Civil servants breathe fire over inconsistent pay dates

via Civil servants breathe fire over inconsistent pay dates. 1 July 2014 by Stephen Chadenga

CIVIL servants unions have urged the government to have fixed pay dates and avoid leaving everything to chance as that was tantamount to taking them for granted.
In an exclusive interview on the sidelines of the National Public Servants’ Day commemorations in Shurugwi last Friday, Apex Council chairperson Richard Gundane said government employees were getting impatient with the constant shifts of their pay dates.
“The issue of pay dates should not be left to chance and workers should not be left guessing,” Gundane said.
“We are aware that it (government) is now going to come up with new dates, which dates I believe have already been gazetted, if not, will be gazetted shortly.
“We have taken the government to task over salary delays to the extent that they now had to gazette new dates because we have said it is not good to keep people guessing when they are going to get their payments.”
Since the beginning of this year, civil servants’ pay dates have been constantly shuffled as the cash-strapped government struggles to meet the huge wage bill which gobbles up about 70% of government’s monthly revenue.
Gundane said the government should come up with pay dates it could honour and pay salaries without delay.
He also dismissed rumours that teachers were not going to be paid during school holidays.
“Last Friday (20 June) we were in a joint negotiating council meeting with government. It (government) indicated that the issue of teachers not being paid during holidays was just a rumour circulating on social media,” he said.


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    Jono Austin 8 years ago

    You are free to leave and get a job in the booming private sector.

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    Itayi 8 years ago

    Hilarious! They leadership of the civil servants is amazing. They celebrated salary increments just a few months ago without even suspecting that this would lead to more disastrous consequences. Are civil servants being led by blind people who could not see this coming? Anyway I only applaud them for grabbing the money before someone else looted it. If this is their reasoning then I commend their logic and strategy.

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    The big buttock does not seem to understand that the government does not have the money and will not have enough any time soon. The man needs badza training

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    I am glad Government slaves realise that inconsistent paydays shall soon result in no paydays at all, ie no pay even after a whole month or even months of hard slaveyard labour.That is what a broke (gvt)slavemaster does. They fail to pay salaries when they are due even after months of hard slaveyard labour.

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    Mlimo 8 years ago

    what do you want to get paid for? You should be donating your work to zanupf for free. The remaining 30% of the monthly income is used up by mugabage flying here there and everywhere. So there should by reasoning be no paper, petrol and such consumables never mind electricity for anyone to do work with. so whats the point. A recent look (article in the papers)at the schools showed a shambles of what were once nice class rooms destroyed by thuggery. so the schools themselves are falling down. I would imagine that the case across the board. So yes take some unpaid permanent leave.

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    Django 8 years ago

    What’s the meaning of this?

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    Senzachena 8 years ago

    All you civil servants must understand that there is no point in crying about changing pay days, the bottom line is there is not enough money to pay you. Consequently your masters have to wait for the dribbles of VAT to come in to make up yur pay packets. This is only going to get worse and worse as the country collapses until the day will come when you will not get paid at all. Dont cry, take everything you can get as and when your masters see fit to pay you. It will not be long before you get nothing. Then you can cry!

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    Django 8 years ago

    Post our comments please.

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    It is time to look for a job for those who are clever. ZPF problems will never end until they GO!

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    Thank your ancestral spirits that you have a job and you DO get paid,never mind it comes a day or two later than anticipated.And stop inflating your importance to start waffling about being being taken for granted.It is you who are taking for granted your good fortune to be employed in this sorry country with up to 80% unemployment.Yes,thank you ancestral spirits…