Mujuru gatecrashes poll anniversary

via Mujuru gatecrashes poll anniversary, claims she was not invited | The Zimbabwean 01 August 2014

Joice Mujuru, President Robert Mugabe’s deputy in Zanu (PF) and government, yesterday betrayed the disorderly way in which the party organised a bash to celebrate its contested election victory last year.

The anniversary was held at State House where Mugabe gave the keynote address in the presence of cabinet ministers, service chiefs, party structures and invited businesspeople.

Mujuru, who was tasked with introducing Mugabe, said she had not been invited to the event but decided to come despite that.

“Takangoita zvekunzwa neguwa. (We heard about the anniversary through rumour). Despite that, I rushed to attend saying I should not be left behind,” Mujuru said.

The event was announced through the media on Thursday.

Party hawks from the women’s league are reportedly plotting to remove Mujuru from her current position and, in turn, the possibility of her succeeding Mugabe.

Mugabe, on his part, admitted that the anniversary was mooted and organised at the last minute on Wednesday.

“They (the party organisers) came up with the idea against the run of time and I said, go ahead if that is what is proper,” he said.

A number of senior party members failed to attend the occasion, which however went without hiccups despite starting more than an hour later.

Conspicuous by their absence were party national chairman, Simon Khaya-Moyo and Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda, who Mugabe said were away on other missions.

He also said the First Lady, Grace, had travelled out of the country with her daughter, Bona.

Jonathan Moyo, the Information minister who was a losing candidate in Tsholotsho, was also not present.

However, some guests travelled all the way from Bulawayo and other parts of the country, among them war veterans leader, Jabulani Sibanda, and arrived just in time for the ceremony.

Mugabe, in his speech at the anniversary, thanked his followers for uniting to give him and his party a resounding victory in the 2013 general elections.

On the same day, however, the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai led demonstrations in Harare against the elections which the opposition party maintains were rigged.

Mugabe challenged people who were alleging poll fraud to provide evidence to prove their claim.


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    gorongoza 7 years ago

    zvichapondana manje manje!

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    Tongoona 7 years ago

    Grace could not attend this function because of shame for gatecrashing into the ZANU PF political arena in particular the stealing of other people’s jobs for example Oppa’s job. Grace called Oppa a terrorist. The real terrorist in this country is Grace herself. Look how she is covetously terrorizing settlers who she without remorse removed from Mazowe. Now she is at large running away from her gnawing shame. It is good that ZPF is rubbishing itself to its nigh end.

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    Tongona get facts right. Oppa is the one campaigning for Grace. She cannot be against Grace. Many people do not care really who does what at zanupf. They are looking of ways to create a Zimbabwe free from politicians who are feeding from their blood, condeming millions to misery.

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    Wilbert Mukori 7 years ago

    Mugabe challenged people who were alleging poll fraud to provide evidence to prove their claim.

    We have heard the same dirty trick before during the days of colonial rule when the Police would beat up a victim to death and bury him and then claim he died of heart-attack or something stupid. They will challenge those saying otherwise to produce the evidence! Now we are seeing Mugabe using the same dirty trick.

    Mugabe has refused to release the voters roll because he knows it is the smoking gun in the rigged elections.

    Fortunately for the country there were just too many people involved in the vote rigging; the full details are there to be uncovered. Even the corrupted voters roll is there; people like Jonathan Moyo and Nikuv operatives will have a copy and will even explain who did what if put under pressure. Mugabe can be sure that the right pressure will be applied.

    Mugabe and his Zanu PF cronies should know that the evidence of the rigged elections will be amassed and they will be held to account!

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    mugabeishasha 7 years ago

    Mugabe is a very cunning and careless person who cares about his immediate family. I forgive him for this short sightedness because no one advises him of this. Mugabe has discovered that the current crop of politicians around him are useless and worse than him, they do not care the less about the masses. So it’s better for him to leave in his family’s responsibility. i agree with that. its better than leaving it in mnangagwa’s hands

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    disgrace 7 years ago

    ZANUPF yayemahumbwe chaiwo pondanai tione .Asi Grace akadarudzwa kuita president ndskutochinja citizenship bye bye Zimbabwe

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    “Mugabe challenged people who were alleging poll fraud to provide evidence to prove their claim.”
    The evidence lies in the polling boxes and the voters rolls used. However the ZEC and the courts are refusing to accept even one single challenge. Witness Jameson Timba being refused the constitutional right to lodge a challenge in the Mount Pleasant constituency.
    It is this sort of double-speak and weasel trickery that have united Zimbabweans in their dislike and mistrust of Mr Mugabe.

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    Now that is an interesting one: celebrating a theft and a deception. Dear Mr President, surely God Himself will produce the proof and you will be left trembling in fear. No one will cook the books on judgment day.

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    Totally not so interested in any of these hounds squabbles. They can stone each other to death if they so wish. The sooner the better.

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    Michael Saruchera 7 years ago

    Release the electronic voters’ role and we will show you.

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    feared by zanupf 7 years ago

    Nikuv can’t rig Mugabe descent to hell !!!!!

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    The Swagman 7 years ago


  • comment-avatar
    The Swagman 7 years ago

    What Voters Roll, the machines are broken people,
    how many times do I have to repeat myself?

    You Zimbabweans are so thick, did we not re-educate you
    well enough, during the “harmonized” Elections.

    Also, what Gukaruhundi, what, what – I am Robert Gabriel Mugarbage, your ‘Illegal’ Life President.

    Oops!Sorry, Excuse me, I did a poo-poo,
    I need Grace to change my nappie!

    Stop with this Nikuv, Voter Roll, conspiracy,
    I am your Liberator, and demoted MBE, remember!

    Damn the Queen, Tony Blair, Barack Obama and, yes,
    why am I excluded from the All Africa Meeting in
    Washington, why? Because i like to take a catnap?

    Those bloody Yanks, shame, shame and shame on them
    Can’t you at least give dis-Grace a chance at Gucci, Neaman Marcus
    and Lord and Taylor’s, after all these “Sanctioned” years!

    You people have no heart, no empathy for an old Dictator…….

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    kutongwa nonjazi 7 years ago

    First evidence, … Surrender the VOTERS ROLL. You are in possession of 90% of it

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    Time will tell wait and see ,gure richafumuka manje manje.

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    truth commissioner 7 years ago

    the voters role is a bit like the emperors new clothes methinks