MDC leader shocked by election ‘rigging’ tales

via MDC leader shocked by election ‘rigging’ tales – DailyNews Live by Lloyd Mbiba  7 OCTOBER 2013 

Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai says he is shocked at horror stories on “how Zanu PF rigged the elections”, as he tours the country to hear the views of the people.

Tsvangirai last week descended on Masvingo — where he suffered the heaviest electoral loss — addressing two separate meetings with representatives of eight districts.

Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, told the Daily News yesterday that the former premier was told of “chilling” accounts on how Zanu PF allegedly stole the election.

“We were told that known Zanu PF members were used as polling agents. The people also said village headmen cast ballots on their behalf. But, it was inspiring to note that despite the shenanigans, people are still committed to change,” Tamborinyoka said.

Tsvangirai dismally lost to President Robert Mugabe, who claimed a landslide victory in the July elections.

Mugabe won 61 percent of the presidential vote with his Zanu PF gaining a two thirds majority in Parliament.

Tamborinyoka said Tsvangirai was also inspired by people’s confidence in his leadership.

“The people expressed their confidence in Tsvangirai’s leadership. The people are confident that we will reclaim our stolen victory in 2018. The people said Tsvangirai should continue at the helm because he is the best foot forward,” Tamborinyoka said.

Tsvangirai has been warding off increasing calls within his party to pass the baton in the wake of his defeat, but his spokesperson says he has the full backing of all the organs of the party, and his mandate runs until 2016.

Tamborinyoka said the former trade unionist returns to Masvingo this week to attend to the districts that he had not visited.

“This is a listening tour. We want to visit all the districts in Masvingo. We will be back there this week and from there on, we will visit other provinces.”

“Our strategy is clear; we will pursue, recover and overtake. We remain inspired by the story of David, after the devil had taken everything away from him, he soldiered on. We remain focused and we know we shall overcome,” he said.

The MDC leader will meet people from villages, mines, towns and resettlement areas around the country, as he moves to invigorate the party.



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    Naison Nyereyegona 9 years ago

    The same tired stories are being regurgitated as new discoveries on how the elections have purportedly been stollen. Government should act swiftly to stop Tsvangirai beating war drums accross the country. We must put an end to this nonsense once and for all, even if it means throwing some of these sell outs in jail.

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    Kubota Binga 9 years ago

    I thought Morgan had all the facts about the rigging… Why is he shocked by tales now?? Tell the people how you are going to turn around the results, this clearly shows the MDC is gropping in the dark.. unless this article is some work of Robert’s suppporter denigrating Morgan. Morgan wake up to reality. I am shocked that you get shocked by such tales. Its disheartening that MDC is using taxpayer money to go around listening to tales.

    get over the election and start meaningful work. Will travel to Bing as well to hear how the gallant Tongas managed to outsmart the shocking rigging acts of ZANU? You should be running there Morgan if you wanna win. Looks like ZANU PF used the same tactics so go get solution from Binga, you are betraying the Binga populace that voted MDC, its a shame, Shame on you Morgan. Go to Binga now to get ZANU beating formula! Enlist my services if you wish. I haope you are not shocked to realise now that Binga had the formula.
    Kubota Binga, Kubota Mulonga kaSambabzi, Kubota baTonga. You will get shocked!!!!

    • comment-avatar

      He was warned but was mesmorised by big crowds and forgot about NIKUV rigging the voters roll. As long as Tsvangirai is at the helm, zanu will rule. there is plenty of history to back this up

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    Stephen 9 years ago

    It’s quite unfortunate that,the most rigging election as shown by percentages is rather being consider as one of the most transparent in the history of our election.

  • comment-avatar
    maisokwazo 9 years ago

    Morgan Tsvangirayi is NOT using taxpayers money in going around the country DUDE ,. Did you yourself, in any way ever pay any taxes dump. This shows how dump you are BOTA DINGA Your name in it self depicts inadequacy of intelligence and pagantry and abject paganism coupled by zealotry. ZIMBABWE’S SHAM 2013 ELECTIONS WOULD NEVER GO AWAY SO EASILY – PUNK – NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU MAY WISH THEM TO GO AWAY from people’s minds. NEVER! You are either a moron yourself like your leader Mugabe or you are a day dreamer dreaming that Zimbabwe SHOULD or WILL EVER FORGET how they were robbed, derided and denied of their rightful right to choose leaders of their choice. Look at your dead donkey sleeping throughout the recent UN general assembly meeting in New York and look how embarrassing it is to you and your cohorts for being the only HOG to be walked out on and the only leader to be confined to within 25 miles radius of the UN headquarters. What a shame. Maybe schooling is a far fetched concept to you since you only went as far as Grade One and then deprived further education by your demigod as your reasoning capacity depicts.

    • comment-avatar
      Kubota Binga 9 years ago

      My very inteligent maisokwazo, I dont understand big words, but ou are so full of fury. You however show inadequacy yourself for attacking my tonga name as inadequate, your vision is very narrow like that of Morgan. You will be shocked. It may pay to learn a few things from inadequate me. Stop fighting me and other sensible Zimbos who clearly see Morgan as to not have plan B. Shock out!!

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    Macon Pane 9 years ago

    I suppose the most shocking was the capitulation of South Africa… recognizing the manipulation of the registration process, knowing of so many blatant polling incidents, and yet acknowledging the election out of political expediency. In the process, they destroyed their credibility for Mugabe’s sake and “thirty pieces of silver”.

    And, for the ZANUPF operatives, it has to now be unnerving to have been involved in such coercion and corruption that marred this election to the point of it being another ghastly blemish on ZANUPF. Always looking over his shoulder, knowing “what goes around comes around”… wondering when justice will catch up to him. Knowing of the promises to headmen that can neither be kept nor wished away. Knowing that too many know too much… and there’s nowhere to run. Remembering the CIO contacts’ “accidents”, and wondering if his name is on the list. Sad way to live… but I can think of none more deserving, eh.

    • comment-avatar
      Nkalakatha!!!! 9 years ago

      @Macon Pane
      Some of you people, I relly wonder when you are going to learn. South African politics and its foreign policy positions are as clear as daylight, but just why you stuggle to understand them is beyond me. The problem is that you want Mzansi to do or say those things that serve your interests, and not what serves their or the region’s interests.

      South Africa has always stated openly that they act within the mandate of SADC, and by extension the AU – they dont do their own thing. South Africa was mandated by SADC to mediate in Zim, they did not appoint themselves, do you understand that? So what capitulation are you talking about?

      South Africa has a history of bullying other African nations under apartheid. The ANC government has been very careful to avoid the go-it-alone policies of the apartheidists. This is why they never do things outside the policy positions of regional and continental African bodies.

      If you have a problem with the endorsement of the gukurahundi “win” in the recent elections, please direct your concerns to SADC and the AU as a collective and stop singling out one country, the MZANSI REPUBLIC!!

      • comment-avatar
        CryZimbabwe 9 years ago

        SADC – as long as Zimbabwe’s economy is down they gain. Its simple. Southern Africa is gaining as long as we are disabled. South Africa’s economy is pumping because our supermarkets are pumping with their goods. I wonder what the figures are on how much South Africa benefited from Zimbabwe’s pain

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    read bible correct 9 years ago

    remin inspired after the story of Job not David

  • comment-avatar
    chimusoro 9 years ago

    The biggest shock is that you were so naive to think you would rule Zimbabwe and like a lamb to the slaughter you were easily liquidated by your political opponents.

  • comment-avatar
    Chitova weGona 9 years ago

    Chimusoro and Dinga u were born poor,grew up gambling,u will die disappointed. Thats all i can say.

    • comment-avatar
      Kubota Binga 9 years ago

      Chitova weGona, you should not be saying anything really. The matter here is not about how U was born or how I beg on the street corners for a living. As a true democrat, I will not stand and admire Morgan lie about election results, it’s insulting mr. And the big worded Fundis like maisokwazo should be channelling their energies at correcting the MDC, thats what we need. Taking all that time belittling me is what cost the MDC probable victory.

      You talk of rigging pre-MDC, guys be normal here, have your degrees roasted your brains to ashes? Mugabe did not need to rig pre MDC period. Did not even need to campaign, it was a contest between Mashona and Ndebele ( with minor tribes taking whatever side). Stop spewing vitriol, with my grade one pass/fail, I believe strongly now that I did not need a degree, just like Morgan that you worship!!!

      Kubota Binga, not Dinga as you fundis have just tried to corrupt my name! See how you miss little things?

  • comment-avatar
    Africanson 9 years ago

    Rigging, stolen etc, its now boring…..dust your feet and move on Morgan. Your followers may want to know what progressive move you intend to take between now and 5 years.

  • comment-avatar
    munzwa 9 years ago

    but africanson you accept that the election was stolen?we move on bearing that in mind

  • comment-avatar
    Torai hupfumi 9 years ago

    The race is over SAVE ngavape mumwe chimuti timbooa kutianoitawo sei. Imi makashinga nyangwe rohwa hazvina basa ipaiwo mumwe chimuti ndapota hangu. Hapana hapana hapana kumbosiyana kana mukaramba makabata chimuti mumwe akamirira kutambira. Timborinyoka taurira mukuru wako chokwadi kwete kuita seZpf inonyepera mukuru iye wogara achiti kunze kuribhoo wozoona zvashata.

  • comment-avatar
    LoudSilence BlindingDarkness DzimbaDzemabgwe 9 years ago

    My dear President your confession is tantamount to accepting that you were caught napping. Surely the tea you got so accustomed to having with Bob must have been laced with some mind numbing sedatives. Or maybe its your zip that distracted you to the reality that you were in bed with a conniving election stealing opposition bashing murderer.

    My dear President the truth of the matter is that you and the current leadership failed us worse so when the rigged results were announced. All we wanted was an acknowledgement that as our leader you were willing to go with us to the streets and by now the Final Push would have indeed yielded positive results.

    Having said this my dear President, considering that you have neglected true cadres of the MDC who are languishing in poverty in South Africa and neighbouring countries: I humbly request you to step down gracefully and allow for a new younger much more sober cadre to take the reigns and take the fight to Bob’s face.

    Makashanda makagona pakawanda hatizvikanganwe Save. Asi yasvika zvino nguwa yekuti muwanewo zororo mutarisane ne mhuri yenyu yose. We will always love and respect you and indeed honor your fortitude, resilience and humble suffering for a Democratic Zimbabwe.

  • comment-avatar
    Michael 9 years ago

    Morgan vowed to step down if he lost the 2013 election. The facts show that you need lost the 2013 election, and I don’t care if the election were rigged, the fact remains valid, you lost. Now stepped down with honor and dignity as a well respected champion for democracy. We need dynamic new leadership that can outwit the wily and brutal Mugabe.

  • comment-avatar

    The problem with the people who are agitating for Tsvangirai to step down is that they do not make any suggestions as to who should take over from him. Also when these zanutf supporters count the duration vaMugabe is at the helm they begin from 1980 as head of gvt but with Tsvangirai they use a method which suits their desires. They know that Tsvangirai led Mdc will be a formidable opponent to their party more so when it will be difficult to nikiv like the did with the past elections.

  • comment-avatar
    Macon Pane 9 years ago

    What, may I ask, was RSA purpose as observers of the polling… to observe, of course. So what was the purpose of observing… to report irregularities. And, what was the purpose of such reporting… to press for correction. Zuma, even knowing of these things, did absolutely nothing.

    Obviously, RSA was not the only observers, but RSA has stepped out to lead as an example. The example they have left is laying there stinking.

    How will Zuma correct his bowing to Mugabe’s throne… only he can determine that.