Grace divides Zanu PF

via Grace divides Zanu PF – DailyNews Live 10 August 2014 by Lloyd Mbiba

HARARE – Even before First Lady Grace Mugabe (pictured) has formally assumed the leadership of the Women’s League for which she has been nominated, there are growing fears within the upper echelons of Zanu PF that she will further deepen divisions within the faction-ridden party and “prove to be an unmitigated disaster”.

Senior party leaders who spoke to the Daily News yesterday described President Robert Mugabe’s wife as a “an ambitious but divisive character” who would “subtract more than she will add” anything to Zanu PF.

“The people who have manipulated the political process for their selfish interests by nominating the First Lady to chair the Women’s League know that they are virtually setting the party up to fail because with all due respect to her, she will subtract more than she will add to efforts to build and strengthen the party,” the Central Committee member said.

“Everyone in the party knows that she is an ambitious but fairly divisive character who will sadly erode the president’s hard-won standing and legacy not just in Zanu PF and Zimbabwe, but around the world.”

Another party official claimed that the First Lady would give Zanu PF’s enemies “deadly ammunition”, particularly in the run-up to the 2018 national elections. Like others spoken to, he declined to be named fearing victimisation.

“She has two known weaknesses that will give our enemies in the opposition deadly ammunition as we put the building blocks towards 2018,” the senior official said.

“Her penchant for assets and the good life is legendary and this is what has seen her mired in many embarrassing land grabs such as those in Mazowe.

“Very soon, people inside and outside Zanu PF will start asking open questions about how much land, for example, the First Lady needs to be satisfied that she now has enough. This is all very damaging for the president in particular who is known to be very disciplined and principled.

“To worsen matters, the First Lady is known for being emotional and reckless with words inside the party, which has led some people to view her as an unguided missile. These are the reasons why those who have nominated her have done so, even if it may exacerbate infighting in the party and eventually destroy Zanu PF like we saw in 2008 when we suffered from Bhora Musango.”

The concerns around the First Lady come as she was caught in yet another embarrassing faux pas on Thursday when she launched a scathing and unexpected attack on Mazowe South legislator Fortune Chasi, whom she accused of terrorising her in Mazowe where she owns a number of farms and runs her Amai Grace Mugabe Children’s Home.

In a move described by one analyst as “an embarrassing own goal” for her and Mugabe, she brazenly accused Chasi of spreading falsehoods about her and her controversial land grabs, ostensibly in a quest to tarnish the name of the First Family.

She made these allegations while addressing hundreds of youths who were gathered at her children’s home to endorse the Women’s League resolution to install her as the leader of the organ.

“Zvazvakaita ndakaita apply pane conservancy iri kuseri uko which was being run by the whites,” she said. “Ndikangoona yakagara, then I applied to use it to raise mari yekuchengeta vana pano apa ndobva ndapiwa tsamba inini. Saka vanhu vakangozvigarisa vaichera chera imomo vakanzi vabude, iye (Chasi) akati ‘muri kuvaburitsirei? Mugabe nemukadzi wake vari kuda kutora land yese.’

“Akaenda kucourt nevanhu vaye kuti kana hazvimboite. Iye akapiwa farm naVa(Martin) Dinha akariramba. Akatengwa nemurungu akapiwa mari akati handiride. (I applied for a conservancy in this area which was being run by whites. I had seen it lying idle and I applied to use it to raise money to look after children at the Mazowe Children’s Home and I was given an offer letter by authorities. The people who were squatting on that conservancy were then ordered off the property, but Chasi queried why these people were being kicked off the land. He alleged that Mugabe and his wife wanted to take all the land. Chasi went to court with these squatters to resist the takeover of the conservancy. But he was given land by Martin Dinha and he refused because he had been given money by the white owner),” she said.

In further bizarre remarks, the First Lady told the same gathering that Chasi had also made false allegations that she had engineered the eviction of a famous traditional healer who was staying at Henderson Farm in Mazowe, when the healer had been expelled by the Mashonaland Central leadership.

She went on to accuse the traditional healer of engaging in illegal gold panning at the farm.

She said she had running battles in Mazowe with people who accused her of grabbing land, including a farm belonging to Interfresh, adding that it was the Mashonaland Central leadership that had allocated her a portion of Interfresh Farm that was lying idle.

“But mukati medu futi vamwe votuma vanhu kuti endai munoshungurudza mukadzi waMugabe abve ikoko. Kwakauya mayouths 300 ndobva vakutanga kungochera mazikomba anenge anokwana musha uno. Two weeks later, vakauya vave 1 000. (There are some among us who send people to come and harass me so that I can leave this Mazowe area. About 300 youths came and started digging big holes. Two weeks later the number had increased to 1000),” she said.

The Mazowe function was attended by many Zanu-PF bigwigs, including Nicholas Goche, Saviour Kasukuwere, Ednah Madzongwe, Edson Chakanyuka and Patrick Zhuwawo.

Piers Pigou, southern African director of the International Crisis Group, said the question is whether Grace has any political cachet in her own right, without riding the coat tails of her husband.

“It seems to me unlikely, as she would have stepped up to the plate before hand,” Pigou said.  “Her late entry onto the political scene will inevitably be interpreted with some cynicism. Her value as a political asset for Zanu PF beyond tokenistic praise-singing will soon be evident, or not, as the case may be.

“One also has to ask what value the women’s league really brings to the Zimbabwean political scene.  Of course, notwithstanding issues around gender representation etc, but what value does the league have and what qualities does the First Lady bring? It is not immediately obvious.”

Political commentator Maxwell Saungweme said: “Grace’s reckless statements like calling for beheading of rapists, going public about Bona’s virginity before her wedding, controversially grading land even from Zanu PF supporters, and now attacking a deputy minister appointed by her husband show how politically unbaked she is, making it difficult for some hard-core Zanu PF big-wigs with war credentials to respect her.”

“The way she has attempted to enter politics by attacking some of her husband’s flock may prove to be costly to her and may actually be the beginning of the end of her attempted short career in active politics.”

He said if she was shrewd, she should be lying low and leaving officials such as Oppah Muchinguri and Absolom Sikhosana to do the lobbying and noise-making for her as she needs everyone in Zanu PF to her side if she is really going to make it.

“It remains a mirage to think that she can outmanoeuvre seasoned female politicians like Mai Mujuru,” he said.

Commentator Shepard Mntungwa said the utterances by the First Lady against Chasi amounted to an “embarrassing own goal”.

“Somebody high up the party needs to quickly get hold of her and tell her to shut up for her sake and her husband’s, as what she is reported to have said amounts to an embarrassing own goal that shows her up as seemingly corrupt and drunk with power,” Mntungwa said.

“In addition, she is wittingly or unwittingly cementing the perception of deeply entrenched serious factionalism in Zanu PF by so recklessly bad mouthing a sitting MP and deputy minister this openly.

“Many party supporters will be entitled to think that if she doesn’t have the good sense, dignity and grace — no pun intended — of dealing with internal party differences in a more sober and mature manner, why should they behave any better,” he said.


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    MikeH 7 years ago


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    She is no worse than her senile husband who routinely insults anybody and everybody. Remember when he, President of Zimbabwe, was so childish to gleefully sing that Blair is a Toilet and a BLiar.

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    William Doctor 7 years ago

    the end is near …

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    Petal 7 years ago

    “Everyone in the party knows that she is an ambitious ” should have read ambitious, arrogant and greedy”
    She will probably punch Chasi in the same manner she punched the Journalist

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    Petal 7 years ago

    “As the multi-sectoral charitable foundation patron gleefully told South African television host Dali Tambo that she had “chased and pounded” a British photographer, the 47-year-old businesswoman’s remarks have sparked outrage as they also expose an uncanny streak she shares with her 89-year-old hubby President Robert Mugabe √¢‚Ǩ‚Äù known for his “degrees in violence” salvor.
    – See more at:

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    moyokumusha 7 years ago

    But she WILL be the leader of the women League and she WILL assume the Presidency when the dear beloved departs. WHY ? Because she WILL be put in Office by the thieves who WILL insist she protects them and their ill gotten gains and us POVHO WILL have no say. But she WILL have to pay the price one day.

    Can you imagine a Zimbabwe with a Chihuri and Mahuri at the helm, I am going senile kkkk

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    mpeiwa 7 years ago

    What Mugabe, doesn’t know is Muchinguri is plotting for his downfall. When people talked about Mnangagwa being a crocodile, he did his intelligence, and found out that for him to unseat Mugabe, he needs to complete a few tasks. He knew by giving Grace that post, she will eventually expose Mugabe. Think of it, the Politburo, refused to fund this youth Conference, because the venue was against those who was funding, hence Grace convinced mudhara, to fork out maize and 30 beasts for the occasion. In short the President vave kutambiswa bhora risina mweya. Very shortly he will score an on goal.

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    revenger-avenger 7 years ago

    We all know what happened to Marie Antoinette and king Louis xiv. History repeats itself grace and robber. And the same also for your thieving aristocratic hangerons. We anxiously await the inevitable mob justice with relish

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    John Thomas 7 years ago

    You ZANU’s have sown the wind, now reap the whirlwind. This woman is now going to squeeze your nuts and you deserve it. That you can have such a stupid, ignorant, useless person imposed on you is what your party is all about. Enjoy.

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    Has anyone heard of Jezebel? She was the one who brought evil influence on King Ahab, brought God’s wrath down upon a nation. Tis the Jezebel spirit that drives that woman. The church should discern and pray. But all that said they dig their hole deeper and deeper each day. The bible tells us that those who dig their holes will one one day fall into them.

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    How soon will this useless thieves conglomerate masquerading as a Political party explode into smithereens?

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    Straight Shooter 7 years ago

    I find it strange the gukurahundis who are being quoted by Lloyed Mbiba, the writer of this article are clearly trying to picture Grace; her ways, her outspokeness and recklessness as separate to that of her husband.

    C’mmon just face the truth – all the land grabs that she is involved cannot be separated from her husband. These are people who share the same bed every day, for heavens sake!!

    Surely, she cannot be doing anything that Mugabe doesnt know about. These things are being reported in the media everyday; so what legacy of Mugabe is she spoiling? There is nothing to spoil here – gukurahundi Mugabe has no positive legacy to talk about – he long messed it up himself. I am hundred percent sure, she has learnt this confrontational and reckless approach from her husband – so who is spoiling things here?

    Sometimes I wonder just when some of this hero-worshipping that has become so characteristic of many Zimbabweans, will come to an end?

    Just because they worship Mugabe so much; they are trying very hard to convince the world that – “No its not Mugabe – its Grace!!” This is utter bullshiit!!

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    I shall never get tired of admonishing this: we are all operating from the wrong platform and expecting to celebrate at the wrong party. What Mugabe and gang do should not, by now, be the engine of our political discourse. Whether ZANU PF implodes or not must not drive our personal and communal political responsibilities which must start with having an independent way of thinking irrespective of who is in power. The bottom line is all politicians are corrupt and it is our responsibility to bring them to account. This notion that Zimbabwe is going to reclaim its position by the mere demise of Mugabe and expected implosion of ZANU PF is misplaced. Zimbabwe can only move forward and develop if the people mature politically and become free thinking individuals, and not gullible partisans.

    The point is what ZANU PF and its members do is now of little significance to me. What is most important is whether we have learned any from our experience with ZANU PF, MDC, ZAPU or any other political party. The lesson to me is don’t trust politicians. Don’t be used by them. To the contrary we must use them to check each other in balance and in so doing minimize corruption and hegemony. This is the only way we will be able to move forward as a free people who determine their own destiny.

    Grace Mugabe will continue to do what everyone of her kind does, grab, loot and take from others. She came into the scene from that foundation when Sally was still alive. Nothing should surprise us and we should stop wasting our time commenting about her, if we are serious about a positive political future. Let’s concentrate on trying to disabuse these youths who have been brainwashed into thinking that political partisanship is the gateway to success. They should see and know how they are limiting themselves. We do that we win, otherwise we are doomed.

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    主席 7 years ago

    Give her a chance to prove herself. Afterall, she has just begun !

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    Tongoona 7 years ago

    Grace threw away a female traditional healer, she also threw away many women from Manzou, Spelenkem and others and dumped them by the roadside. Is this the type of leader she is vying for. Grace is not a philanthropist but a selfish and egocentric person with very little human milk in her. Grace please be what you are rather than pretend to be what you are not.