Mangoma refuses to recognize expulsion

via Mangoma refuses to recognize expulsion | SW Radio Africa by Tichaona Sibanda on Friday, April 11, 2014

The deputy treasurer-general of the MDC-T, Elton Mangoma, does not recognize his expulsion from the party for alleged gross indiscipline, his lawyer said on Friday.

Jacob Mafume told journalists in Harare that the expulsion of Mangoma is unconstitutional, as the clause cited by party spokesman Douglas Mwonzora in announcing his expulsion does not exist in the party constitution.

He also attacked party leader Morgan Tsvangirai for allegedly running the party as his own company, saying they will seek guidance from the party structures on the way forward.

When briefing journalists on the national council’s resolutions to expel Mangoma on Thursday, Mwonzora said the highest decision making body of the party had used clause 5.11 of the constitution to arrive at its decision.

He said Mangoma had been expelled not for challenging party leader Morgan Tsvangirai but for his continued transgressions of holding rallies and his relentless attacks on the party and its leaders.

Contacted for comment on Friday following Mafume’s statement that the clause does not exist in the constitution Mwonzora laughed and and challenged this writer to get a copy of their constitution.

‘You are a journalist why don’t you get a copy and read it yourself. Surely do you think more than 135 people can sit down and deliberate on a non-existent clause in our party constitution,’ added Mwonzora.

SW Radio Africa did check the MDC-T constitution and clause 5.11 reads: ‘A member may be expelled if: a) the national council (by a two thirds majority of all its members) is of the opinion that his or her continued membership would be seriously detrimental to the interests of the party.

The decision to expel Mangoma was unanimous after 131 members voted in favour to expel him while three abstained and one voted against. The voting exceeded the two thirds majority required.

Mafume is also expelled from the party along with youth assembly secretary-general Promise Mkwananzi and national executive member Last Maengahama.

Journalist and political commentator Itai Dzamara told us Mangoma’s expulsion puts to rest the renewal team’s push to oust Tsvangirai. ‘His (Mangoma) expulsion and that of the three others effectively puts this whole saga to an end. There will be no split from this…at least it gives them a chance to form their own party if they wish,’ Dzamara said.


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    Bye bye Mangoma .dont cry just go and form yr own Party.

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    Chitova weGona 8 years ago

    If MDC is not good for them they should just start their own which will have people who respect the so called values they bark about. They have been given the chance to prove Tsvangirai and all those who voted to fire them wrong. Mafume is talking of going to consult the structures. Are they not the very people who threw them out? In any case the grassroots are behind Tsvangirai and I do not see them listening to a lunatic like Mafume. Usaedza kudzika kwedziva nemakumbo ese,unonyura!

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    jobolinko 8 years ago

    What is he going to do ,nothing ,is it about money ,go and hang ,those who have mdc at heart will fund the party ,forget about donors we are not here to kneel to anybody we are in a struggle it was never going to be easy anyway lets act fast about funding the party period

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    ZANU is evil and evil does not lie idle whilst good tries to prevail.
    Think about it peops.

    This Mangoma guy has a dubious rep sheet by all accounts, same as our erstwhile Prof Ncube.

    The MDC is about opposition to an evil regime and those found wanting will fall by the wayside.

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    If these guys idea of leadership renewal was pertinent then continue out side the MDC structures and start to mobilise from the grass roots. Why cry over expulsion?

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    Chanhuhwa Chidembo 8 years ago

    When you are fired those who fire you dont require you to endose the decision. Chikoro chipi chamakaenda chinoti kana wadzingwa you can accept or deny it. Ndoosaka kuchinzi kudzingwa kureva kuti wanga uchiri kuda asi vakuru vati havachadi. Kana mukadzi achirambwa haabvunzi kuti unoda here kuramba. Kuzvibvuma kana kuzviramba you have been fired more than two 3rds majority yakati fambai murugare.

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    tiritoga 8 years ago

    I agree with you guys. If I were fired for being correct I will just leave and try to practice my correctness somewhere away from the wrong people. At times we have a problem of ignoring our history and indulge ourselves. MDC-T has a problem now like ZANU PF or ANC. Just expelling people. Emotions do not work. They have two dangerous fronts again.

    At least, Mr Elton is thick, he is on the sidelines no one goes with him. He will soon be forgotten. It reminds me of when we were young playing on the pool of water hitting it with induku trying to disperse water. It came back to where we started. So Mangoma back to where you started, the difference is that. no Hondo yeminda. Where are you going to start