Mugabe is aware of farm invasions — Dabengwa

via Mugabe is aware of farm invasions — Dabengwa – DailyNews Live 20 AUGUST 2014 by Jeffrey Muvundisi

BULAWAYO – Dumiso Dabengwa, the opposition Zapu president,  has said President Robert Mugabe is much aware of the on-going farm invasions in Matabeleland but for reasons best known to himself, is not doing anything.

Dabengwa, whose Ruddy Farm in Nyamandlovu was recently invaded by Zanu PF youths, claimed in an interview with the Daily News yesterday that the latest spate of fresh farm invasions had the blessings from the highest office in the land. The Daily News could not independently verify these claims.

Bulawayo City Council-owned Mazwi Sanctuary was last month grabbed by Zanu PF youths, who have since camped in the land. Early this month, Ray Ndhlukula, deputy chief secretary in the office of the President and Cabinet, invaded Dartnelly Farm owned by David Connolly, which is about 45 kilometres south west of Bulawayo.

However, invaders at Dabengwa’s farm have since retreated in unclear circumstances.

“Obviously, President Mugabe is aware of what is happening and if he wants he can put a stop on the invasions,” Dabengwa said. “Mugabe reads newspapers every day and is apprised of what is happening by his ministers in their meetings including the politburo.

“He is a national leader who has got the power to intervene when he wants.”

The Zapu leader said he was astonished on why no action had been taken against the invaders yet the new Constitution outlaws such action.

Dabengwa, a former Home Affairs minister, said “I won’t seek any audience with him.”

“If need be, we will take it upon ourselves as Zapu to defend anyone who was legally given land in Matabeleland region,” he said.

He said he was surprised by the “deliberate targeting” of farms in Matabeleland.

“People in the region are obviously angered and that should be corrected quickly before that anger escalates into something else, which is unfortunate,” he said. Dabengwa, who was known as the “Black Russian” during the liberation struggle, claimed Zanu PF bigwigs were persecuting him.

“They are persecuting me because they are saying Dabengwa is not compliant when others like Joshua Nkomo, Simon Khaya Moyo, John Land-Nkomo and Kembo Mohadi have been compliant.  It’s only me who is a rebel in the region and I have to be dealt with. Unfortunately, I am sorry that won’t be possible,” he said.


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    Petal 8 years ago

    the senile 90 year old geriatric does not give a stuff Matabeleland wake up the geriatric does not give a stuff when the companies are closing down at an alarming rate

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    jobolinko 8 years ago

    offcourse he knows he will never respect people who are not zanu and their properties

  • comment-avatar
    avenger/revenger 8 years ago

    Robber mugarbage the effeminate fairy. His wet weak handshake is like a slimy fish. I know sadly from previous experience

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Mugabe is the symbol of everything that has failed

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    Welcome to the club of the ignored/sidelined majority Mr Dabengwa. The cows have come to roost in your back yard and hurrah you see the light!!! You loved the chaos when it started and you would have remained shtum on “your farm” had it not been for the “misfortune” that has befallen you.
    I guess what you want ids for us all to empathise and fight your war for you.

    Im definitely not bovvvered! Unless Mr Dabengwa you help us all regain our dignity and pride whether we are farm owners, not farm owners of never been to war.

    • comment-avatar
      Straight Shooter 8 years ago

      You, Tswangirayi and many of the Shona speaking supporters of the MDC-T are equally:

      “Welcome to the club of the ignored/sidelined majority Mr Dabengwa. The cows have come to roost in your back yard and hurrah you see the light!!! ……”

      You loved the gukurahundi chaos when it started in the 1980s immediately after you voted them in… since it was directed at Mthwakazi/Matebeleland/Midlands people, who supported PF ZAPU…..whilst you all,including Tswangirayi, Makoni and virtually each and every Shona….”

      You were totally unconcerned as you shouted insults against anyone Ndebele; telling them to go back to South Africa. You burnt down our homes, villages under the guise of dealing with dissidents – a mere 300 or so; many of whom were a creation of your then party ZANU PF.

      Those were you happy days as many of you Shonas celebrated and shouted “Ngomo zidumbu….zimuNdevere”!!!

      Today your are crying – you made your bed, so please just shut up and sleep on it – enjoy ZANU PF Gukurahundism, for had you not given Mugabe this Shona-tribally driven overwhelming mandate to govern – we would not be in the situation we find ourselves today!!!

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        Go away Straight Shooter . Who said I am Shona?
        Stop making assumptions you fool.
        You expect me to love every Ndebele speaking person and hate every Shona speaking person..
        Dabengwa supped with Mugabe for a long time unttil their relationship soured. If that had not happened would he not still be enjoying the fruits of Zimbabwe at Mugabe’s side while the rest of us SHONA/NDEBELE/KALANGA whatever suffer?

        Stop talking nonsense. You think you are the only one affected by the GUKURAHUNDI MASSACRES????

        Shut you mouth because you know nothing about me

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          Straight Shooter 8 years ago

          Dabengwa explained at length for the umpteenth time, that they went into the marriage of convenience with the gukurahundis under duress.

          They had no choice as people were dying; children were losing out on school and there was no development in Mthwakazi.

          You created Mugabe the monster; the gukurahundi savage – live with him and leave Dr Dabengwa alone!

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          maprie! 8 years ago

          In the Zimbabwean parliament, its only the late Mujuru and Dabengwa who have directly challenged Mugabe about his dealings and to step down. So when has DD enjoyed supping with ZANU?

          Remember DD was arrested without any charged even wgen the court of law acquitted him but he was detained, totured with Lookout Mafela.

          DD has always been a threat to Bob and will always be!

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    MikeH 8 years ago

    Of course mugabe is aware of farm invasions …. the twat started them !!!

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    Petal 8 years ago

    That 90 Geriatric is just a selfish evil A….

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    makhonjwa 8 years ago

    Dabengwa be seious in life how many years you was enjoying in Zanu pf now you seeking for help?why can’t you train your on solder to fight agenst zanu.what was happean to syden Malunga its same what is going to happean to you?Mgabe knows very well what is happeaning in Zimbabwe?akuliwe agenst amashona bahambe kubo sebegcwele koByo thina asiyi eHarare?futhi yibo abavotela uMugabe now they run away for what?bangafaka umuntu abangamufuniyo kanjani?nxaaaa