Bob’s SADC plea: Ps smile, my people

via Bob’s SADC plea: Ps smile, my people 09 August 2014

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has pleaded with Zimbabweans to temporarily forget the country’s economic difficulties and smile at delegates to the Sadc Heads of State summit the country will host later this month.

Mugabe told his Zanu PF party’s central committee that Zimbabweans needed to show the region that they are a hospitable people and “forget our problems just for a moment”.

“We know that our people are going through a very difficult period and that there are no jobs,” he said

“However, we are asking you to smile and show the region that we are a hospitable people. That we can welcome visitors, let us all smile and for just a moment forget our problems.

“The people … as a whole should not be found wanting in expressing their joy along places where they may be visited, so that we are not a morose, sorrowing and grieved people.

“At the end of the day, those who would have visited us must be able to say well they were met, that people were joyful, that people were friendly, that people were charitable and hospitable and who amongst themselves appeared to be united, all be it under the burden of sanctions.”

Zimbabwe has been in throes of a debilitating economic crisis for the better part of the last 15 years and a temporary respite enjoyed under the coalition government before last year’s elections has all but been forgotten.

Shortages of running water, food and power supplies as well as a liquidity crunch have left many nearly at the end of their tether.

Mugabe promised to create two million jobs in five years but, a year after being given a fresh mandate, the veteran leader seems at his wits’ end.

However, as has become his wont, Mugabe maintained his party, “is working hard to get the economy up and running” through a blue-print the government admits lacks funding.

Accused of lacking an appreciating of the gravity of the country’s problems, the 90 year-old may have got a sense of how dire the crisis is when his party failed to provide food for 3,000 youths attending a party conference in Harare.

Furious, Mugabe lambasted senior party officials, accusing them of neglecting their duties and concentrating on scheming for positions at the party’s December congress.

He ordered the slaughter of 30 beasts from his personal herd to help feed the youths.

““I am informed that the delegates did not eat since arrival. Are we failing to provide even food for the delegates?  What are we doing as members of the leadership?

“I am not happy,” he raged, adding, “I cannot have a central committee or even a politburo which is inept. No!”


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    What a lunatic!

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    What a perfect time to cause chaos for all the african dictators to see how wrong mugboon actually is and not try so hard to walk in his footsteps.Will zimbabweans actually venture anything like that. Ummm?????? did not think so.

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    Petal 7 years ago

    Spare me the hypocrisy by the 90 year old geriatric

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    Angela Wigmore 7 years ago

    Pity he did not say that, and mean it, 30 years ago. This man is NOT intelligent – just a power-crazed terrorist who will go down in history as one of the worst dictators EVER. It could all have been so different, if he actually had any brains.

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    Kevin Watson 7 years ago

    Its easy for Mugabe to ask that the people forget their troubles and welcome the visiting heads of state. It is not Mugabe who has the daily worry of putting food on the table and no job to earn money. He is the worst kind of blinkered hypocrite and is responsible for the problems faced by Zimbabweans through ignoring the rule of law and kleptocratic management of Zimbabwe.

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    Jono Austin 7 years ago

    Should ‘the only white men you can trust are dead white men’ also smile?

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    Petal 7 years ago

    The 90 year old geriatric idiot will be feasting eating on all the food available at the dictators summit, while the very people he tells to forget their troubles will continue to starve

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    revenger-avenger 7 years ago

    Throw rotten eggs at the attending porkulent overfed attendees

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    John Thomas 7 years ago

    He can spare cattle to feed his own people, he has stolen so much. I will save my smile of his funeral.

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    Justice 7 years ago

    He is too stupid to realise that he and his henchmen have stolen everything and so are the only ones left with any cattle.

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    This is pathetic. Where are the opposition. They should make sure that sadc knows that Zimbabweans are very unhappy with the status quo. Very, very, very unhappy. What a hypocrite! Smile while you go without jobs, a future, homes, dignity etc. Smile while ZPF beat, oppress, jail, hound, suppress you! Smile while ZPF steal elections and plunder that nation. What sort of president does he think he is? Truly, I have no words. 14 million Zimbo’s should converge on Vic Falls and tell SADC: “NO WE ARE NOT HAPPY’

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    mandy 7 years ago

    What Mugabe is saying is that if you cannot food on your table then why not try cake. That is the nature of all dictators. They are so drunk with power retention that they become so divorced from the day to day lives of the people under them. The King of France was coming from hunting when he was told that the people had run out of corn (wheat). He retorted by saying let the people eat cake. For him that was not indifference but simple and straightforward that he had never known how the people under his dominion lived. He did not care, so he assumed if he lived well then everyone under his reign was also living a life fit for a king. We know what happened in the wake of his statement. The people rose and dethroned him. He was to be the first person ever whose life was terminated by a guillotine. His wife Maria Antoinette was to follow the same route. The rest is history.

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    Mandevu 7 years ago

    I can’t stop laughing. If only it were not so sad

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    I find this forum too tame for the superlatives I am dying to unleash about Mugabe’s idiocy.

    His patronising attitude towards Zimbabweans knows no bounds. He has said over and over again that he takes this population for mugs. Roads are patched up before he travels to back of the beyond Rudhaka Stadium for his birthday party to give a semblance of a country holding it together. Shamhuyarira’s homestad and the road leading to it was whitewashed with paint for the same reason. The roads travelled by delegates to his daughter’s wedding where spruiced up all to deceive the world.

    Now he is using the same ruse to again deceive some dictators visiting this back water. Mugabe and those around him are so stuck up their back passages they clearly believe that the smell and muck up the there is the best thing since sliced bread. They have no grasp of reality and cannot face the truth.

    It’s only the idiots churned out by the Green bomber camps who will be lining up the streets and smiling at dictators who conspire with Mugabe on ways to make their lives more miserable than they already are.

    Mugabe is brazen enough to utter such idiotic comments because he is supported and emboldened by a bunch of dunces who believe their empty stomachs are a blessing. Dunces who are ready to kill to keep Mugabe’s table flowing with food while their own children go hungry.

    A week ago he was saying the country’s economy is omroving ,that he has an arsenal up his stinking armpit to make things alright for Zimbabweans ,today he admits there are no jobs for Zimbabweans.