Police hunt down MDC-T official

via Police hunt down MDC-T official | The Zimbabwean 26 August 2014 by Nelson Sibanda

Marondera Police Law and Order is hunting down MDC-T provincial security officer, William Makonese, after he failed to attend a political violence court case in Murewa as complainant.

Makonese reported violence perpetrated by Zanu (PF) youth at the MDC-T Mashonaland East Provincial offices in Marondera July 2013, but no arrests were made despite some suspects having been identified and a docket, RRB 1536785 opened.

He had reported the case at Dombotombo Police Station and identified a Marondera based Zanu (PF) youth, Chengetanai Bwanali, as part of the rowdy youth who stoned the offices.

The offices were put under siege as President Robert Mugabe was addressing a campaign star rally at Rudhaka Stadium on July 15, 2013.

Police reportedly dragged its feet regarding taking the case to court and was recently referred to Murewa Magistrates’ Court after Makonese insisted that the trial take off.

Fearing for his life and financial difficulties, Makonese told police that the trial be held in Marondera where he reported the case, hence the failure to attend.

“I fear for my life and struggle to raise bus fare for the case trial in Murewa.

“I insist that the trial be heard in Marondera where I made the report. The accused and i live in the town, so, I see no reason why the case should be heard in Murewa,” said Makonese, from an unidentified location.

Police Law and Order officers, insp. Muya, Ngirazi and Chikonodanga have been threatening Makonese with arrest if he fails to surrender himself to the police ever since the warrant of arrest was issued.

Insp. Muya, head Marondera Law and Order, told The Zimbabwean that the media house would do Makonese a favour by advising him to report at the police station.

“Do Makonese a favour by advising him to report at Marondera Police Law and Order,” said Muya, refusing to disclose charges preferred against Makonese over the telephone.

Muya suggested The Zimbabwean visit his offices for an interview.

He said:“Huyayi kuno nekuti handibvumidzwe nevakuru kutaura nemajournalists pafoni.” Pay me a visit since i am not allowed by my superiors to give journalists interviews over the telephone.

Recently, Makonese was reportedly quizzed by the dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation’s agents over his identity, workplace and home area.

He has since been playing it safe as threats against his life continue to mount.


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    avenger/revenger 8 years ago

    Why aren’t the partisan zrfp hunting down all the well-known zanoid criminals proliferating our streets

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    zrp dictators.

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    bingo wajakata 8 years ago

    I said it before and I will say it again! There is no professional police force in Zimbabwe but a bunch of thugs who work for ZANU PF, in other words this outfit is a ZANU PF militia. Gone are the days when one was proud to be a policeman and the people would hold one in high esteem for being a policeman in Zimbabwe. Today ordinary Zimbabwean citizens do not trust the so called Zimbabwean police and view them as an extortionist unit which works for ZANU PF and not for the good of the law abiding citizens of the country. In Zimbabwe the word police immediately invokes thoughts of extortion, bribery, corruption, violence, torture and murder.