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via MDC-99, NCA merge | The Herald November 7, 2013

MDC-99 led by Mr Job Sikhala and the National Constitutional Assembly yesterday merged to become one political party that will operate in the interim under the NCA banner.

The merger was announced by MDC-99 president Mr Job Sikhala at a Press conference in Harare.

NCA chairman Professor Lovemore Madhuku declared the NCA a political party after the July 31 harmonised elections.

“We have been working together on several modalities to see how we can proceed and we have agreed that the MDC-99 merges with the NCA to come out with one political movement that will contest for political power against the current political set up,” Mr Sikhala said.

Mr Sikhala said his party had good relations with the NCA since the period of the referendum when they campaigned for a No vote against the adoption of the constitution.

“We enjoyed the growth of our relationship with the NCA since the period of the referendum in March this year when we were a few of those who were not in support of the inclusive  Government’s document,” he said.

“Our relationship with the NCA grew from strength to strength from that time when we where the opposing voice to the de-facto one party state that  was  existing  then and the growth of our relationship turned political later when we had to sit down and chart the way forward and decided that our relationship – but we must go beyond that and come with a different political movement that will give a different voice from the current chorus that has been echoing in our country.”

Mr Sikhala said they were in the process of integrating their grassroots structures ahead of the inaugural congress to be held by March next year. He was, however, evasive on the position he will occupy in the current set-up.

“Our roadmap is clear,” said Mr Sikhala.

“We are not worried about the issue of positions, they will define themselves at the time of the congress. We are not worried about the scramble for positions and every individual will be in the national task force with equal power.”

NCA spokesperson Mr Maddock Chivasa who also attended the press conference confirmed the merger.

“We are now working together under the banner of the NCA and the integration process of our structures from the provinces, districts and branches is on-going,” he said.

“Other issues will be discussed at the congress that will be held before March next year.”

The MDC-99 was formed in 2010 by Mr Sikhala after he fell out with the MDC led by Professor Welshman Ncube and before that both Mr Sikhala and Prof Ncube were senior officials in the MDC led by Mr Morgan Tsvangirai.



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    Jenandebvu 10 years ago

    Job want to be president and Madhuku want the same,the party wl split in 2017, will hv an NCA2017 (NCA-17)

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    Zimbabwe opposition parties are stupid. Instead of uniting under one mdc banner, they are busy splitting and fighting each other. the only winner here is zanu-pf. have they not heard the saying ünited we stand, divided we fall?” Next thing you know, Mr sikhala’s party will split again and that offshoot will split as well. Even if mugabe goes today, do we really want any of these selfish politicians in power?