Mandela’s qualities – inspiring Zimbabweans to a better 2014 – Vince Musewe

via Mandela’s qualities – inspiring Zimbabweans to a better 2014 | The Zimbabwean 11.12.13 by Vince Musewe

Let Mandela’s passing away remind us that we have a task ahead to liberate ordinary Zimbabweans from a shameless dictator.

At times like these, we are forced to examine our own lives. Are we going to live ordinary lives and accept the circumstances shaped by those before us, or are we going to be like Madiba, and dedicate our lives to the creation of the circumstances we desire? Are we going to live ordinary lives occupied by mundane day-to-day routine, or are we going to live profound lives and leave behind us a legacy that time can never erase?

As Africans, Mandela’s passing away must lead us to look deep within our souls and find the same courage and wisdom that he showed us so that we too can leave behind better conditions for the oppressed masses of Zimbabwe and those that will come after us.

I do not think that we should let sadness overshadow the joy of Mandela’s achievements and the principles he lived by so that we could all be free. We must celebrate that, for once, in our lifetime, God looked kindly upon Africa and gave us a man who put himself in harm’s way to confront the bondage of racism, hate and poverty.

To this day Madiba’s sincerity, integrity and selflessness can’t be matched by many of our leaders. In fact, he truly is one amongst a few men who continues to remind us that God created us for a higher purpose and that we must do all we can to seek this purpose and live by it. After all we are all created in his image.

It must be our duty from today to do whatever we must to carry his flame forward and create a better Zimbabwe and Africa, free from racism, hate, poverty and the oppression of men by other men.

Zimbabwe must rise, and we must make it rise to the ideals that Mandela imagined and lived for. What use is it for us to dream and imagine a better Zimbabwe without us taking the necessary action to make real that which we imagine?

Let his passing away remind us that we have a task ahead to liberate ordinary Zimbabweans from a shameless dictator.

Looking ahead to 2014, I will pray that I see more Zimbabweans rejecting the status quo and coming out to voice their need for freedom and liberty. I will be happy when I see the domination of our society by Zanu (PF) come to an end.

I will be encouraged when I see those in the diaspora taking more decisive action in participating in change at home. I will be excited if I see our local communities begin to realise that only they have the power to change their circumstances, begin to act and not be subject to manipulation by politicians.

I pray that 2014 will see the end of hopelessness and disunity amongst all Zimbabweans. We must start new conversations on our future.

Our country needs us now as we reject the notion that bad leaders are God-given. They are not. Mugabe has had his time and it is time for him to relinquish power and hand over to others. That would be the best gift he could give to Zimbabwe in 2014.

The people come first! – Vince Musewe is an economist. based in Harare. You can contact him at



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    Canuck 10 years ago

    No hope for RGM to get out of the way Vince…….you’re smoking dope !!!

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    Nimrod Mupanesengende 10 years ago

    Museve, Mandela deppresses Zimbabweans. Mandela deppresses Africans everywhere because he stood for the preservation of tentacles that suffocate Africa. Mandela was a whiteman’s ass licker, no wonder so many white people and all representatives of imperialism came for his memorial service. It is not true that Mandela is a beacon of hope for Africans. Mandela is the epitome of despare, surrender and capitulation of the African to make way for the greedy grabbing of Africa’s wealth by European foreigners. The sooner Africa forgets about Mandela the better. How about the true African luminarians like Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Robert Mugabe and others? The so called world leaders from Europe who came for Mandela’s funeral never want to mention these great sons of Africa. Why? Simple. These leaders stand for the good of Africans and therefore they do not want them. Mandela stood for the good of Europeans and hence they love him.

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      hardlife masunungure 10 years ago

      Mandela was a hero among all the heroes like Mugabe,but,the difference lies on his failure to represent his people for the good.If Mugabe wanted to be granted such respect he would have left the office to others proving that his sacrifice was to liberate the people of Zimbabwe.Instead of leading the people he became a ruler thus where they differ,no one want to be ruled but to be led.Mandela was a leader,emancipator of people,a sword against poverty,a leader who led examples not our tyranny.We have been shading tears since day we heard about Mandela’s death,Mandela opened opportunities Mugabe never opened for his people but, to bring more problems and poverty,under education,malnutrition what’s that? Kure na Mugabe blood sucker.

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    Svodai 10 years ago

    “I will be encouraged when I see those in the diaspora taking more decisive action in participating in change at home..” Such an initiative has already kicked off in earnest. Look no further than

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    holy moyo 10 years ago

    We said Brother..This abominable despot called Robbery Mgabi has taken a heavy toll on all of us Zimbabwe.Bloodsucker…
    I want to come home ..Exile is not exactly nice…

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    ZUNDE 10 years ago

    Vince is spot on. The diaspora are already organising for ZUNDE all zimbwean democracy activists united to remove this evil dictatorship once and for all. visit and take your stand.

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    Thank you, Vince, for reminding us that each one of us need to begin to examine our own lives. Your articles are indeed always inspiring and I continue to pray for you. I too want to see a nation driven by Godly ideals and thoughts in place of a party that always speaks such depressing and destructive stuff. I get up every morning and hope and pray for a president that will have Christ Jesus at the centre of his life; a President that will speak healing, forgiveness and reconciliation; a President who will be humble yet strong in true servanthood leadership; a man who will spur Zimbabwe on to good things and hope and Godly prosperity.A man who encourages unity and NOT division! Every time Bob stands up at a funeral or meeting you know what’s coming: bitterness and spite. Morgan is right. We need to pray for him. Seriously. he must be very unhappy inside with all that resentment and all those destructive thoughts. May God have mercy on Zimbabwe.

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    Mthwakazi 10 years ago

    Mandela promoted unity in diversity; devolution of political and economic power to all of South Africn regions. Mandela promoted all languages, races, tribes, regions, religions and cultures – this is why they are called a Rainbow Nation.

    Zimbabwe promotes intolerance; unilateralism in decion making; they hate inclusivity; they promote tribal domination, language domination; cultural domination and regional domination.They promote hatred against whites and against tribes and regions.

    A simple suggestion to relocate Parliament to other regions sends shivers down their spines. Its as if the suggestion is to relocated parliament to a different country!!!

    Mugabe and Tswangirayi are actually in the forefront of all these evils, but surprisingly they are busy eulogising Mandela – what a shame!!!

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    Poor Vincent Musewe you smoke dagga. You are no true African.

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      Mthwakazi 10 years ago

      So you think you have somehow helped solve Zimbabwe’s problems, now that you have had a go at Vincent?

      As far as you are concerned, through this comment/statement, you have offered Vincent constructive suggestions neeh?

      If this is what being an educated nation is like, please count me out. Cry the beloved country!

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    Babamudiki 10 years ago

    Tied of comments with no action. All peacefull modes were utilised with no achievements. The ruthless government has on serveral times resort to violent modes to bring fear and intimidation on innocent citizens. Now is the time to act also violently to archive the freedom for all. I declare 2nd liberation war against the corrupt government.