you are from originally, nothing else we need!!! Tell me who fathered you Onlyfool??????????

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    Ndozvireva 4 years ago

    Saturday 29 Nov 08 O’clock munhu wese paroad takananga kustate house enough is enough better die 2 day and live 2moro thank u 4rm comrade zim vanhu