Wharton explains Mugabe exclusion

via Wharton explains Mugabe exclusion – The Zimbabwe Independent 8 August 2014 by Wongai Zhangazha

THE United States remains concerned about democratic processes in Zimbabwe following the controversial 2013 elections, while relations between the two countries are still strained over the country’s huge democratic deficit, US ambassador to Harare Bruce Wharton has said.

President Robert Mugabe was not invited by US President Barrack Obama this week at the US-Africa Leaders’ Summit, which saw about 50 African heads of state and the chairperson of the African Union attending.

Zimbabwe, which is desperate for foreign direct investment, lost an opportunity to discuss investment issues with US investors, business executives and members of congress.

responding to written questions from Zimbabwe Independent on the US-Africa Leaders Summit, Wharton said Mugabe was not invited to participate as he was still under US sanctions.

Wharton said: “President Obama invited all African heads of state or government in good standing with the United States and the African Union to attend the US-Africa Leaders’ Summit. President Robert Mugabe is among the leaders not invited to participate. He is currently a Specially Designated National and is subject to US sanctions for undermining democratic processes and institutions in Zimbabwe.”

Asked on the prospects of fully normalising relations between the US and Zimbabwe, Wharton said although his country continued to support Zimbabwe through assistance in health, economic growth, and other key areas, as well as humanitarian areas, it was still worried about human rights issues.

“In the wake of 2013 elections, we remain concerned the democratic process is still subject to political pressure. But at the same time, we don’t want to wait five years for another election to sort of go through this process again,” said Wharton.

“For Zimbabwe, these include aligning the laws with the new constitution, a process which is going to take some time. There are about 400 laws that have to be aligned, that would be a very positive signal. Also being mindful of what politicians say in public, showing that Zimbabwe is a society in which, as President Mugabe said at independence, a place for everyone,” he said.

The ambassador said his country was happy to report that Mugabe recently signed into law legislation to fight human trafficking.

While there have been reports that the US was worried about
China’s economic ties with Zimbabwe and other African countries, Wharton said there was so many opportunities in Africa that could benefit investors from China, Europe, Asia and Australia, among other places.

“The US and China are no longer in an ideological struggle, but we are in a pretty fierce competition for business. We recognise our responsibility to do the best we can to promote Africa as an investment destination; as well as helping American business people work in Africa. Ideally, being mindful of problems like corruption, Africa and Zimbabwe should benefit from this broad international interest in doing business here,” he said.

Meanwhile, deputy Foreign Affairs minister Chris Mutsvangwa said the US needed to remove sanctions.

“All countries have historical issues. The United States have been prime movers of a number of developmental issues in the country. It’s a matter of time that relations are normalised,” he said.
“It would have been important to participate where other African leaders are attending. However, there is an element of stigma in this and it’s not proper. America should desist from sending a bad signal on Zimbabwe. Moreover, America also needs to repeal laws against Zimbabwe and remove the sanctions.”


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    valour museyamwa 7 years ago

    Mr Mutsvangwa, just look EAST and all your Zimbabwe problems shall be solved. Amen

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    Albert Zinwamhanga 7 years ago

    Bruce, Africa’s resources, unlike in the past, will now go not just to to the highest bidder but to one who offers a win win situation to Africa. The days of using and brandishing an empty hand bag and telling African leaders that they will get billions from the empty hand bag provided they offered their resources for free are over. Decades of lies, tricks and deceipt have taught Africa to bend like reeds which will tilt to allow a strong wave of flowing water to pass and then stand up straight again once the torrential rains have passed.

    Even as President Obama serenaded African leaders with lies and deceipt during the recent conference, I hate to say it, but the world’s most powerful man was as bare as can be. Most of those African leaders were force-marched to the conference against their humanistic principles, for as they flew to Washington, American bombs were roasting Palestinians, Lybians, Syrians and, at the same time, american sanctions were killing thousands of Zimbabwean children – African children- as America blocks our country from accessing medicines on the internations market.

    Bruce, the world has since changed and what is needed in dealing profitably with Africa is not just brute strength and bully boy tactics but the application of humanistic principles in international trade relations, honesty and the honour to pay for what one gets from the other person. Where is and what happened to Kennedy’s America? The abolition os Slavery was started in America and even the American civil war was about the abolition of slavery, whereby those whose conviction that it was inhuman to continue slavery had God to their side and won against the most formidable military strategist of all time who was for the continuation of slavery – General Lee. That is the America the world would like to see – A God fearing America which prospered not on the misery of others but on the freedom of all, including former slaves.

    Why can’t America take the initiative to lead the world and get it out of the brink? Your attempt to explain what is obviously untrue about the reasons why our beloved President was not invited to the summit is forgiveable. But I should suggest that President Obama has opened a window by admitting that American sanctions hurt our businesses and you ahould take a lead in efforts to have those sanctions lifted and get American companies to come and do business in our country and also work to ease the harsh economic conditions created by you and your country against our people.

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      Chawodza 7 years ago

      Oops!Please be factual, this makes me sick. Now I know how much we are stuck in the past, does it benefit the nation I’m sure not.

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      I guess China offers Africa and Zimbabwe in particular “a win-win situation “. To you and like-minded people a win-win situation means bringing the Chinese on the continent to loot our resources without developing the continent in exchange for guns and the where government oppresses and is not accountable to its citizens, the Chinese will simply give a blind eye and a deaf ear. Look around where the Chinese have been, and you tell me what they have brought to uplift the livelihoods of the ordinary African? Compare that to where the Americans and the Europeans have been, you’ll see hospitals,schools, universities which benefit the ordinary African. The presence of the Chinese on the African continent has been a huge curse that has brought untold suffering for the ordinary African. They came to Chiadzwa and will leave that place worse than it was before and all the diamonds looted to Beijing in exchange for guns and a military college to maintain the current status quo, and what about the ordinary people of Chiadzwa? It’s the same story throughout Africa, the Chinese will not even build a decent toilet for its workers who are subjected to modern day slavery.

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      The Black Aristocrat 7 years ago

      You could go on tour as a stand up comedian with material like that !

      Money Talks ! When the biggest economy on Earth wants to talk trade and investment with Africa, only a fool would not travel and listen !

      Mugabe’s excruciatingly embarrassing attempt to get other nations’s leaders to boycott the event has backfired big time, and ended up making him look not just a laughing stock but an embittered fool !

      The Summit is proving extremely successful and some of the African leaders are proving notoriously indiscreet with regard to their view of Mugabe according to reports from covering journalists.

      And not ONE African leader chose to listen to Mugabe and his bankrupt Mafia State !!!!!

      Any ‘leadership’, and i use that word in its loosest possible sense where the hated and despised Mugabe is concerned, that can be hoodwinked into believing that refined diesel flows out of rocks, would be considered by most people as not fit to run a burger van, let alone a country!

      This is why Zimbabwe is now the second poorest country in the world, with the highest unemployment and lowest life expectancy – it is run by ill educated criminals.

      You have more chance of going to Mars riding side saddle on a Saturn 5 rocket, than getting many of the 5.0 million people driven from Zimbabwe by the Mugabe regime through hunger, violence and vote rigging, to ever elect Mugabe and Zanu PF in a free and fair election! That is why Mugabe will never allow them a say in their own country’s political affairs, because they would completely destroy him and his Military Dictatorship politically.

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      Mutirowafanzawekwamuziti 7 years ago

      Albert, with all due respect to your submission I agree with you on some issues such as America’s double standards over Israel’s inhuman actions over palestinians but I beg to differ with your reasons for our current situation in zimbabwe as primarily American brewed.For as long as we do not own up to our mistakes as zimbabweans, and blame everyone else for our woes, we will never extricate ourselves from the clutches of the current crisis.Investors cannot be guided blindly to invest in zimbabwe but like every business person does, he/ she carries out due diligence before putting their money and zimbabwe over the years has created a high risk perception in the minds and eyes of potential investors through populist policies which by and large are motivated by the will to survive politically.If zim shakes off this bad boy image and have consistent and coordinated policies, our country is a better investment destination than South Africa for instance due to our highly educated workforce, less crime, hardworking people and even our geographical position as the gateway into Africa

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      Swagman 6 years ago

      Albert – you are truly an idiot,
      you write too much drivel and you
      talk rubbish – just shut up will you?

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    Malcolm 7 years ago

    Aside from everything else, though, would you invite anyone to a party who publicly denigrates your household at every opportunity? Now I don’t know if it’s really a question of diplomacy, politics or just plain bad manners by RGM that contributes to him being persona non grata with major world leaders. Suffice to say that with regards to diplomacy, politics and manners, and even if Mugabe were not a ‘VIP’, he would not be welcome in MY circle of friends. (and neither would Mr Zinwamhanga be, coz he’s just plain ignorant)

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      RGM is NOT Zimbabwe’s legit President: bottom line! I know it, you know it, ZPF knows it but will for obvious reasons deny it, and more importantly God knows it!!!!

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    Zim Patriot 7 years ago

    Albert, comrade, let’s not talk about honesty and God fearing, as there does not seem to be much honesty coming from your comments posted? When you say Zimbabwean children being killed by American sanctions, Mangas, lies, they are feeding Zimbabwean children and keeping them alive. What is killing Zimbabwean children is lack of management of our Zimbabwean economy, hence hundreds of thousands of Zimbabwean families living below poverty datum line, not having finance to access medication or food etc….the Devil is the father of all liars. Albert I pity you, as you seem to be living in a delusional world my friend?

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      JRR56 7 years ago

      Albert’s concepts are so outrageous and his arguments so filled with falsehoods the mind boggles how he even came to these ideas.
      These are no medicines that Zimbabwe cannot buy rather most that Zimbabwe does have are donated by the US or paid for/financed by the US. That the corrupt devils buy substandard and out of date medicines is indicative of Zimbabwe today.

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        Albert is blind and deaf to the truth or else he is being paid to do the ‘stuff’ on this site. We pray he comes into the truth soon for God will not countenance anything but the truth. The US have killed no one in ZIm but I do know who has.

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        Albert Zinwamhanga 7 years ago

        JRR56 and all those who just throw the word ignorant at me without naming what it is that they think I am ignorant about and those who have glorified the so called donations from the West should know that gifts from Satan himself would be a blessing as compared to poisons that are given as donations accross Africa. Remember the maize seeds given as donations from the West to all farmers in Masvingo? That year the rainfall patterns were normal and whilst the maize looked green and promissing in the fields and estimates of bumper harvests were being focusted by Agritex, the sons of Satan, the NGOs that had donated the maize seeds began to tell us that there was going to be starvation in the whole of Masvingo Province and that food aid was going to be needed. Whilst we were all buffled by the NG)s prediction against the promissing maize crop in the fields accross the Province, the sons of Satan knew what they were talking about. The tasks of the maize crop grew up to 9 meters and never produced cobs. This happened accross the province and all the people who had planted the seeds donated by the NGOs were affected without fail.

        So all those who trust in donations should be ware. To those who often criticise me for writing fiction, this is a true story and every Zimbabwean knows it.

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          Malcolm 7 years ago

          Using two nails for your coffin where one was ample… well done Albert!

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            Albert Zinwamhanga 7 years ago

            Malcom, just imagine if the world were still under the yoke of the Roman Empire today!! You are a nail holding the coffin of the last Empires. What remains now, and in just a few years, is the lowering of that coffin into the grave.

            America and Europe fear Mugabe. They fear him because he is the only African to represent doom for their empires which thrive on the empoverishment of the African people and the looting of Africa’s wealth. Far from it, we in Zimbabwe have come to realise that Mugabe IS IT. Why should someone be villified for reclaining stollen land and giving it back to its rightful owners? Why should a person be villified for reclaiming his country’s national resources for the benefit of his people.

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          Swagman 6 years ago

          9 meters, wow 27 feet!
          Albert you are still an
          idiot, a ZPF lackey and
          an uneducated fool.

          Get out from under that rock
          and stop licking Mugarbage’s
          boot and azz-hole!

          You idiot!

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    Zimbali 7 years ago

    Albert, this forum is known for its democratic space. Seems like you have been out voted.

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    Panda moyo 7 years ago

    The fact remains that his execellency was not invited wether some people like it or not.every one has every right to choose whom they want at their party.its good manners not to question or force your way where you ar not invited.

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    Mandevu 7 years ago

    Albert. Some of your comment about foreign aid is understood, but the world is more complicated than that. To somehow suggest that because it is all bad from the west, that this somehow excuses ZPF from what they have done to this county, is pretty hypocritical. Under anybody’s standards, including Africa’s own, what has happened here in Zimbabwe is a tragedy. It is the “my way or the highway” attitude of this government that has landed us where we are.

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    simbi 7 years ago

    Albert you are as clueless as Mugabe is