Mnangagwa speaks on succession

via Mnangagwa speaks on succession – DailyNews Live  15 August 2014 by Mugove Tafirenyika

HARARE – Emmerson Mnangagwa, the Justice minister, has said succession in the ruling party is a matter that will be handled by Zanu PF elders at the appropriate time.

In an exclusive interview with ZiFM Stereo last week, Mnangagwa — reportedly locked in a succession duel with vice president Joice Mujuru — denied that he led a faction vying to succeed 90-year-old President Robert Mugabe.

The Chirimhanzu-Zibagwe lawmaker also defended Mujuru, saying nobody has ever heard her saying she led a faction.
Mnangagwa said the purported factional fights in his Zanu PF were a creation of greenhorn journalists.

Mnangagwa’s assertion is in stark contradiction to President Robert Mugabe who at both the Youth and Women’s League conferences admitted that factions exist and they had caused mayhem in Zanu PF.

He said party cadres had an orientation that politics led the gun and that political leaders were responsible for making decisions, some of which may not be challenged by regular party members.

Mnangagwa said presently, there was no vacancy in the presidium, therefore he could not talk about any bid for the presidency, even if supporters were to nominate him.

Vanenge vakamira pai? Ko varipo vanenge vaindepi? Ndokushupa kwevana vaduku ikoko. Zvinokurukugwa; zvine matare. Imi mune shungu, asi dzinongova shungu. Dai wanga uri pano pandasvika pano, ndanogara namai Mujuru ndichifa nekuseka, ndichiseka imi kuti pwere dziya dziri pano (What power would they be using? These things are discussed by party elders, yours is just a wish and will remain so. I was laughing at you with VP Mujuru as  I sat next to her),” Mnangagwa said.

Zvinenge zvakarongwa nevakuru, vashoma vakuru vanoronga kuti nyika yedu yoenda nekupi. Haugari chigaro chekuti nyika inoenda kupi vakuru vasingadi. (It has to be agreed to by the leadership, very few seniors plan the direction that the country should take, because you do not get power when they have not anointed you).”

Mnangagwa said all party cadres had an obligation to carry out whatever duties the leadership would have assigned, without questioning.

The Zanu PF secretary for legal affairs warned impatient party cadres to wait for their chance to lead, saying even God had his trusted lieutenants with whom he discussed important matters.

He said there was protocol to be followed in Zanu PF, which is based on seniority for one to assume the leadership of the party.

Zvoto zvinamazera. Haungoti iwe madhara akagara apo, newe wonogaravo. Kana kudenga kune zvoto, zvoto zvengirozi, kwaigoti Mwari naJesu, nemweya mutsvene (Not everyone can be involved in decision making. When elders deliberate, the young cadres do not attend and it’s the same even in heaven where it was only God, Jesus and the holy spirit that congregated),” Mnangagwa said.

Kana panyika pane zvoto zvapo, saka ziva kuti kune zvoto zvavakuru, zviderera zvichiderera. Kana mumusangano, vamwe havazivi zvoto zvavo, vanotozozviziva nemitemo yandinenge ndanyora,  vozoziva kuti ichi choto, handifaniri kupinda (Even here on earth as well as in Zanu PF there is protocol, but others do not know their roles, they only get it when we interpret the rules for them),” the Zanu PF legal affairs supremo said.


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    PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday said he together with all the members of the Zanu PF politburo and central committee will have to resign their posts to allow for election of…

    Resign Man.

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    Mnangagwa represents a terrible culture of dictatorship. Mugabe argues better than him. Shame!

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    Mapingu 7 years ago

    No rocket science from EM. Ari kungogwara mufungwa senguva dzose.(one would say, this is simply clowning as usual). Point is: zvoto zvavavakuru here or zvoto zvavagwere vafungwa, zviri kuitiwa neANU PF?

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    mandy 7 years ago

    Mnangagwa takes his script from a wrong narrative that is based on the concept of a permanent revolution and that of feudalism. That is in spite of his legal back ground. It is a shame indeed.

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    Rwendo 7 years ago

    Spoken like a dictator in waiting. We are all little children and it is up to his small inner group of wise elders to decide our fate.

    1. Ironically, so far what he says has been the reality of our situation. And they have done a stinker of a job. 2. Is it any wonder the nation trends to be either frightened or else repulsed by this patronizing man and his birds of a feather, with their sense of ‘We are not to be questioned’ and their ruthless methods.

    The God he alludes to gives us free choice. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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    God and Jesus will have no say in who comes to power – stop trying to fool the povo with all this religious claptrap Crocodile !!

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    chrispen phiri 7 years ago

    ziva choto chako Kkkkkk zvimwe hauchizivi tichaita kuti uzive choto chako Kkkkkk

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    austin 7 years ago

    “All party cadres have a duty to carry out their assignments without question.” Says Mnangagwa. That explains the A Team’s activities but it does not make them legal.

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    Kevin Watson 7 years ago

    What a load of pretentious claptrap by a man who is as corrupt as the Matobo Hills are old, as well as being guilty of genocide.

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    What I have gathered people hate EM with a passion! !!!! Neither do I like the sly guy.

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    JONSO THE HERO 7 years ago

    The crocodile, the former bodyguard will never rule Zim. I Jinso the Savior of Zimbabwe will work close with him to destroy from within. Remember my words that ZANU PF can only be destroyed from within.My job is give more arsenal to the disliked, as such confusion will rein. You see how I influenced Oppah to bring mummy.mummy. Mudhara was mad at me the last few day but Diesel in trouble you see. Wait Zimbos you will thank me Jonso at the end. I work honestly and diligently but making sure they press the wrong buttons

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    Chairman 7 years ago

    Spiritual masterpiece from the minister. Ahhh mukuru uyu anotaura mashoko akanaka chose, vanhu vachingotaurisa zvisina basa

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    Zombi 7 years ago

    “It has to be agreed to by the leadership, very few seniors plan the direction that the country should take, because you do not get power when they have not anointed you”

    …. And Zimbabwe is a democracy, where the people set the agenda, and elect leaders to take them to that promised land. Does power not reside with the people in a democracy? Are the people not the ones that give power (inga wani we always have free and fair elections, where we choose who we want to give power to)

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    tonyme 7 years ago

    It is frightening to hear this kind of threat. Nobody has such seniority to claim and dictate that some people should stay out of the way and leave only a few to make decisions. Even God gave us a sense of choice. Regardless of the Heavenly hierarchy, there is a different order in Zimbabwe that we all fought for. People who went to war and those who remained banded together and suffered under the Smith army. Now one man is dictating that only a few people should voice and the rest should shut up and wait. There has been a lot of waiting for the past 34 years and what have we got? Potholes on roads, empty bank accounts, no education, poor health standards, joblessness, no transportation, no water, no electricity only to mention things wrong today. We need everybody’s input and make the best out of the educated and young Zimbabweans.

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    Taizivei 7 years ago

    Despite what everyone has said here in response to Mnangagwa’s interview …here is a man with confidence and knows what he is talking about .. JOC Chairman !!! It’s true ..nhaka inogarwa nematanho ayo !!

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    john muzata 7 years ago

    Zimbabweans must be allowed to choose a leader freely and fairly in a democratic ellection.People must not forget the contribution of munangagwa to the liberation of zimbabwe.He is next in line for presidency if he wins ellections.Even if he looses zimbabweeans should be thankfull to his efforts in the liberation of the country.He is a very important person to have in the leadership.He might not be the president but be somewhere near.