MDC-N power struggles worsen

via MDC-N power struggles worsen | SW Radio Africa by Mthulisi Mathuthu 22 October 2013

Power struggles within the MDC-N are worsening after an expelled provincial leader threatened to launch ‘plan B’ to remove secretary general Priscilla Misihairambwi-Mushonga.

A Southern Eye report Tuesday quoted former Matebeleland South chairperson Petros Mukwena as saying the remaining members ‘will effect plan B against Misihairambwi-Mushonga and remove her’.

Mukwena said he was ‘one of the strongest people in the party’ adding that his expulsion last week for failing to appear before a disciplinary hearing was a ‘non-event’.

Mukwena, who was suspended before the July 31st election, was due for disciplinary action over allegations of spearheading a recall of Secretary-General Misihairambwi-Mushonga from the National Assembly. Mukwena has been calling for her removal, alleging that her selection was irregular.

However, the party leadership argues that she was elected through proportional representation on a Matebeleland South ticket.

Mukwena accused party leader Welshman Ncube and his subordinates, Misihairambwi-Mushonga and director of elections Paul Themba Nyathi of turning the party into a ‘club of three’.

Meanwhile a Daily News newspaper report on Monday quoted Bulawayo provincial spokesperson Edwin Ndlovu confirming the suspension of the Pumula District Committee pending a disciplinary hearing.

The district leadership who include Chairperson Losiya Chamisa Ncube and Organising Secretary Nqobizitha Moyo are accused of disrespecting the party leadership.

Ndlovu told the Daily News that the committee are accused of ‘deliberately sabotaging the party’s campaign in the run up to July 31 elections by creating divisions among party members and of hiding campaign material and refusing to adhere to countless requests by district and ward members to call for post-election meetings’.

The MDC-N situation is made all the more dire by the fact that only a fortnight ago national director of policy and research Qhubani Moyo resigned and publicly stated that he would ‘accept’ a job offer from ZANU PF.



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    mucha 10 years ago

    Leave us alone.

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    Kisti-yatota 10 years ago

    Zanu Pf at it again…..Ncube is a dump proffessor. leave this career man and go to wits university and teach phscology.

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    Chitova weGona 10 years ago

    Nhai Mukwena kwakaenda vamwe haukuzivi here? Siyana nevasina gwara. MaChinja akakumirira and uchafara nekusingaperi! Leave Ncube alone unless uri muzukuru wake?

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    nyoka 10 years ago

    mdc(n) they are there for their own good,they dont represent not even one zimbabwean it will be much better, if this party can dissolve asap, they are deviding the votes, mboko dzevanhu.

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    Ncube please think twice , we have got more opposition parties in Zimbabwe with one common goal to remove ZANU PF and Mugabe from power , then Ncube must accept that he have failed to stand up alone , i suggest he must resolve whatever diputes he have with MDC T and we can welcome him with his handful supporters to join us solely to accomplish our common objective .

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    Its sad that some people refer to Welshman as party leader.Which party is he leading?Welshman ava kungonyara kudzoka kune vamwe.Ende akadzoka anotofanira kuitwa register kubranch level, then tozoona kuti anokodzera here kuita ward secretary zvichikwira zvakadaro.Otherwise they are fighting over a dead smelling donkey.Be real

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    Zenzo 10 years ago

    Well said Khabo! In the same way that we had a HERO-ACADEMIC combination in the late Father Zimbabwe and and the boy “Robert” in the former Zapu, we need Brother Zimbabwe and the boy “Welshman” in the ORIGINAL MDC. Heroes are born. Academics are educated. Ncube do what Zimbabweans expect you to do. Not what a few greedy individuals and tribalists want.

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    zora bata 10 years ago

    Ncube and crew,are wasting their time, and not our time,we dont recognise them as leaders of a party.