Mugabe’s 2018 plan greeted with scorn

via Mugabe’s 2018 plan greeted with scorn – DailyNews Live  21 August 2014 by Gift Phiri

HARARE – The ruling Zanu PF’s plans to field President Robert Mugabe as its presidential candidate in 2018 elections has been greeted with widespread disbelief and scorn by his foes.

The Zanu PF Women’s League’s sixth congress that ended last weekend agreed to rally around the candidacy of Mugabe, who will be 94 at the next polls.

This was after the women also pledged that they would fully support him to retain the first secretary’s post over the next five years. Mugabe’s candidacy is expected to be officially announced after a party congress scheduled for December in Harare.

Mugabe accepted the nomination last Friday in a keynote address. The 90-year-old Mugabe spoke confidently for about an hour before a crowd of cheering loyalists, who occasionally interrupted him to shout and applaud, at one point raising their fists and chanting: “Pamberi naGushungo!”

Ndinoda kukutendai zvikuru neresolution yamapasisa (I want to thank you for this resolution), the resolution whereby you state that I should be the sole candidate wenyu (for you) for the presidency,” he said.

Mugabe, who defeated the opposition MDC in a controversial vote last year that has been described as “rigged”, is hugely popular among Zanu PF voters, and also has a loyal following among elder voters, an increasingly influential demographic group in Zimbabwe.

But Mugabe’s domestic foes were yesterday scornful and dismissive of the plan.

The resolution was sledged by the opposition as yet another attempt by the Zanu PF regime to cling to power and does nothing to advance the Zimbabwean people’s goal of a political transition.

Describing the resolution as being detached from reality, Alex Magaisa, a law professor and former aide of opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai,  said the decision was made because Zanu PF could not deal with its succession conundrum.

“This is a period of potentially career-threatening injuries and everyone is hedging their bets,” Magaisa told the Daily News yesterday.

“Nominating Mugabe means they are not agreed and cannot agree on who should succeed him. This means a section of the party has no confidence in the Vice President Joice Mujuru and she has a big fight on her hands if she is to succeed Mugabe.”

Publisher and academic Ibbo Mandaza said the resolution showed that Mugabe wanted to die in office and was part of an attempt to eliminate Mujuru from the succession race.

The resolution was made after the Women’s League had handpicked Mugabe’s wife Grace to be its new head in a move analysts say was a masterstroke aimed at diluting the power of Mujuru, a party “moderate”, who until now was widely seen as the heir apparent and hot favourite in the race to succeed Mugabe.

Magaisa said those contesting Mujuru’s potential leadership do not have the guts to put forward their names and back their intentions.

“So they are cowardly hiding behind the nonagenarian, abusing him in the process,” he told the Daily News.

“No one takes Zimbabwe seriously right now and no one will in four years time with Zanu PF putting forward an elderly gentleman as their candidate.

“It doesn’t do the country any good. They are not serious and it makes no sense even to fools in the street. One can only imagine that it is being done to frustrate Joice Mujuru and satisfy president Mugabe’s desire to spend the rest of his years in office.”

Besides undermining Mujuru, the move would only allow the Zanu PF regime to further perpetuate its oppression of the Zimbabwean people, opposition officials said.

“It’s infantile behaviour and collective senility because this constant adoration of an individual who is clearly negotiating with his ancestors for a safe place to rest does not take the nation anywhere,” Jacob Mafume, spokesperson of the MDC renewal team, said.

“The issue of Mugabe’s successor has become an issue of national security. It is the duty of Zanu PF to be able to retire Mugabe in a manner that will not humiliate him. What they are doing is now exposing him to ridicule bordering on the offence of denigrating the Office of the President.

“If they want, the whole nation is available to retire this man with some shred of dignity. For a party that claims to be visionary, their inability to see beyond one man is telling.”

Simba Makoni’s opposition Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn maintained their position that Mugabe has to step aside and allow for political transition.

“It shows that Zanu PF yapererwa (has run out of ideas), they have no direction, they don’t think about the future,” Evans Sagomba, MKD spokesperson said.

“Mugabe has no role to play in the future of Zimbabwe. They should allow the old man to go and rest. People in their right senses won’t endorse something like that.

“Mugabe will be 94 in 2018 and what can a 94-year-old man do? What new ideas can he bring on the table? What new things can he introduce now that he has failed to implement in the last 34 years?

“Zanu PF is holding Zimbabweans at ransom and history will judge them harshly.”

Mugabe, a teacher with an impressive string of degrees, has ruled Zimbabwe since 1980.

Madock Chivasa, spokesperson for the opposition National Constitutional Assembly said: “They got a mandate to govern and instead of focusing on improving people’s livelihoods, they just think of elections. It’s the highest level of emptiness from a party in government.”


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    The worst visionless Party ever. Time is the best judge ever. 2018 mugabe president, my foot!

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    Mapingu 8 years ago

    Makoni & Dabengwa saw it fit that Mugabe shld continue to rule after almost 30 yrs of failure. Would these guys & anyone of their ilk see things otherwise after such a very short space of time?

    Selfishnes! selfshines! selfishness!….. is the name of the game in Zim.

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    avenger/revenger 8 years ago

    String of ” degrees ” ???????? Obtained from OK bazaars lucky dip packet and highly dubious suspect “institutions “. This festering cadaver is of a pompous village idiot. Humbug.

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Mugabe should be stuffed and embalmed like Lenin. The he can lead for ever. Do it now. We would all like to watch

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    Any degrees mugabe has were got in rhodesian prisons now they cant even feed the prisoners

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    Petal 8 years ago

    is the 90 year old contemplating clingin like a spider clinging to its web- he will be 94 in 2018

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    the white man just keeps on laughing.these zanu comedians should get awards for their jokes.

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    Roving Eagle 8 years ago

    So it is the women’s league that makes decisions for the party!! What a bunch of imbeciles. If it was the men’s league or youth league it would still be horrible. How does a single section of the party which has no known prerogative over an issue out of the blues have absolute say over that issue.

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    ZANU-PF will obviously endorse the Fossil Mugabe because it is blind as a bat, it can’t see, it can’t hear,its bodily functions have slowed down to near collapse and it can’t run on those oedematous legs to catch any of them when they rob and bleed the country. They tell the fossil where on the dotted line to sign cheques and thats about all it can do.
    The Fossil is a good cover for the thieves.
    Sadly after 2018 even if by the stroke of Satan Mugabe comes back it will be his last and nature will force these thieves to face the inevitable.


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    Tinomunamataishe 8 years ago

    Mugabe’s acceptance of the 2018 nomination shows the kind of individual he is – he is so arrogant, self centred, greedy, selfish and power hungry. The guy will be 94 and how dare can he even accept being nominated to run for presidency. At the moment he is dismally failing to run the country and I doubt he will even be able to run a social club.

    It also shows how bankrupt of ideas Zanu PF is, all they think about is power and corruption. They get the power and then use that power to fan corruption and now they are super rich when the country itself is in dire straits and very poor.

    All concerned Zimbabweans should make sure that this endorsement comes to nothing and deem it hollow. The country cannot be allowed to be run by people well past their use by date anymore and still expect it to progress.

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    Justice 8 years ago

    Laughing stock of the world!

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    No ID 8 years ago

    I hope he lives to see 94,so he can make an even bigger fool out of himself… Zanu pf is so PATHETIC.

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    Gomogranny 8 years ago

    Ha ha…the joke continues…into oblivion.

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    Ndaneta ndaneta 8 years ago

    Mugabe ka! ha yaa-a ndanyarara.

    Ko iyo MDC vo! ko ku fokasa on your own!

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    Expat 8 years ago

    All I can say is that when a real opposition finally get’s to take over, and it will, making changes to our Country and how it runs will be very easy to get the approval of the general populace. This will probably make whoever it turns out to be, the most popular group in African politicians ever. You certainly can not have buffons such as these, continue to make decisions for a country and a people such as ours!

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    Twinn 8 years ago

    They keep doing the same thing hoping for a different result. Now what does that say about our current leaders – all fools. Zanu-twats, cluless bunch!!!

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    senzachena 8 years ago

    They had better make sure that there is a good supply of adult nappies available. We cannot have our loved and revered President fouling himself during his acceptance speech. What a pathetic bunch of arse licking imbeciles!

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    Cecil 8 years ago

    Wont be surprised if SADC select the 94 year old man for Chairmanship again??? Seems like all SADC leaders are living in the analogue age when we are supposed to be in the digital age