Chamisa confident MDC-T ‘will ride out the storm’

via Chamisa confident MDC-T ‘will ride out the storm’ | SW Radio Africa 30 June 2014 by Tichaona Sibanda

Nelson Chamisa, the MDC-T national organisation secretary, issued a defiant message amid the turmoil in the party by claiming on Monday they will ‘ride out the storm.’

‘Each time the party is challenged by internal movement of tectonic plates…we emerge stronger,’ said Chamisa, adding that he was happy to see the party showing signs of life, following a tumultuous six months.

Chamisa told SW Radio Africa the party was now back on the right track and was busy organising for their elective congress set for October this year.

He said the party’s organising committee has finalised a template that will be used by the structures around the country leading up to the congress. The restructuring will be done in phases.

‘All branches should be constituted by end of July. Ward assemblies should be done in the early days of August and we want district congresses to be in place by end of August.

‘By early September, we will be winding up provincial congresses, that will be used a springboard for the national congress in October,’ he said.

External assemblies in the UK, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Botswana and South Africa have been tasked to have their provincial congresses in September.

‘The external assemblies have been asked to restructure their branches in their areas of jurisdiction with immediate effect. This process has been received with a lot of excitement as we envisage coming up with a dynamic leadership at the end of the whole restructuring exercise,’ said Chamisa.

On Saturday, Chamisa was in Bulawayo on a fact finding meeting with structures in the province. He also refuted reports in other media outlets that a member of the party, Samuel Maponde, nearly assaulted him during the meeting.

Chamisa said Maponde kept interrupting his address and was eventually ejected from the meeting peacefully. He said Maponde never at any moment charged towards him, as reported in the media.

He pointed out that they agreed to postpone holding elections to fill in positions left vacant by cadres who moved to the renewal camp, because fresh elections for all provincial posts will be held in two months time.

‘It’s pointless to elect a chairman today, knowing that the same chairman will face another election in 60 days time,’ he said.


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    mandy 8 years ago

    Chamisa is a zanupf plant. Why does the MDCT need a congress instead of focusing on the national crisis? My sources told me that it was Chamisa who opposed deferring the congress at the Standing Committee meeting when Tsvangirai proposed that the party should focus on the national crisis instead. Why does Chamisa want this congress so much instead of resolving the national crisis?

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    maunjeya 8 years ago

    It is only beginning to make sense why this young man is so vicious when it comes to internal battles for control of the party. In fact his script appears to be written from the same place as that of Emmerson Mnangagwa.

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    fatso 8 years ago

    It is not a duty for mdc to solve national crisis because they are not the gvt let zanu fix this economic turmoil they created

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    itayi 8 years ago

    The duty of the opposition is to make the incumbent government perform through applying pressure. Chamisa appears to have set himself the duty as opposition of making money for himself and his younger brother. It is perhaps understandable for people who had higher offices to have acquired such opulence in the time of the GNU. But for a miserable minister of ICT whose mandate was in dispute all the time to acquire so much wealth raises more questions than answers. Chamisa must tell the nation how he acquired that wealth. There are no freebies in this world.

    Now we read that 27 MPs are stranded in Beijing where they had gone shopping while the rest of us do not know where our next meal is going to come from. This is the height of irresponsibility. We need people who can be raising issues back here at home. Chamisa is not able to understand these issues from the mansion that he is said to have bought in the borrowdale brook. For a person who has never worked to be able to buy a mansion in the borrowdale brooke raises more questions than answers.

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    Money from donors meant for the Party Diveted for personal use,

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    Isu Zvedu 8 years ago

    Sober thinking about the opposition politics in Zimbabwe demands that most of these so called leaders should be encouraged withdraw their names from contesting for any leadership position in the coming congress if they want to be taken seriously. They must give other young people some chance.

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    in fact this monkey and dug and jobo are the missing links within the mdc. this boy caused confusion by imposing candidates last year leading to bhora musango by mdc supporters. that he seeks to climb up the leader is a shame of monumental proportions. under mudzuri as org sec we beat zanu. in Bulawayo over the weekend he brought confusion once again. tsvangirai we love you but reign in theses rascals masquerading as leaders otherwise they will spoil your party. additionally, mr president please patch up you differences with biti and mangoma. it is not always that you work with people that you love and vice versa but politics is a game of strategy. look at jonathan and Mugabe- things are moving but there is no love lost between them. in sipepa, tindo and Elton you have lost the brains and left with only hair in nelson and doglas!!!

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    Rwendo 8 years ago

    I recall parking next to Chamisa at a traffic light, very soon after the GNU. He was driving himself in a ministerial Benz. The look on his face said it all; “I have arrived.”

    But I second Fatso. Any wise opposition party at this abnormal juncture should not be acting like a normal opposition party. It should be focusing on solving its internal problems and planning as to how to avoid a repetition of 2013 come 2018.

    The last thing it should be doing is focusing on solving (self created) national economic problems and other headaches for the ruling party. Point out mistakes, yes. Offer your solutions in 2018.