7 Zimbabweans held in SA with explosives

via 7 Zimbabweans held in SA with explosives 11 August 2014

SOUTH African police, last Friday, arrested seven Zimbabweans for smuggling into the neighbouring country explosives, detonators and blasting cartridges said to be used in bank robberies.

Police arrested the suspects after mounting a roadblock near Musina following a tip-off.

SA police spokesperson for Limpopo province, Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi said: “Information was received that explosives will be smuggled through the border.

“An operation was staged and the vehicle suspected to be carrying the alleged explosives was stopped, searched and found loaded with explosives (12 detonators and 12 blasting cartridges) hidden in the panel of the vehicle.”

Brigadier Mulaudzi said they arrested and detained 13 people who were in the car but later released those not related to the case.

He said the seven suspects, who include the driver of the vehicle, would be charged for possession and smuggling of explosives.

There has been an increase in the number of Zimbabweans being arrested in South Africa with explosives.

Last month 14 undocumented Zimbabweans were arrested with 100 detonators and their case is still in the courts.


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    kutongwa nonjazi 7 years ago

    You are now abusing hospitality why can’t you do it in Zimbabwe. U have no shame

  • comment-avatar
    Ruramai 7 years ago

    Kutongwa nonjazi, indeed they have no shame, as is the case with the South African government which has supported Mugabe in electoral theft thereby perpetuating the economic meltdown.

    • comment-avatar
      Kevin Watson 7 years ago

      Well said Sir. The South African Government, I am embarrassed to say has been complicit in assisting Robert Mugabe to remain in power through electoral theft and by failing to enforce the provisions of the GPA. Having said that Morgan Tsvangirai is also guilty of underestimating Mugabe and his gang of thieving cronies and the lengths that they would go to hang on to power so as to pick the bones of the Zimbabwean economy clean.