Customary marriage

via Customary marriage | The Zimbabwean 13 August 2014

As if anybody had asked her, Grace put her foot in it, when she attempted to justify her affair with President Mugabe. She claimed it was a customary marriage.

‘It did not start today that a man marries two wives. I will not feel bad about it. South African president Jacob Zuma has many wives. I admire him because he stands for what he wants.’

This is one of those instances where silence might have served her better.

Clearly Grace needs a new PR team and a whole committee of speechwriters because, evidently, the material she has used thus far reads like it has been torn out of the journal of a lunatic. If Grace Mugabe is indeed destined for a position higher than her Women’s League role, then Heaven help us.

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    revenger-avenger 7 years ago

    Whores have many ‘ husbands ‘

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    and the roman catholic church also blessed grace marriage to mugabe – the catholic church in zimbabawe is a servant of mugabe !

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    Atheist 7 years ago

    Talk about suffering from foot in mouth!!!!

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    Godobori 7 years ago

    This has been his succession plan all along:

    Prime Minister 1980 : Robert Mugabe
    President, First Sec, Commander in chief forever, …Robert
    Members of Parliament : Sabina Mugabe (sister)
    : Zhuwawu “Mugabe” (nephew)
    : Leo Mugabe (nephew)
    : Walter “Mugabe” Chidhakwa (nephew)(Minister)
    Women’s League boss : Sally Mugabe (Ex wife)
    : Oppah “Mugabe” Muchinguri(Ex …)
    : Grace Mugabe (current wife)

    Youth league boss : Chatunga (designate) (“son”)

    This family must be a dynamo of intellectuals. No one else in Zim has the abilities of “Mugabe” dynasty