Dabengwa vows to fight for his farm

via Dabengwa vows to fight for his farm | SW Radio Africa 7 August 2014 by Tichaona Sibanda

ZAPU leader Dumiso Dabengwa has described the invasion of his Rudy farm in Nyamandlovu by ZANU PF supporters as ‘provocative’, warning that he’s prepared to defend his land.

Dabengwa, a former Zipra military commander who specialised in intelligence, said he’s being targeted because he’s not ZANU PF. The politician emphasized that he regards the farm as his pension because his ‘survival depends on it and nothing else.’

‘The invasion of my farm is provocative, disappointing and frustrating. We didn’t go to war to come back and grab a black man’s farm. My whole life depends on that farm which has over 300 heads of cattle,’ Dabengwa said.

The ZAPU leader told SW Radio Africa on Thursday he had been taken aback by instructions, allegedly from the ZANU PF hierarchy, for their supporters to grab all black owned farms in the Matebeleland region.

‘The crackdown on farmers who are opposed to ZANU PF is clearly political. Their message is quite clear that nobody has the powers to do anything about it. That message has been circulating on social media platform, WhatsApp,’ he said.

He refuted reports that the property is under utilised, explaining that when he bought the 1,200 hectare farm, long before the land redistribution program, he had been advised by Agritex to subdivide it.

‘In the summer season I was advised to use one part of the farm. Once winter sets in I switch to the other part of the farm until the rains come in and this is the part I recently moved my cattle to since there’s no more grazing in the other part. So you can see it’s clearly utilised,’ he added.

The ZANU PF invaders have already started clearing and pegging the area they want to put up their shacks. Dabengwa said he’s been to the police to report the invasion and nothing has been done about it.

‘I did my best and thought I was under the police protection of the country. But now I will take other steps myself to protect my land,’ he warned.


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    The Zanu machinery has lost its way. The rudderless ship continues it’s journey to the end of nowhere. The Captain snoozes as usual. The first mate steals as usual. The Pirates jump on and off at will as usual. The crew wines and dines and quarrel amongst each other and with with the passengers below deck. They see no evil and hear no evil. Slowly, Slowly the ship begins to sink. Soon the Rats will desert the ship, then the cockroaches. They will float in the water and be devoured by the fish.

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    Manyongori 7 years ago

    Well,well cde Dabengwa.While i sympathise with your situation,i must however point out that when zanu pf made it policy to grab their opponents properties and livelyhoods ,you were part of the system and you never said a word.Now we have come full circle and you want our help?Deal with the monster you created period.

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      Straight Shooter 7 years ago

      I must also point out that when ZANU PF made it policy to beat up, abduct abd kill opposition leaders and supporters during gukurahundi, many Shonas were part of the system; supporters and members of ZANU PF. This includes Tswangirayi, but not a word was heard from him and all of you.

      “….Now we have come full circle and you want our help?Deal with the monster you created period”.

      Our help to remove Mugabe whom we never voted for in the 1980s elections in the first place?


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    Indeed a monster was created. ZPF sowed a wind and they will reap a whirlwind. They have no idea of the implications of their sordid reign and rule. They have no idea that the sword of judgment will one day fall swiftly and terrribly. Dabengwa must know that thousands of ex commercial farmers and farm workers lives also were bound up in their farming enterprises. ZPF chose to destroy everything at all cost. In the end the Lord of justice will destroy the destroyer. I am sure Dabengwa now has a taste of the monster that ZPF is and was. I am disgusted. It is time each and every Zimbabwean stood up and said zvakwana!

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      Straight Shooter 7 years ago


      “…I am sure Dabengwa now has a taste of the monster that ZPF is and was…”

      I am also sure many Shonas now have a taste of (meicine) the monster that ZPF and was, when you celebrated as they meted their punishment on us PF ZAPU Dr Joshua Nkomo supporters in the 1980s!!

      Enjoy ZANU PF medicine!!

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    macemike 7 years ago

    Hehehe –

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    Mixed Race 7 years ago

    People of very short memories-if I remember correctly it was Dabengwa who tried to stop farm invasions when he was the Minister of Home Affairs.Get your facts straight before funny comments.Any invasion is illegal because there are civilised methods of taking unused land from the owners.A well planned taxation system would force those who are not utilising the land to sell it.

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    Matanda Masairirwa 7 years ago

    Thats the spirit that we looking to see from Zimbabwean opposition leaders Mr Dabengwa. We will support you.

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    Mafatshi 7 years ago

    You got a point mixed race. Hopefully the powers that be could have the wisdom to institute a reasonable land taxation policy.

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    Bambazonke 7 years ago

    What a thing I feel feathers for dabengwa , what goes around comes around Zonke ena mushi but ena Akona right. You can’t just take a farm or land it’s a lively hood / tax paying business

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    mutongi gava 7 years ago

    Fight yo lonely battle oldman.u are reaping what u sore.

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    Nyati 7 years ago

    I am Ndebele and yet feel sick at Straight shooter’s tribal vitriol. Sober up chomi.

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      Straight Shooter 7 years ago

      There is no Ndebele who spells the surname “NYATHI” without an “H” – every Mthwakazi worth his salt knows this – thats number one.

      Number two, I am not Ndebele either; but I dont know why you are bringing the “Ndebele” factor into my contributions – why?

      Number three, your being born yesterday is obviously a limitation in your understanding of where Zimbabwe’s economic, social and political problems come from. For many of you, everything starts with your beloved Tswangirayi and his MDC-T – thats how far your political horizons goes.

      Sorry to disappoint you. Zim’s problems date back to the 1980s. The seeds of what we see today where sown in the 1980s during ZANU PF’s campaign for a one-party state. Read that so-called 1987 Unity agreement; you will understand where I am coming from. The use by ZANU PF of the Shona vs Ndebele divide and rule tribal card,in consolidating its power (in which Tswangirayi himself contributed in no small measure) is the reason why we are in this mess.

      Once you have a good understanding of this historical context, you will surely understanding why Dumiso Dabengwa finds himself in this situation, instead of mouthing out pikinini ingorance at every turn!!

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    Shenanigans 7 years ago

    Dabengwa spent many years in a pointless jail incarceration.ZANY only invaded his farm to punish him for not joining the Zany gravy train on invitation.Take a point on Roy Bennet who we were told crossed the floor from the Inzany Zany to Tsangi and u get the picture on the Zany Plague on Dabengwas farm which has destroyed more lives than the dreaded WA EBOLA.

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    Reverend 7 years ago

    This is the plan of the “new gukurahundi” which is to strategically put zanupf shonas in places of controll throughout Matabeleland to be able to infiltrate our people with the plan to be in total control of, and subvert the areas by the next elections. Each of these farms are going to be a controll, and terror center to force people to vote for zpf. We need to fight this plan with extreme vigour. Wake up Ndebeles, you need to spread the word and stop this infiltration!!

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    mxoilisi khumalo 7 years ago


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    Loiuse 7 years ago

    I agree .Reverand.this is another Gugurahundi . Wake up mthwakhazi this is it .
    Mass graves , rape invasion of matabaland is around the corner . It’s time to mobilize people and go to Harare and stop this befre it gets out f hand

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    Mapingu 7 years ago

    Even @ this late hour Dabengwa still believe in police protection in Zimbabwe. Interesting isn’t it? I guess that’s the reason he believed, as recently as 2008, may up to today, that ZANU PF & Mugabe were the only ones with divine right to rule Zimbabwe.

    Of course this Dabengwa seems to be of the few privileged Zimboz could have been enjoying police protection up to now. For majority of the people in Zim words ‘policeman’ or ‘soldier’ in Zim have been synonymous with ‘torture’ since around 2000, if not much earlier than that.

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    Fundani Moto 7 years ago

    I think most of you miss the point, it is not about Dabengwa or his farm, it is about lawlessness!!! “Cry the Beloved Country”.

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    I am Shona and this zpf behaviour is sickening to say the least. We hold the likes of comrade Dabengwa in high esteem. True leaders indeed! !!!

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      Straight Shooter 7 years ago

      What has your “being Shona” got to do with the invasion of Dabengwa’s farm?

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    jkaseke 7 years ago

    Sorry Dr Dabengwa, but we will not help you. Morgan won 2008 and you made painful remarks that he was not suitable to rule because you perceived him as a white man’s puppet. If he had been the leader today, i bet you would still have your farm. Ndo zvinoita foolishness baba. You will never regain your property, mark my word.

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      Straight Shooter 7 years ago

      Your help is not needed; you are a pikinini of no significance – a born yesterday laaitie; as they call you in Afrikaans.

      Many of your kind sold the whole country to gukurahundi ZANU PF in the 1980s, long before Dabengwa was even part of government – go figure!!