Govt to register, regulate churches

via Govt to register, regulate churches – NewsDay Zimbabwe 15 July 2014

GOVERNMENT will soon register and regulate churches in light of recent human rights abuses orchestrated by church leaders, senior government officials said yesterday.

Home Affairs secretary Melusi Matshiya and Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede told the Parliamentary Thematic Committee on Gender and Development chaired by MDC-T Matabeleland South Senator Watchy Sibanda that proposed regulations would help instill sanity in places of worship.

Matshiya said previously there was no law to regulate or register churches and they were left to freely carry out their activities. He also said that the Private Voluntary Organisations Act and the Constitution did not require churches to be registered.

Mudede added that registering churches was not perculiar to Zimbabwe as other countries such as Burundi had strict laws that governed church operations.

“The answer is that we have come to a position of registering churches – not only in Zimbabwe but the whole of Africa because it has become a means of money -making, and people are forming churches at places where there are no means or public toilets, and young men are suddenly forming churches – some of them which might be devil worshipping,” Mudede said.

“The Home Affairs ministry only has the powers to pronounce a ban or outlaw a church and that is the problem that bedevilled Budiriro where the word ‘ban’ was pronounced to the Vapostori sect.”


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    These are really trying times. Mudede has got a few screws missing. They are trying to find a way of controlling those that are vocal against the Government. The only one that can regulate churches is God. That they can use Satan worship as an excuse to control the churches when they them selves are carrying out Satanic practices is absurd. If my English serves me correct regulate means to control, adjust, manage, balance, set, synchronize, modulate, tune,control (something, especially a business activity) by means of rules and regulations.
    supervise, oversee, police, superintend, monitor, check (up on), keep an eye on, inspect, administer, be responsible for. Most of this means that they want to have the ultimate power to tell the Churches what message they must send. This is open abuse as you can find those that are vocal on human rights which the Government has a bad record in might find themselves without a Parish. Zimbabweans must resist this strongly. The Church must remain free of dirty hands which this Government has.

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    John Thomas 9 years ago

    The wars between church and state have been fought. The churches won. The state cannot control religion. To try and reopen this issue is a sign of desperation and a confirmation of utter stupidity on the part of those who think they rule this country.

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    I think this is uncalled for as we have adequate laws to deal with abuses of our children and women by any individuals. After all the perpetrator of such abuses are individuals not every member of a sect or church organisation. Freedom of worship is a fundamental human right. Let not our laws be vindictive. We are merely reacting to situation without due analysis. A crime is a crime whether perpetrated by a member of political party, soccer supporter, or church member. Lets also regulate all other gatherings including traditional ones why only churches? Some traditional healers have been known to abuse their female patients. Lets protect our religious freedom, lets not allow anyone to take it away from us. Only God through his word the Bible regulate the church.

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    just saying 9 years ago

    While there are many churches who carry out the mission of Christ there are regrettably many new ones that have sprung up the last few years who don’t. Many of the latter are used by their leaders to enrich themselves and live the high life, driving expensive vehicles, living in huge houses and travelling the world. Many of these new churches are not accountable to anyone however I am not sure that registering them is the best option. However I do believe there is a need for some form of supervision over their activities.

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    Shamhu YeNhanzva 9 years ago

    This has nothing to do with “instilling sanity.” They steal aid money, use donated food to reward their supporters & now they see another potential source of money & a way to quell any opposition. Regulating churches means fees, fines & probably forcing them to pledge allegiance to Zanu in order to “stay in business.”

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    zanupf fear me 9 years ago

    So start with fraudsters kunonga and makandiwa etc

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    roving ambassador. 9 years ago

    There is another point we are missing, The state is broke. they have to find ways and means to tax anything that moves. The churches can self regulate by forming their on regulatory organisation. They are eying the millions made these dodgy churches.

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    roving ambassador. 9 years ago

    Just like the Smith regime, Zanu will start taxing bicycles and dogs.

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    JOHNSON 9 years ago