When senility rules

via When senility rules | The Zimbabwean 16 July 2014

Simon Khaya Moyo – the man who adamantly clings to the ‘ambassador’ title, despite having long ago relinquished his attaché position – has called for Zimbabweans to save their earnings and desist from careless spending.

“Savings and credit cooperatives are critical in our society. They inculcate a culture of saving. Today our people have succumbed to a consumerist culture. They want to spend without making any savings,” he says.

Wow. ‘Consumerist, inculcate.’ These are very big words to be throwing around among us simple minds.

In other Sadc countries, where bank credit exists, consumers buy everything on loan, from real estate to the teaspoons in their kitchen drawers. Without lines of credit, Zimbabweans build their homes brick by brick, one day at a time. If there is any truth to the dodgy 2012 census report which claims 11% unemployment, it is that most Zimbabweans are financially literate, with 59% living in their own properties.

With the average salary estimated to be $300, against a poverty datum line of $500, Zimbabweans should be praised for surviving under the chaotic rule of Khaya Moyo’s Zanu (PF).

It makes no sense for vice presidential hopeful, Khaya Moyo, to glibly tell people ‘save’ when even the Reserve Bank is without resources to fulfil its function of lender of last resort. Even the much talked about ‘village woman of Dotito’ will only stock her granary after her children have filled their bellies.

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    Mbareboy 9 years ago

    Oh! Tell him buddy tell him. He does not even know that he has subscribed to this Zimbabwe ruins. Will he ever know?

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    you cannot save a deficit.are you suggesting those who can save put their money in mpofus bank.

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    roving ambassador. 9 years ago

    Oh yes , save money into their banks so they can steal it like they did under Gono. Aaha, the state itself has a $10 billion debt which it cannot service.
    Zanu, show us your servings in Zim first .

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    rudeboy 9 years ago

    I had TRILLIONS in my bank account, still not received…..I had to start from scratch ……using “Western Money”….sorry boss ill keep it under my mattress……

    Will not diE froM GONO RIA again……..

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    Charles Frizell 9 years ago

    Ho! I don’t see much trust in Zanu

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