Govt issues over 2 000 A1 settlement permits

via Govt issues over 2 000 A1 settlement permits | The Herald 21 July 2014

Government has issued more than 2 000 of the recently launched permanent settlement permits to A1 farmers countrywide as it seeks to bring sanity on farms and support productivity.

The new document introduced early this month endorses A1 farmers’ security of tenure and governs use of the land.

The document also seeks to bring sanity to the land redistribution programme following allegations of multiple farm ownership.

Lands and Rural Resettlement Minister Dr Douglas Mombeshora said in an interview last week that his ministry had embarked on a countrywide audit of farms.
“Since President Mugabe launched the A1 settlement permits on July 2, we have issued over 2 000 settlement
permits to farmers,” Dr Mombeshora said.

He said A1 resettled farmers had been relying on offer letters which were issued at the district administrator’s offices.
“The offer letters that A1 farmers have been using were not effective as they were not detailed and were issued by several offices and as a result created confusion in the process,” Dr Mombeshora said.

He said the new A1 permit was the same with the 99-year lease and worked as a title deed for the land.
Dr Mombeshora said the permit issued by the Minister of Lands and Resettlement was signed by both the owner and a spouse and also gave guidelines on the inheritance of the farm in case of death.

Farmers have been facing challenges in accessing bank loans as the majority of them did not have the security of tenure.


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    Mukadota 6 years ago

    Are these people mad? What bank is ever going to lend to some fool who doesn’t know the first thing about farming business, just because he has a new ‘Permit’? And please don’t forget that as soon as ZPF gets bored of this game they will change the whole ‘Permit’ structure again and issue new ones to another group they need votes from in the next election……only good for toiletpaper, chokwadi!!!

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    Mlimo 6 years ago

    need some toilet paper get out your A1!

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    Daniel 6 years ago

    Put your money where your mouth is and finance their next crops.These pieces of paper will mean nothing to banks,they are not stupid.