Chinese businessman in trouble

via Chinese businessman in trouble | The Herald 15 July 2014 by Tendai Rupapa

A Chinese businessman based at Longcheng Plaza has been arrested after he allegedly tried to rape two women he had duped into believing there were vacancies at his shop.

Sun Nongshun (52), who runs shops at the Chinese mall in Belvedere, took the two complainants aged 16 and 18 to his offices at the National Sports Stadium where he indecently assaulted them.

Sun appeared in court last  Friday charged with two counts of indecent assault. Magistrate Mr Donald Ndirowei granted him a US$500 bail and ordered him to report once a week to the police. Sun was remanded to July 23 for trial.

Prosecutor Miss Sharon Mashavira alleged that on June 24, the complainants went to the mall in search of employment.
They submitted their curriculums vitae to Sun after he lied that there were vacancies at his shop.

It is alleged Sun phoned the women the following day and advised them to come for interviews on June 26 and promised them employment.
The women went to Sun’s shop and the businessman took them to his offices at the National Sports Stadium for interviews.

At the stadium, it is alleged, Sun locked the doors from inside and started caressing the women demanding to have sex with them.
It is alleged Sun invited his friend saying he had two women.

The victims pretended that they wanted to use the toilet and ran away. A report was made to police leading to Sun’s arrest.


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    roving ambassador. 7 years ago

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    $500 bail? What a joke!Is this magistrate serious? Isn’t that an invitation for this dude to skip town? If I were in his shoes I’d bribe someone,get a passport,and catch the next plane back to China rather than face years in a Zim prison hellhole

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    JOHNSON 7 years ago


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    lost birthright 7 years ago

    If it wasn’t for desperate times due to how the Government has shut down every local industry for one to gain employment this would never happen. Blame it on bad governance!

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