NGOs align projects to Zim Asset

via NGOs align projects to Zim Asset | The Zimbabwean 3 July 2014 by Nelson Sibanda

Projects undertaken by the NGO community to empower Zimbabweans through tackling poverty have been aligned with Zim Assset.

Cephas Zinhumwe, the chief executive officer with the National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations, said members of the organisation played a pivotal role in capacitating communities to be self-sufficient.

Despite numerous challenges, NGOs continue to empower communities across the country through research and funding of income-generating projects. Though some NGOs specialise in human rights, the majority promote community-based income generating activities – particularly in agriculture.

In line with Zim Asset, the government’s economic blue-print, Zinhumwe said NGOs were committed to helping improve incomes and living standards, especially among the poor. In order to accelerate economic growth, many focus on technology transfer.

For example, Practical Action is providing pipes, small generators and water pumps to pump water to agriculture projects. According to Zinhumwe, some NGOs were in the solar power field, to help communities beat the challenges caused by frequentpower outages.

Besides project funding, NGOs conduct research into the specific needs of different communities, provide relevant training and assist in scouting for markets. According to Zinhumwe, demands by government for memoranda of understanding and other requirements disturb the smooth flow of NGO activities.

During election season, NGOs face serious threats to their programmes and personal security as they are caught between inter-party struggles.

Before the July 2013 elections, several NGO offices were invaded by police while some staff members were arrested as government accuse them of harbouring regime change agenda.

NANGO is a non-party political, non-profit making and non-denomination coordinating body that takes a leading role in facilitating collaboration among NGOs.