One step at a time, Grace

via One step at a time, Grace – DailyNews Live 10 August 2014

HARARE – First Lady, Grace Mugabe, will never cease to amaze.

In the last two weeks, she has made headlines especially following her nomination to lead the Zanu PF women’s league.

She has gone about threatening everyone she believes wants to place obstacles either on her political career or her business interests which include vast tracts of prime land in the Mazowe area.

Grace has also publicly admitted to having an affair with President Robert Mugabe, while the 90-year-old’s Ghanaian wife, Sally, was on her death bed. Grace wedded Mugabe following Sally’s death.

She astonishingly claimed that there was nothing wrong in men marrying as many women as they wanted and took a swipe at the media for writing about the issue.

But what Grace needs to understand is that in politics, a week is too long. She needs to slow down and become the mother of the nation. Grace needs to speak like the mother of the 14 million people in the country.

Surely, we can’t have a president’s wife threatening people left, right and centre instead of focussing on national issues.

While everyone understands that power corrupts, we believe that Grace is moving far ahead of normal pace. Like what Mahatma Gandhi said “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a step” we urge the First Lady to take a breath and slow down because politics is a brutal game.

Why is she in a hurry, and why is she so agitated that in a space of two weeks, she has attacked Zanu PF officials, the media and a deputy minister?

Last week, Grace savaged, Zanu PF Mazowe South Member of Parliament, Fortune Chasi, whose crime was to stand for his people whose land is allegedly being grabbed by the First Lady.

Grace owns huge tracts of land in Mazowe and has been on crusade taking more and is currently embroiled in a row with over 1 000 families whose land she reportedly wants to take over.

What Grace needs to understand is that politics is journey which needs people who are patient and who treat others as equals.

This idea of displacing people from their properties will only make her unpopular. This habit of using public forums to personally attack vulnerable people like Chasi will not help her in any way and this will be her downfall.

The fact that Grace  is the wife of the president does not in any way mean that she can trample on people’s rights and it also does not mean she is above the law.


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    revenger-avenger 7 years ago

    We remember well what happened to maria Antoinette and Louis xiv. History repeats itself grace and robber. Same goes for your thieving aristocratic clique. Mob justice will wipe out your arrogance zanoids

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    John Thomas 7 years ago

    Dear Grace stay home, you are not wanted.

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    Kakwinya 7 years ago

    Having an orphanage at the expense of other citizens”s land is like robbing Peter to pay John.

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    What is the writer talking about? “Grace needs to slow down and become the mother of a nation.” She will NEVER be a mother to any nation. Unless there is a deep broken repentance. Remember how she treated the elderly owners of Ironmask farm and the farm staff; with absolute callous hardness: not a shred of mercy. Truly this woman needs our prayers. She is on a very slippery slope to no where.

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    Mseyamwa 7 years ago

    Hanzi kana tikakupai gudo mucharivhotera. Haana nechimwe chaataura kuti achada kuitirawo kana kuita nemadzimai amuvhoteta. No policy for the organization whose leadership she has just assumed. Its all about her grabbing power firmly and amassing more assets. I think iyi ndiyo ZimAsset chaiyo not the other document raMoyo.

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    I totally resent being called one of the 14million children of Grace simply because some fool married her and gave her the title First Lady.. Pleeezzzzz !!!!!GRACE IS not MY MOTHER she could never be my mother. She is a foul mouthed street corner hore defending her patch. She spews diarrhoea from an orifice others use to ingest food.I would be very surprised if she didn’t test positive for illicit substances. Her utterances can only come from someone very high on drugs.She is a disgrace to her own children. I want to hear her say its okay when that son-in law of hers does to her daughter the same things she did to Sally.

    She says she has learned all she needs from cuddling up with the old man. If this is what she has been learning then RGM must be ashamed.

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    Straight Shooter 7 years ago

    You DailyNews people need to understand that a Prostitute cannot be a Mother of the nation. Stop belittling the word MOTHER!!

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    Mandevu 7 years ago

    Grace. Just go away

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    gorongoza 7 years ago

    ndiwo ainzi madunderhead kudhara ka aya vanaGrace?

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    This “Mother of the nation” nonsense must STOP! Just stop and think how insulting it is.