Legislators exempted from tollgate fees

via Legislators exempted from tollgate fees – DailyNews Live 30 July 2014 by Chengetai Zvauya

HARARE – Legislators have been exempted from paying tollgate fees.

This follows a request tabled by parliamentarians seeking an exemption ostensibly because they would be performing parliamentary duties.

Transport minister Obert Mpofu told legislators recently that they should submit number plates for their respective vehicles to Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) so that they are captured in a database for easy implementation of the policy.

“Government has exempted legislators from paying toll fees as the necessary paperwork to enforce the policy has been completed,” Mpofu said. He said a meeting was convened recently between him and Zinara boss Frank Chitukutuku.

“We agreed that we would come up with a solution,” Mpofu said.

“We also highlighted that the cars being used by MPs should be given separate numbers so as to make it easy to ensure that the car that would be passing through belongs to an MP.”

The Daily News understands that all MPs have since submitted their documentation to Zinara.

Matabeleland South MDC Senator Watchy Sibanda had asked Mpofu on what had become of their request to Zinara that they be exempted from paying toll fees.

He was supported by Matabeleland North MDC Senator Herbert Madolo Sinampande.

The country has 22 tollgates and has mooted introducing more in urban areas to decongest cities, in particular Harare. Legislators exempted from tollgate fees.


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    All those years Ian Smith maintained the transport infrastructure with out all these tolls. It just goes to show how far the rot has gone in this country. Now they don’t have to pay even when they do their own trips because they are kings. They should be given coupons for the estimated trips they do on Government business. But wait Dube(to myself) with these guys that would be creating a black market. Soon there would be coupons being sold in the street.

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    publicprotector 8 years ago

    Yet another stupid comment from low IQ journalists.
    Keeping it simple for their benefit if they paid tolls then they could claim it back as an expense resulting in greater costs.
    Very stupid comment

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    Petal 8 years ago

    Legislators are getting everything on a silver platter would not come as a surprise if they do not pay their taxes

  • comment-avatar
    Charles Frizell 8 years ago

    ROFL – in a Civilised country – the law applies to EVERYONE.

    These idiots are unbelieveablly greedy indeed

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    It follows then that they should be exempt from driving on our roads. I am sure this will bring down the accident statistics

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    Fundani Moto 8 years ago

    It’s interesting that MPs are supposed to be representing people who elected them and yet they want to be exempted from all the “pain” that their constituencies are going through; how can they have a grasp of the realities of the daily struggles of a Zimbabwean if they live in their own “bubble”? Go to any civilized country, you will not see legislators exempt from paying tolls.

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    And the next thing we will hear about is “The legislators” will be exempt from all income taxes too. Legislators – what an important sounding word for members of parliament – Zimbabwe certainly does keep us all amused & guessing with its antics – what will it do next ?
    Amai Grace Mugabe for President – she might even do a better job than the present 91 year old ?

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      JRR56 8 years ago

      They don’t pay income tax apart from their official salary, Mugabe earns I think $US 5000 per anum?

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    feared by zanupf 8 years ago

    Zim is full of fools

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      Are we not those fools??????? We have become a nation of doormats who allow ourselves to be walked over by ZPF and who allow them to wipe their dirty boots on us. Wake up Zimbabwe!

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    ngororombe 8 years ago

    Is this exemption from the people or its an imposition, these guys are just creating their honey heaven at the expense their fellow dump tied zimbos, what are they worth to push for that benefit, if it is difficult to pay toll charges I would advise them to quit the job and see what real life is like

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    ngororombe 8 years ago

    Once they quit then we can sing the same song and some sense will be sent into the suffocating economy

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    Mukanya 8 years ago

    Exemption from reasoning is also proper for these Parly goons.