MPs slam Mzembi’s Fifa World Cup bid

via MPs slam Mzembi’s Fifa World Cup bid – DailyNews Live 10 July 2014 by Chengetai Zvauya

HARARE – Walter Mzembi, the Tourism minister, was yesterday asked by legislators to assure them that Zimbabwe had the capacity to host  the Fifa World Cup  in 2034.

Mandi Chimene, deputy Zanu PF chief whip, fielded the question, demanding that Mzembi clarify his statement that government was bidding to host the World Cup.

Mzembi told the legislators that he was confident  that the bid would be accepted by Fifa.

“I spoke to Fifa president Sepp Blatter during the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa and he told me that it was possible for Zimbabwe to host the 2034 Fifa World Cup as long as we keep on having such big dreams and vision,” Mzembi told the National Assembly.

“We are also encouraged by South Africa which managed to host it in 2010. South Africa had made a regional bid on behalf  of the region as they had promised to  bring some of the matches here, so we refurbished Rufaro Stadium,  Barbourfields Stadium and National Sports Stadium. But South Africa decided to host the matches in their stadiums. But we are glad that Brazil flew over and played against us.”

However, most of the MPs expressed their pessimism on the bid, referring to it as a pipe dream.

James Maridadi, an MDC MP, said it was better to aim to host the  continental tournaments rather  than  big  sports events.

Mzembi defended his stance, saying that there was need to plan ahead to host the event.

“I am disappointed with the pessimistic attitude from the MPs,” Mzembi said. “It is extremely unfortunate. Everyone in the nation should support this bid as I know that maybe the players who will play in that tournament might not yet be  born.”


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    The shadow 10 years ago

    I think its possible to host the W.C. in Zimbabwe.For starters the Zifa led clowns with their boss Jojo will long be gone.We have legends like Peter Ndlovu,Benj,Mapeza,Musona as part of that dream in the future executive of Zifa.l support you Mr Mzembe,people only need faith .

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    Ha ha ha ha, the though that these clowns who could not organise a booze up in a brewery would ever even be considered to hold a Sunday morning football match let alone a world cup is joke

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    Walter Mzembi has his head firmly stuck in the clouds. Hehas this amazing capacity for grandiosity. \\delusional agt best. be realistic.
    like the FIFA boss said….”it was possible for Zimbabwe to host the 2034 Fifa World Cup as long as we keep on having such big dreams and vision,”…

    A statement Im sure he would tell every no hoper (Mzembi included) because it means nothing.

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    Jenandebvu 10 years ago

    How many years are there b4 2034, Walter? How many of you will survive the turbulence of political change? Where does Mugabe death in a few years or months leave that hope? Can’t you ready that that Zim ll be isolated to take part after Chiwenga/Chihuri/ Shiri takes over power soon

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    Mscynic 10 years ago

    Will the airport road be completed by then?

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      DubboZimbo 10 years ago

      Haha be serious, maybe by the following world cup, one step at a time……backwards, sideways but never forwards.

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    Shamhu YeNhanzva 10 years ago

    The war vets would probably be demanding free tickets & the best seats even 20 years from now!

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    Clive Sutherland 10 years ago

    Ha ha ha, What next, A Zimbabwe space programme perhaps with a trip to Mars!

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    Walter Mzembi – should immediately be renamed as Minister of Future Developments – possibly to build another Kariba on the Zambezi and a new power station at Gokwe.Also rebuild the railways and Air Zimbabwe – oh and while he is forecasting maybe he could build 4 lane highways in all directions. Microsoft will come and build a computer plant as well. SASOL will build an oil from coal plant at Hwange.Following on from these positive activities Toyota and BMW will no doubt pile in to keep us in up to date vehicles.
    There will be no need whatsoever to produce food as we will import it from poorer countries like Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique and South Africa.
    And to follow this success Zimbabwe should host the 2024 Olympic Games.
    Zimbabawe in the mid 2020’s will be so successful that Walter Mzembi will be named the new Secretary General of the United Nations.

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      Petal 10 years ago

      ho ho ho ho ho! Minister of Dreamers would be the best position for him!

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    Senzachena 10 years ago

    No water in the taps, no electricity, sewage floating through the stadium. Where would you put the gate takings with the banks all closed. Dream on idiot

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    Delusional chap. Samples of his drinking water, need to be sent to the WHO for testing.

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    The Mind Boggles 10 years ago

    The most hilarious article I’ve ever read , who would turn up?? North Korea and Somalia perhaps!!! They would be better off holding the world cup of stupidity at least we know we have leaders who would win medals

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    Chanisa 10 years ago

    Naysayers differ from dreamers in that all they do is indulge in inaction because life is so hard to try new ways of thinking or initiatives. At least dreamers provide the seed for future action. Quite often outlandish dreams, like going to the moon or exploding an atom weapon or liberating Zimbabwe, have demonstrably succeeded in the face of naysayer discouragement. Only with a big dream can you achieve something modest. Modest dreams achieve less than modest outcomes.

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    Straight Shooter 10 years ago

    Uyahlanya lo. They could not even manage to host the African Cup of Nations and eventually it was taken away from them, now ba boa masipa fela; ba tswa ko kaye batho ba mo?

    You will only host the World Cup the day you stop stealing tax payers’ money and travelling on unnecessary international junkets!!

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    zanupf fear me 10 years ago

    Who says zanupf will be around in 2034? Let alone 2015 !!!!!!

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    Tonde 10 years ago

    too bad that zimbabweans see our circumstances as permanent, im not zanu pf person but on this i do support the minister. his call indirectly is that we need to restructure our policies to favour development that is expected of in the 21st century, infrastructure,technology etc. it is very possible if we all focus and do best in all that we do, surely we can!!