Didn’t I kill you?

via Didn’t I kill you? | The Zimbabwean 16 July 2014 by Jera

There have been suggestions that Mugabe is out of touch with reality. There is another unexplored possibility: Mugabe is fully aware of the ruin he has caused to the public health sector.

If he is shocked that anything good can come out of Harare Hospital – having read Minister David Parirenyatwa’s 2013 report on “KuGomo”, where the minister discovered broken windows and Jacaranda trees growing in an unfinished annex – it is because he knows very well the extent of the decline.

Mugabe’s shock is very much like that of a killer meeting his victim a week later, alive and in good health. It is almost Macbethian. When the president exclaimed – ‘in the heart of Zimbabwe, in this hospital’ – it was a guilty man cry of horror – ‘hey, didn’t I kill you last week?’


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    publicprotector 9 years ago

    You cannot blame one man for all the problems in the country.
    Only an idiot with no brain does that.
    By example there is the minister in charge,the opposition causing disruption and looting, the anti government propaganda which may make those working in supervisory positions despondent, not to mention near the forefront the propaganda journalists like the one above. That’s sole purpose in life is to drum up anti government propaganda and never gives credit because that’s against his idiotic rules.
    All these cause damage – if you think they don’t then consider:-
    Why does the west spend money on propaganda I mean, are they less intelligent than the journalists that receive it?

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      Defending failure!! 9 years ago

      Public protector or destroyer, you cant defend Mugabe and blame the media and opposition unless you mean that he is not the man in charge or the country is unmanned. He didnt listen when Nyerere warned -you have inherited a jewel take good care of it-. All we see is distruction, every one is in pain except you and Mugabe who holds on to power and show nothing for it. A man of Bob’s interlect should have done better in a rich country like Zimbabwe unfortunately he has failed us and he must be criticised for it. THe buck stops with the CEO period!!

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      Chanisa 9 years ago

      You contributed nothing to this discussion. Nothing.

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    The picture of Grace holding one of the twins and the old geriatric by her side gawping at the child whose future is uncertain because of their joint misrule and greed filled me with utter revulsion.

    I am disgusted that the old senile dementing RGM speaks of Zimbabwe and it health system in the same tone of voice as a conceited foreigner would. The disbelief and surprise is akin to what I have witnessed when some people in the First World speak with reference to anything African. There are some who think Africans /Zimbabweans included live in the bush with lions and hyenas as neighbours and swing from trees like monkeys.Robert Mugabe and his phoney wife would fit right in with this group of conceited individuals.

    I did not think I was capable of hate, but yes this man and his wife I have to hate.

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    roving ambassador. 9 years ago

    This brings to point the fact that Mugabe has killed more people than we can estimate because of dilapidated health system and poverty that he single handedly created.
    Treasonous malcontent.

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    Mena Bona 9 years ago

    Let him and his be treated at the abortion of a health system he has created through personal greed and a total lack of care for his own. My God, what a health system he inherited but like everything else amazing that was Zimbabwe in 1980, nothing remains but the dried out skeleton. Africans revere him in other countries on the continent. What stupidity and ignorance.

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    Give the President a break. Get a life

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    Happiness 9 years ago

    Hi Jera. Well done on your brilliant selection of your article heading. Its catchy. and the article is brief and to the point. Nice!

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    simbi 9 years ago

    Publicprotector I hope when you are sick you don’t go out of the country like the old clown

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    Charles Frizell 9 years ago

    LOLO – “publicprotector” – whose rear are you kissing? And in the hope of getting, what?

    Of course its not only Mugabe, its the whole nest of thieves and crooks. But Mugabe has to take responsiblity as he so savagely clings on to the post of “leader”