Contractors invited for tourism master plan development

via Contractors invited for tourism master plan development – NewsDay Zimbabwe 1 July 2014 by Chief Business Reporter

THE government has invited contractors to provide consultancy services in the development of a National Tourism Master plan to activate the grant from the African Development Bank (AfDB).
In January, AfDB gave Zimbabwe $4,1 million under the Youth and Tourism Enhancement Project meant to contribute to reducing poverty and youth unemployment.
AfDB said it was giving the country “greater financial latitude for developing tourism and youth services, particularly small-and-medium-sized businesses that are run by youths in Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces”.
In a notice on Sunday, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development said contractors should submit their offers by July 14 and be prepared to execute the work in seven months beginning August.
“The Government of Zimbabwe has received funding from the
African Development Bank towards the cost of the Youth and Tourism Enhancement Project, and intends to apply part of the agreed amount for this grant to payments under the contract for consultancy services in the development of a national tourism master plan,” the ministry said.
“The services included under this project are to develop a clear and concise national tourism master plan. It will provide direction to product development and diversification, infrastructure development, manpower development, community participation, preservation of nature, culture and heritage, marketing and promotion strategies, among others.”
The ministry said consultancy firms may constitute joint ventures to enhance their chances of qualification.
The availability of the youth fund came on the backdrop of the non-payment for loans disbursed to youths.
CABS managing director Kevin Terry told a parliamentary portfolio committee that over 70% of the loans disbursed under the youth fund had not been repaid.
Terry told the Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment committee that the bank had approved 3,622 applications worth $5,2 million and had disbursed $4,5 million.
“Of the $4,4 million that we have disbursed, the arrears currently stand at $2,3 million with a total of non-performing balances of just over $3,1 million,” he said. “Statistics of the non-performing loans disbursed are just under 72%,” Terry said.


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    Itayi 8 years ago

    And so Mr Mzembi what has happened to your galas, tourism expos and the much publicised carnivals? Was that money down the drain as well? The exception in Zimbabwe is that money never goes down the drain. Instead money here goes down someone’s throat. Then the question is who stood to benefit and how much of it?

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    Sceptic 8 years ago

    So what is the Ministry of Tourism and all their highly paid civil servants doing? Sounds like an economic plan for the country and we know how well that is going.

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    Get rid of our visas and make it easier for people to come

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    They want to test who is going to offer the biggest kick backs

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    JRR56 8 years ago

    After the 5 year plan comes the Master Plan but the Chinese Masters no longer are interested!

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    zanupf fear me 8 years ago

    A talk shop for bribes loot in. Nothing more